Lies And Scare Tactics. A Little Knowledge Goes A Long Way

On November 22, 2015, I made a blog administrator’s decision. Out of spite, the person who asked for my help and communicated with me for the greater part of 11 months, went into revenge mode. He has me over a barrel. Because the person is involved in pending litigation and I referred him to the attorney representing him, and at the request of that attorney, I am restrained from giving details publicly about what took place.   That however, does not stop his client from complaining that everything I blog is about his case.  Indeed, I can barely post “Good morning” on Twitter or this blog without him calling his attorney complaining that I am interfering in his “cases,” or talking about “his “business” or “bad-mouthing” him.

On the other hand, while I am restrained from sharing certain information, he has no restraints and has gone public with his lies, harassment and the carrying out of his threats.  Therefore, I am compelled to share some knowledge to settle any concerns or fears based on his most recent misrepresentation.  Additionally, I have the right to defend the integrity of my blogs, my reputation, and those who support me.

I didn’t want to do this, but knowledge is power. Additionally, seeing that he is exploiting a person to use intimidation, saying that they are going to have my Twitter account suspended, I need to make a public record.

The subject person, Santiago C. Rodriguez, introduced himself to me around May 2014, based on a referral by another blogger who was also harassed, and in whom we communicated about same.  Around December 2014 he reached out to me again. In January 2015, he informed me that he had petitioned the court to have David Piercy held in contempt for violating a restraining order. He reached out to me for help in obtaining legal counsel.

Because he was overcome (or pretended to be overcome) with the trauma of the harassment, I opened the door for him to contact me whenever he needed to vent. During the course of our 11 month communications, he often told me about programs or script that I could put on the blog. I explained to him the difference between a word press dot com blog, and a word press dot org blog.

knowledge-is-powerWord Press dot com provides free blogs. They are hosted on Word Press servers. Blog administrators do not have access to the servers. We cannot enter script nor programs or any such things that have to be placed on servers in order to operate. The free blogs are a “package” deal. We get what Word Press provides for us so we can write posts and publish them without knowing computer language and without worrying where to upload plug-in’s and what folders to put things in on the server side.

Word Press dot org is for those who want to host their own blog. Word Press provides the blogging software, but the person has to find their own hosting company and essentially, be a web master. Word Press explains the differences, including what plug-in’s they provide for the dot com blogs and what can be done by hosting your own blog on a private server.

During the course of our 11 month communications when he would suggest what I add to the blog what can only be added by accessing the server, we went around the same mountain about my blog being a dot com blog hosted by Word Press. No matter my response, he always followed it with “Right, but ….” or “I understand, but …. “ One time, when he brought up for maybe the tenth time that he found a program that gathers personal information of visitors that I “needed” for the blog, we started going around the same mountain again when he shouted at me, “WAIT.  JUST LISTEN.” I hung up the phone.

About a week later after I forgave him, he brought up the subject again.  I asked why he thought I needed such a program. His reason was that “we” could help lots of people who are harassed because if the program captured names and physical addresses, we could give it to those harassed to give to law enforcement or use to serve with summons if they chose to file a civil suit. I argued that logically, if there are such programs, then law enforcement would have it rather than having to subpoena account holder information from internet service providers.

After about the fifth, “Right, but ….” I said that I don’t have time to learn and use such a program. There are days when Blackbutterfly7 receives over 1,000 visits. He offered to help me by going over the data daily. If it is true that there are programs that can be placed on websites that capture the “personal information” of visitors, then that information of MY BLOG VISITORS IS NONE OF HIS BUSINESS. His response? He alleged that I don’t care about victims but only my “damn blog.” Well, my “damn blog” has visitors and I’m damn sure that their personal information is none of his damn business.

Let him start his own business.  He can open his own website for the purpose of opening websites for those harassed on the internet and bait harassers to those sites where he can use the installed programs to gather the “personal information” of harassers. He can name it “Troll Trapper Vortex.” (That was one of the many handles that Santiago used on Twitter.)

Don’t you think if there are such programs that there would also be a “Troll Trapper Vortex” businesses already?


During the course of our 11 month communications, I shared with the person how the internet extortionists operate; i.e., their methods and accusations. Among them, is how they target those who associate with me and intimidate and threaten them to sever our fellowship. I reported on one of those situations on this blog.

