Hi!   This is Xena from Blackbutterfly7/ We Hold These Truths To Be Self Evident. The intent of this blog is to address what happens when cyberharassers take their actions beyond the internet into the personal and private lives of others.    It’s not to complain about trolling, or name calling, or insulting on the internet.

I last updated this page in October 2017, and now in February 2018, it’s time for another update.  This blog not only shares my personal experience with cyber abuse, but also cases reported in the news and articles for understanding the characteristics of cyber abusers and their methods of operation.  Additionally, as laws are introduced, I post them on this blog.


On July 4, 2015, I opened this blog because a woman who holds to White Supremacist ideologies with a history of cyber-stalking, harassment, and threats, opened a blog for the specific purpose of harassment and defamation.  When doing so, she misspelled a word in the title of her blog, spelling it “flightattendentfailures.”  Seeing the misspelling, I applied for the URL flightattendantfailures and Word Press approved it.

The subject person alleged that I failed flight attendant school.  She uses that for ridicule.  I have never attended and thus, never failed flight attendant school.

Others picked up on her rumor, including a former writer for We Hold These Truths To Be Self-Evident.  As you will read on posts documenting the history and actions of what I refer to as internet extortionists, you will see that they accuse me of being anywhere from the age of 70 to 80 years old.   In my opinion, anyone that age who endeavors to learn to be a flight attendant should be applauded — not ridiculed.

The rumor began in early 2013.   It was passed around by those I refer to as internet extortionists.  It is my impression that the ridicule they used killed their credibility and ultimately, no one cared/cares.

Don’t bother trying to access flightattendentfailures.wordpress.com.  On or about August 17, 2015, that blog was deleted.  When she opened it, it was to continue the purpose that began in 2012, which is to defame me in hope of having me delete We Hold These Truths To Be Self-Evident  because it does not support White Supremacist ideologies.

There are bloggers who hold to White Supremacist ideologies.  However, they mind their own business.  I’ve not known them to say anything derogatory about bloggers who they disagree with; not known them to harass others because of their race, nor to spread rumors.  The subject person however, along with a handful of others, take pleasure in harassment intended to silence their target victims.

The person and her cohorts attack everyone who supports equality for all.  They attack those who identify themselves as White, and call them “White guilt idiots.”

The personal information that I’ve publicly posted about myself includes that I retired in 2009.   In their efforts to dox me to embarrass me, the harassers rely on an appellate court’s decision dated in 2012 involving application for unemployment.  Since about January 2013, they have claimed that I attempted to defraud taxpayers by not qualifying for unemployment.  She not only lies about me being the plaintiff, but she also misrepresents unemployment insurance benefits in Illinois.  In their efforts to disparage me, they are disparaging someone else and demonstrating their ignorance of administrative law.

In Illinois, employers pay a “tax” on their overall payroll.  No doubt thousands of employers have paid that tax for years without an employee ever being laid off or applying for unemployment insurance.  That is what supports the Illinois Department of Employment Security, a state agency that administers unemployment insurance.  It is not public assistance paid by taxpayers.

By September 2015, all besides one of in the group of individuals who were carrying out the harassment, stopped.    That one individual ceased around March 2017.

Ongoing Course of Conduct of Cyber Abuse

On November 22, 2015, I terminated a writer for my other blog.   Immediately on November 23, 2015, he started a smear campaign and emailed me threats and demands that included what I could and could not blog about.  He cunningly conveyed the lies he would spread by stating them as facts; and how he would get supporters to turn on me.  His reasons for his behavior varied.   As his plans failed, he turned his attention to trying to identify my family members and he even spread a false rumor that he found me and them on Facebook. I am not on Facebook.

Beginning about September 2016, Santiago Rodriguez, the subject former writer for We Hold These Truths To Be Self-Evident, knowing what the former harassers did, picked up their banner regurgitating the same false accusations.

To announce the opening of the misspelled blog, a comment was sent to my other blog with “butterflyblood” in the email address.  Santiago Rodriguez must have remembered that, because he opened a Twitter account and in the header, posted a picture of a man shooting himself in the head with bloody butterflies coming out of his head.

The comment in his then profile is because people tweet out links to blog posts on this blog.  Before I posted one word about Santiago’s harassment, in emails to me, Santiago made it known that he did not want links to this blog tweeted.  It appears that he believes that others tweeting out links to posts on this blog are participating in sh*t.   He’s never explained why he supported this blog by participating in the comment section until he was terminated as a writer for my other blog.  His opinion of both blogs then changed. Although he wrote for We Hold These Truths To Be Self Evident, he now says that he wipes his ass with it.

I remained silent for months.  In February 2016, I broke my silence when a screenshot of work product was tweeted by Soroya Fambro alleging that there are “censors” on my blogs to determine the personal information of blog visitors.  That post was to dispel that rumor and explain how it came about and could only come from Santiago.

In March 2016, as the above screenshot supports, Santiago opened a new Twitter account and used his profile to intimidate myself and those tweeting links to this blog.  “...when you find its too much to handle …” intentionally conveys that his intent is to cause me extreme, unbearable, emotional distress.

Since November 23, 2015, Santiago has circulated rumors to cause others to disassociate with me.  For one person, he threatened to use a photo of her minor grandchild on her Facebook page inappropriately unless she disassociated with me.   He direct messaged another person on Twitter and claimed “you don’t know who she is” and that they should not support me.  Still yet, in effort to discourage another person from supporting me, he wrote to that person that 99 percent of the cases I report are about “thugs” who deserved to die.

