Kansas Seeks Extradition of Alleged Swatter Tyler Barriss

If you don’t know the background of this case, please read the previous posts here, and here.

Kansas officials are seeking the extradition of Tyler R. Barriss in connection with a felony charge stemming from his alleged faked emergency call to 911 that ultimately resulted in the police-involved shooting death of Andrew Finch, a Kansas man.

Barriss was involved in gaming and threatened to have another gamer swatted.  The targeted gamer gave Barris a false address in Wichita.  Barris called 911 in Wichita and told dispatch that he was in the house at that address, had killed his father, was holding hostages, and had poured gasoline throughout the house.

Andrew Finch who was inside the house had no idea why police surrounded the house.

Sedgwick County district attorney Marc Bennett provided a statement saying that the State of Kansas have notified authorities in California of its intent to pursue extradiction of Barriss.  The extradition process can take up to 90 days.

The Rolling Stone reports:

“This afternoon, investigators will present the Office of the District Attorney the evidence collected in this case to date,” he wrote in the statement. “A determination of additional charges will be made by prosecutors with this office after a review of the information gathered.”

“Under Kansas law, any defendant charged with a crime is provided notice of the specific charge(s) at a first appearance held before a Judge of the District Court. Until that time, the nature of any charge is not public.”

The police now have body cam video of the shooting that killed Andrew Finch, the father of a 2 and 7 year old.   The police department says that the body-cam video shows Andrew walk out of the house with his hands up.  Being told to “show me your hands” and “walk this way”, Andrew appears to lower his hands.  A single shot was fired.  The officer who pulled the trigger said he thought the man was pulling a gun from his waistband.   Andrew was unarmed.

As a reminder, Representatives Katherine Clark (D-MA), Susan Brooks (R-IN) and Patrick Meehan (R-PA) have introduced H.R. 3067.   It is titled the Online Safety Modernization Act of 2017.  If passed, it will make swatting and doxing federal crimes.  If you support this Bill, please contact your U.S. Representative to let him/her know.

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