That person who I thought that I was helping to acquire discipline and confidence through knowledge learned — he learned the methods of the internet extortionists, not so he could help other victims to identify and be able to explain the methods to authorities, but so he can use them against me.

In the following screenshot, please note the first handle that the tweet is intended for.

Tweet 1

@TKO_RD_1 is the subject person, Santiago C. Rodriguez who, for over a period of about 11 months, called me on a daily basis, sometimes more than a handful of times per day.   He is the individual who reached out to me for help, and in whom I tried to help. He is also the individual who suggested to me that I put certain plug-ins, script or programs on the blog, and in whom I had to explain the difference between Word Press dot com, and Word Press dot org numerous times.  He is also the client of my attorney friend who I referred him to for representation in a contempt hearing.

Please also note the content states “TEAMKJ23.”  That is important. When I can be more open, I’ll share about it in regards to TKO.

As a side-note: The other day, the person using the Hood’s handle (in one of its variations) called me a “Zebra.” If you’re unfamiliar with that, you can look it up in the racial slur database.  Funny thing is, I never had any communications with “Hood” for him to know anything about me; but TKO and I did have such conversations.


My family photo.

Now, according to S. Mitchell-Fambro, I have spots.  What is more disturbing is that while Santiago, aka TKO, aka “Hood”, claimed to support Black Lives Matter, here he was on Twitter impersonating a Black man, using racial slurs against Blacks, and getting away with it because those following him believed that “Hood” is Black.  Santiago C. Rodriguez, a White Latino,  impersonated being “Hood”, a Black man, to avoid his racial bigotry being revealed.

At one point, TKO told me about a subscribed service that will trace any IP address to its “originating source.” I thought that was strange, so I went to the site and entered my own IP address. By doing that, I learned that the “originating source” is the internet service provider’s office, or where their servers are located. The true “originating source” is where the server is located — not the home that receives the service. I needed that experience so I could tell him about being a responsible consumer and not falling for scams.

TKO not only wanted me to purchase the software, but he also wanted me to transfer my blog to a private server so I could use it and any other script or program that he fancies.  He even offered to hook me up with one of his computer tech friends for $4K a month.

Some blogs use Google stats or a stat counter program. Some of you might have visited web pages and seen the following. Here is one from the blog hosted by Blogger.

Google statsAs you can probably tell, if you access a blog using a proxy IP address, you can come from places such as Quito, Pichincha.

Here is one from a Word Press blog.

Stat Counter

Some of those programs provide options, so you can choose for it to show the visitor’s name if it’s the government, for example, “A visitor from the DOJ in DC.” That’s because the DOJ has its own server. These stat programs do not gather “personal information.”


Tweet 2

“We will give statements” is her support for her allegation that I harass on Twitter.

The first I became aware of the handle @sofambro90, was in October 2015 when that handle was included in a subpoena served on Twitter for her account information. Soframbro90 did not reach out to me about that.   We never communicated with each other in any way, until about December 18, 2015.

On December 18, 2015, @sofambro90 sent me a follow request on Twitter.  My Twitter account was then protected so people wanting to follow had to request approval to follow. I approved her. She then blocked me, then sent a direct message saying that she made a mistake. She sent another follow request that I approved. Immediately, she attacked me and NavyDad0007, (ILoveMyWife0007) accusing us of lying.  The following day, she attacked @miamidecor for tweeting support to myself and NavyDad0007.

It turned out that because I did not credit anyone by name for being responsible for the ACLU’s involvement in the case involving the subpoena to Twitter, that she thinks I wrote a “false blog”. The ACLU’s amici brief is dated November 18, 2015. Based on a press release, on November 20, 2015, I posted a blog about the ACLU filing an amici brief. The first time I ever communicated with @sofambro was on December 18, 2015.

I tweeted that  I named no one in that post. Since I did not name anyone, then it is unfair to accuse me of lying about who is responsible.  I know of certain verified communications, but it’s not my place to verify what she says that she did after-the-fact. A letter? An email? She did not offer to send me anything to verify her story.

Since it seemed to be so important to her, I offered her an alternative –I told her that she is welcomed to come to the blog and post a comment there taking the credit she wants. I said that I would change the option so she wouldn’t need a Word Press account to comment.  She blocked me.  I blocked her.  She hasn’t submitted a comment. It’s been two months now since she started accusing me of lying about who is responsible for contacting the ACLU. She still hasn’t posted that comment. She could have posted it two months ago. She could have put her luggage down.