What people do not readily know, is that via emails, Santiago threatened to blackmail me by spreading false rumors and forwarding work-product emails (misrepresenting their purpose), unless I publicly declared that he had not taken over the handle of a popular individual on Twitter after Santiago worked diligently to have him suspended.

Not only did Santiago take over the suspended person’s handle by changing upper and lower case letters in “Hood” and “Report”, he also took over that man’s avatar.  That means that Santiago, a White Latino, represented himself on Twitter as a Black man.  By doing so, he avoided being called “racist” when he talked bad about Blacks and/or when he used racial epithets.

Using third-parties on Twitter to do his dirty work, Santiago has them promote his dishonest rumors and launch attacks upon me.  For more than a year, he had Soroya Fambro threaten to sue me for defamation, and threaten others who tweeted or retweeted links to this blog with the same.

Santiago has opened and deactivated numerous account on Twitter.  He changes handles and opens additional accounts.  Currently, he has at least 3 anonymous Twitter accounts that I know of.   He makes his accounts known by clicking “like” to something I’ve tweeted, or by tweeting to someone I’ve tweeted to, or by joining in on harassment by others who he has passed false accusations to, to use to harass me.

As one person stops allowing Santiago to exploit them, he moves on to someone else by appealing to their hatred for the man he has a restraining order against, or by alleging that I was behind harassment of them; or that I said something bad about them.

If you are a blogger, administrate a blog, and have been contacted by parties attempting to “out” another blogger, you will want to read this blog to recognize their methods, motivations, and agenda.

Thanks for reading,


13 Responses to About

  1. kajubitch says:

    Hmm, seems I have just been suspended on Twitter.Guess it’s G. He sent an email threatening me two days ago, and has called my business yesterday and today. Seems he didn’t care for me posting links from Random Topics. So, whoever is keeping the list of women filing police reports against G.L., add one more.

    • rumpole2 says:

      It might be easier to list women who do not know G.L.’s name who are NOT filing police reports? There only one or two of those, and they are all SUPPORTING other women who have filed police reports. His latest trick is to try and strangle his gf… You can read about it at “Random Topics” or better still at the FMDIDGAD blog site.. devoted to HIM and his demise.

      Frankly, my dear I have had it with twitter.

      The place is a sewer that not only tolerates psycho’s like G. L. but enables them.
      It is where he grooms, stalks and threatens women and their families ( even small children). He is a perticularly despicable example of a piece of dog shit, because he even goes beyond the all too common Twitter and online wars and takes it to Real life to confront women and their families in their homes.

      G.L. at least needs to be confined to the fantasy world of online stuff. He is a MENACE in real life and needs to be caged.

    • Xena says:

      Sorry for the late response.

      Thanks for your comment.

      I’m one who knows the name of G.L. and have not filed a police report because he has not attacked nor threatened me. I stand in support of all victims of cyberharassment especially when the harassment extends beyond the internet and invades their personal lives. It’s because I know how and when G.L. came into the Twitter harassment picture that I wrote about it on this blog. It’s because G.L. and D.P. continue to communicate with each other that I keep my eyes and ears open. D.P. made his agenda known to me back in mid 2014. Also, he and V.P. continue communicating with each other. As long as one enables the other, they won’t stop in their agenda to “destroy” their target victims.

      When I opened my Twitter account in August 2013, it was protected. I did that because of my experience with the extortionists dating back to September 2012. I did not want to give them an opportunity to engage me on Twitter. Twitter is not my first priority, and I think that was and is part of the reason why even now, they claim that I am “hiding” on Twitter. They would love to distract me from blogging.

      Having a protected account didn’t stop them, however. In fact, V.P. and Nettles were the first to place my handle in their tweets, and D.P. rode in on their coattails.

  2. kajubitch says:

    I was warned. Repeatedly. I had just received word he had another acct which was suspended later that day. Previously, had an issue with Cloud Systems/Solutions LLC. Pretty sure that’s him.
    I posted a few links so I could find them later, and lo and behold, guess who emails a third party with a threat to me, and calls my biz, harassing my employees and husband??
    Worthy of note. Before I filed police reports, I called Collin County 972-547-5100 and was told they had never heard of him?? Made the call Friday morning. I’ll be calling again. Thank you both, and thank you for the case numbers!

    • Xena says:

      I’m so sorry to hear that this happened to you. Rumpole can no doubt give you more information than I can.

      Keep your chin up.

    • rumpole2 says:

      Must be some sort of communication breakdown. G.L. is “known” at Colin County for sure.
      I have first hand reports from people who are currently in touch with Collin County PD and the court.
      He has 3 cases listed on Court web site.
      Screen shots and links at the Blog.

      If you have anything you are prepared to share.. eg threats from Lirette or your communication with Collin County PD Please email to me


      Documents, copies of messages, or just your own description of things.

      Treated with strictest confidence.

  3. kajubitch says:

    I did not see that. As a matter of fact, I was only beginning to be aware of the DP factor. I had seen occasional remarks, only enough to know something was up, not enough to fill in the blanks. Just recently, I saw mentions that he and and a male cohort had a tiff. I was actually looking at that when my susp happened.
    I will read the blog, thank you for posting link.
    As to the feeling guilty, don’t dare! Anything G.L.has done, is on him! He is responsible for his actions, no one else. Despite how many times he says he was ‘wronged’, that in no way gives him the right to harass anyone else. By his logic, my house could be robbed and that means I should rob my neighbors. I’d much rather have my neighbor whoop on his ass. (redneck nature shows thru 😉

  4. petrel41 says:

    Congratulations, Xena!

    I have nominated your blog for the Versatile Blogger Award.

    More about this nomination is at


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