Manhattan Lawyer David Waldman Charged With Cyberstalking

David Waldman, 50, is an attorney who launched a relentless campaign against his banker ex-girlfriend after she ended their four-month relationship.  He bombarded her with vile text messages, emails, and launched hateful websites. Waldman also went as far as to send a letter to his ex-girlfriend’s boss claiming that she’s a drug addict.  After posting things about her that directly claimed her to have mental illness, and after threatening to appear at her apartment, Waldman told his ex-girlfriend’s employer that he was going to sue her for defamation, illegal trespass, and violating HIPAA.

Some of Waldman’s other communications included;

“I only hope you die of cervical cancer before I can f— up your s—,” Waldman wrote on a website he created in 2014 called “No k–e civil attorneys, no car load of your pals, or anything else you have in your arsenal will cause me to even blink.”

“When I am wronged, I stop giving a s— about the consequences…I only feel what I need…revenge. to see suffering.” “I don’t like wanting you dead, but I do and it is deserved.”

The harassing messages arrived in batches with Waldman threatening to show up at her house, begging for sex, and contemplating suicide by taking 100 Xanax pills.

In blog posts, he claimed that she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. He wrote that she was a victim of child abuse.  Some of his emails to her included threats to contact her parents.  Waldman wrote;

“I will tell (your father) that I am forced to get an std test because his daughter apparently cant keep her pants on.” “Ill forward him your lingerie too. Im nuts enough to do it.”

Waldman followed-up on that threat.

In 2014, the Manhattan District Attorney’s office charged Waldman with stalking.  His ex-girlfriend was granted an order of protection against him.  That didn’t stop Waldman.  In fact, in December 2014, he plead guilty to contempt for violating the order of protection.  The State Court sentenced Waldman to a program and a conditional discharge.  It also entered a new order of protection that will not expire until December 11, 2019.  That neither stopped Waldman.  He opened approximately 4 blogs, including the victim’s first and last name in the titles.  In October 2017, Waldman began using the service anonymouse for email to send vile content to the victim.

In an email, Waldman told the victim that the cops are “worthless.”

On June 1, 2018, Waldman was arrested on federal charges that include one count of cyberstalking and two counts of sending interstate threats.  The DOJ’s press release is at this link.

The Criminal Complaint gives details for how Waldman operated and the federal  investigation.  You can read it at this link.

If convicted, Waldman can be sentenced to up to 10 years.


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3 Responses to Manhattan Lawyer David Waldman Charged With Cyberstalking

  1. Hope they give him the full penalty. This crap needs to stop. I don’t care how successful you apparently are, this guy’s unhinged and going to get more than just verbally or textually violent. Give him 10 years to realize he screwed himself and to leave people the hell alone. Give her at least 10 years of peace. Maybe his head’ll get screwed on straight in prison and she won’t have to deal with it anymore.

    • Xena says:

      I stand with you in hoping he gets the full penalty. With today’s technology, cyberstalkers feel bold. Hopefully these cases will teach cyberstalkers and those thinking about cyberstalking that if they do the crime, they’ll do the time.

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