I did not name anyone in the post about the ACLU’s involvement because what they did was for the good of everyone whose account information was subpoenaed. They considered it work for the team. I mean, come on! Even she says “TEAMKJ23.” I don’t see an “I” in “team.” On Twitter, she has taken credit for being the party responsible for the ACLU’s involvement, and no one  is taking that credit from her.


During the week of November 22, 2015, I received numerous emails, and comments to this blog from TKO, first demanding that I delete this blog. When that didn’t work, he asked that I delete posts on it that referenced David Piercy. When that didn’t work, he developed a story that this blog is ruining his pending case against Piercy because —- because — (wait for it) —- because it provokes Piercy to harass him and his wife.

Piercy is vile but let’s not blame him for things he has not done since November 22, 2015.    The harassment he did previously was not motivated by anything on this blog.  Additionally, not once have I witnessed Piercy harassing Santiago’s wife. TKO filed a petition with the court in January 2015 alleging that Piercy violated a restraining order. This blog was launched on July 4, 2015. Whatever motivated Piercy to harass TKO from July 2014 when the restraining order was entered, through July 4, 2015, was certainly NOT this blog. Additionally, anything that I’ve written since July 2015 has no relevance to the petition filed by Santiago 7 months earlier.

TKO made no demands, nor requests that I not write about David Piercy, nor did he make allegations that what I write provokes Piercy, until after November 22, 2015.

Indeed, if Piercy is still harassing TKO, that should help his case to have Piercy held in contempt rather than ruin his case..

Aiming at this blog, the subject person is using others to target those who tweet the links to this blog. The following is one example.

Tweet 3

Keep Twitter SafeFor those unfamiliar with Twitter, please allow me to explain. The above is a true and correct screenshot of a “retweet” with comment. The comment section is first, and contains two handles; @Anontrip and @AngelDevil1166. AngelDevil1166 follows me on Twitter. The day before the above was tweeted, she tweeted that she did not want to be involved in what they are doing. I understand because I’ve also been included in tweets where I wanted no part of what was happening. @Anontrip does not follow me. He might not even know who I am.

On Twitter, you have no control over people putting your handle in their tweets. Even if you mute or block them, they can still put your handle in their tweets, (as you can see in the screenshot prior to the one above).

The bottom portion of the above tweet was tweeted by the person “shyloh.” I know her as a dear, loving soul who won’t hurt a fly.   She has participated on Blackbutterfly7 for years, knowing me long before I knew of TKO’s existence. So, shyloh tweeted a link to this blog.  Shyloh included Charlie’s tweeter handle, “@CGrapski” in her tweet along with other handles. I understand that S. Mitchell-Fambro, (@sofambro90) tweeted to each of the individuals that shyloh did, only @sofambro did not tweet to promote the post but rather, to try to make people concerned that if they visited here, that a “censor” would determine their “personal information.”

The content of @sofambro90’s “comment” is directly related to shyloh’s tweet. Need we wonder who brought to @sofambro90’s attention that there are “censors” for websites that “determine personal information”?  Even more, need we wonder who brought to @sofambro90’s attention that there are “censors” for websites that “determine personal information” although he has good reason to know that if such exists, that it CANNOT be installed on free Word Press blogs?

Need we wonder who gave @sofambro90 instructions on how to intimidate those who follow and/or support me?


To dispel some rumors and outright lies, on November 13, 2014, I posted an article on Blackbutterfly7 on behalf of TKO.   That was more than a year ago.  It demonstrates my sincerity in helping someone who reached out to me for help.

On another matter, something very strange has happened.  On Saturday, I discovered that my gravatar now appears with scrodriguez’s comments.  When seeing my gravatar, please make sure you also read the handle/name next to it so my comments are not mistaken as those posted by scrodriguez. I do not know why this has happened, and have contacted Word Press/Gravatar.

Additionally, scrodriguez/TKO changed his Word Press account, changing his handle from “scrodriguez” to “Xena” thereby changing the by-line on the posts he wrote to make them appear as if I wrote them.  I contacted Word Press and they gave me instructions on correcting that.

More update; March 6, 2016.  The situation with TKO using my Gravatar is resolved.  If it should happen again in the future, I’ll inform the Word Press community.

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97 Responses to Lies And Scare Tactics. A Little Knowledge Goes A Long Way

  1. towerflower says:

    I love what you do and respect you but this is getting out of hand. People need to start to take the high road and leave the past behind them. Everyone needs to let it go.

    • Xena says:

      Do you realize that I’ve been publicly quiet about this since November 23, 2015? Is that not taking the high road?

      What did I need to let go of? This blog? BB7? My Twitter account? Is that what you want me to do now? Surrender to an abuser?

      Did you not see the more than 50 tweets yesterday alone that intimidated and threatened?

      • NavyDad0007 says:

        Exactly. We Have been Silent for the sake of His case because we have a common enemy. Xena, Shannon, Shylo Us We Do NOT Have to Be subjects of His abuse & attacks

      • towerflower says:

        I just can’t the drama anymore. Either side makes a comment then it gets misinterputed and the followers jump in to defend. Did you see the comments that started to their side too after a comment from you…’s human nature, we want to defend our friends.

        I never asked you to delete any blog site or Twitter, just that someone needs to take the high road and stop (meaning stop talking, writing, blogging about the other), if not it keeps escalating…..and yes I’ve told him the same thing. He hasn’t told anyone to attack just like you didn’t tell anyone to attack. Friends just pick up on things and run with it, we all want to defend a friend…then another friend of a friend gets involved and no one wins.

        I’ve just can’t believe what has come about, people who were once united in a similar cause now attack each other with people picking sides. As it was told to me by a friend, do we really know anyone on these sites….we all hide behind our handles. I don’t want to pick a side and while no one has asked me too I feel that way. I think the best thing for me is to just disappear into the background. I will most likely delete my Twitter and you can remove me as a writer for BB7. I will still visit and if I think I have a good story then I’ll just email it to you to decide. No one has told me to do this, I just hate drama.

        Also when one takes the high road it doesn’t mean surrendering to another, it means you rise above it. It shows that you have risen to a level that you can’t be baited or concerned. But just like with Elsa in Fronzen……..I’m letting it go.

        • Xena says:

          I hate that you are playing into TKO’s agenda. Since I disabled his privileges as a writer for BB7, he doesn’t want you as a writer either. See, he told his attorney that I threatened to edit his comments to “give the appearance” of threats. So, I responded to him asking why he chose to submit his threats to this blog, rather than BB7? If he is concerned that I will edit them, at least you could see them in moderation. He responded by accusing me of trying to involve you in his fight with me. (sigh) That was not my reason for asking why he choose to submit comments only here where no one other than myself can see them in the moderation queue. In other words, he wants his threats and filth to be secretive, and then IF I publicly release them, he can claim that I edited them.

          You can think about your decision, or I can honor your request.

          • towerflower says:

            Just so there is no doubt…he had nothing to do with my decision. I’m a big girl and can decide for myself and I feel it’s just best if I fade into the background. I don’t want to have to decide between either of you and the best way to avoid all the drama, for ME, is to just fade into the background.

          • Xena says:

            I did not intend to infer that you were being persuaded by TKO, just that not being LISTED as a writer for BB7 was playing into his hands. BlushedBrown’s computer was damaged and she’s not been online for a long time, but she is still listed as a writer because she wrote for the blog. OTOH, TKO wanted me to delete all of the posts that he wrote for BB7. That indicates that he doesn’t want privileges as a writer. To remove his privileges takes him off the writer widget.

            I’ll remove your privileges as a writer, and am sorry to lose you. Your blog posts still receive views so I’ll disable future comments to your posts.

        • Xena says:

          Just a few points …

          “Did you see the comments that started to their side too after a comment from you…’s human nature, we want to defend our friends.”

          No, I didn’t. What I saw was S. Mitchell’s tweets, some of which contained my handle. I did not check the timelines for anyone else because they had not tweeted to me. What started it was “TheHood” calling me a “Zebra” and threatening to eat my head off in his “vortex” and in response, someone asking him if he was racist. S. Mitchell didn’t make her appearance until after “TheHood” was suspended.


          “I never asked you to delete any blog site or Twitter, just that someone needs to take the high road and stop (meaning stop talking, writing, blogging about the other), …”

          This is the first blog post that I’ve written about it, and I did it because S. Mitchell is harassing people who tweet out links to the blog, and harassing those who they tweet to. She misrepresented that if people visit here, that there is some program that “determines” their “personal information.” That is an impossibility and needed to be confronted. While you, personally, never asked me to delete anything, that is TKO’s goal and why I asked if that is what I have to do to take the “high road” so he will stop.


          “He hasn’t told anyone to attack just like you …”

          And you know this because he said so? After months of being subjected to his methods, I bet that he played semantics because to him it’s not an attack, but a defense. In other words, what he asked S. Mitchell to do was defend him. He tried playing that game with me and some others when he wanted us to “defend” him against DP.


          I’ve just can’t believe what has come about, people who were once united in a similar cause now attack each other …

          I wasn’t going to go there, and this is the problem with being restrained while having the other person freely give his side. Since you brought it up, I will address it in limited fashion. There is a misconception that TKO was/is united with anyone for a just cause. He simply tweeted to and followed some folks who are committed to a just cause. TeamKJ23 is an acronym that he created as “TheHood” to appeal to those whose handles are in the subpoena. After he did, he tweeted out about DP and other unrelated things, using the KendrickJohnson hashtag.


          “Also when one takes the high road it doesn’t mean surrendering to another, it means you rise above it.”

          S. Mitchell didn’t limit her attack to me. I appreciate my Twitter and blog followers. If a person reads the blog post, they will see that it was necessary for me to share my experience with TKO and what he wanted me to do, in order to show that S. Mitchell’s allegation AGAINST THIS BLOG is related. She admitted it saying “Brought to my attention.” Unfortunately, and as in the past, TKO wants to convert all things on this blog to be about him.

          Anyone can read the blog posts under the “Chronological” menu and see that my experience with the internet extortionists began in 2012, and that DP began submitting comments to BB7 in 2013. I did not know of TKO’s existence until 2014.

          • NavyDad0007 says:

            To Tower Flower: Let start off by saying none of us attacked him or even spoke about him after what transpired on Nov. 22 2015. He on the other hand went on Whisper Campaigns against Us & Xena to various people. One person whom we’ve known for years online & personally Told us he was bad mouthing Us when WE all never said anything about him. Yet still we restrained ourselves. He kept going on the attack via his sock accounts on twitter and Amped up a woman who already seems very unhinged. WE Will NOT sit back and Let Him attack Xena Or US or anyone else for that Matter. ENOUGH is ENOUGH. His main beef with us was this, “I have a problem with you because after the ACLU wrote the brief you act like I’m not here.” WTF is that bullshit? We have been nothing but nice & helpful. We have always been one until he decided to go a different route just because Xena was helping others in the team. I’m done with this subject & I’m done with him.

    • Xena says:

      By the way, if people who tweet links to this blog had not been harassed, maybe, just maybe, I would not have posted this. You see, innocent people are being harmed. I see that the culprits tried to get you involved. I’m sure you would like to have some peace and not feel conflicted, but I’m not the person who is doing that to you.

    • TowerFlower- Let’s not blame the victim for TKO’s behavior. She has every right to defend herself against his lies and Soroya Fambro’s unwarranted attacks. Mrs. Fambro’s history speaks for itself. It is often said that an abuser abuses. If such statement rings true then it would explain Ms. Fambro’s tactics and her utter bizarre rants.

      Xena -the article was well written and was taken in the manner in which it was intended. Keep the faith!!!!!!!

      • yahtzeebutterfly says:

        I cosign with your comment, supabutterfly. (If a victim of abuse remains silent, the victim gives power to the abuser.)

        • NavyDad0007 says:

          I agree 100%

        • Xena says:

          Yahtzee! BINGO! People do not know what I endured since November 22nd, much less the months preceding that. When my son confronted TKO about his disrespect, I received an email from TKO. He was angry that I told my son about his behavior. He did not want his disrespectful behavior known. With each scheduling of trial in his case against DP, I said it would soon be over and there would be no need for him to contact me. He mistook our relationship as a “friendship” rather than a professional relationship, and based on his emails since Nov. 22nd, he has been angry for months because I did not allow him to get close to me, personally.

  2. Ms. Vella I am asking you to stop now remove this post or I will file a cause of action

    • Xena says:

      I didn’t originally approve your comment because you reference me by a last name. About a week ago, you fed @sofambro90 information saying my name is something else.

      It is obvious that the reason for this post is because of your giving Soroya Fambro false information for her to tweet. I have the right to defend the integrity of my blogs and my reputation to show that what you and Soroya are saying is not the truth. Additionally I retained your email where you attempted to convince me to purchase programs as described in the post. I also retained your email where you made a veiled threat to spread a rumor that a stat counter is used to gather the personal information of blog visitors. That is totally illogical because if there was such a program, it would save law enforcement the time to subpoena internet service providers for account holder information.

      You actually demonstrate your ignorance by insulting the intelligence of others, including every blogger with a stat counter.

      So, please bring your “cause of action”.

  3. Its like *Santiago had ONE JOB!*
    But he couldn’t be cool,
    handle his business like a reasonable human being.
    That’s basically how I’m seeing this situation.

    Being an annoying ingrate is one thing. That’s just bad manners, it can be corrected if necessary. But he’s gone too far &beyond that! He went into some senseless, hyper vindictive, angry little asshole mode. Its uncalled for. I can’t even believe this shit!

    • Xena says:

      I agree that it was one thing, and one thing only, that he had to focus on. As you know, there are things I cannot say at this time. As well, there are things I don’t want to say because I don’t want them construed as being demeaning or hateful. There are several things he should accept as truth; 1. Never mistake my silence for fear. 2. I can run circles around him in many, many things, so he should never think that his intimidation attempts cause me fear.

      Today, he made a demand that I delete this post or he will bring a “cause of action.” HA! This coming from a man who doesn’t know that the proper response to a third-party subpoena for information regarding non-parties is NOT to file an Anti-Slapp motion. Unlike him, I didn’t get my legal education from the DP.

      • NavyDad0007 says:

        The Quiet ones are MORE Dangerous.

        • Xena says:

          “The Quiet ones are MORE Dangerous.”

          LOL! NavyDad, only dangerous for bullies, because bullies like telegraphing intimidation and they anticipate responses. They mistake silence for fear and that often emboldens them, as we have seen recently.

          This never had to start. All he had to do after I made the administrative decision was go on about his business. I don’t remember now if it was in an email or comment to this blog, but he said that my decision didn’t hurt him — it took nothing from him. So, why has he found it necessary to go on a revenge campaign?

    • In order to bring a cause of action, you must come to the Court with clean hands. As demonstrated supra, he lacks the requisite clean hands to bring any cause of action. Moreover, “TRUTH” is the best defense to a “Cause of Action”.

  4. Xena says:

    Just to clear up a rumor. There is no restraining order against me. The pending case is between Piercy and TKO.

  5. Lost all visitation and custody with his kids as well as a permanent no contact order for being a violent drug addicted child abuser

    he lied when he claimed to have been “exonerated”

  6. shyloh says:

    Most of the tweets that were sent to me via the message. I couldn’t really understand most of what @sofambro90 was actually trying to say. And I have followed you for many years. I tweet for justice for all. I don’t care who you are. When I followed the Caylee Anthony case, I had lots of sleepless nights reading and trying to find the truth for that sweet baby. No justice for her. It’s all about truth finding in all cases… Be it my family, your family, their family.. All is worth finding justice for. What is going on now with all this crap doesn’t solve the problem. And it needs to stop. But perhaps it’s the other end that wants to destroy instead of finding the justice the victims deserve. It’s not suppose to be about (you) (me) Etc. I will not stop tweeting what I believe in. Don’t care who likes it or not. Love, peace and JUSTICE

    • Xena says:

      I am so very, very sorry that you were attacked by sofambro90. Oh yes, some of her tweets are difficult to understand and I only knew what she was trying to say because I heard those accusations coming from TKO in his emails and comments to this blog. He is probably dictating to her what to tweet, as he wanted to dictate to others what to tweet in his defense against DP. When the several people who tried stopped, “TheHood” attacked them.

      Considering the timing, what I figure with sofambro90 is here is a woman who knows nothing about me, nothing about what TKO has been doing for the past year, and he took advantage of her because she wants a spotlight regarding the ACLU.

  7. NavyDad0007 says:

    I just needed to say this. We were a team a #TEAM. There is no “I” in team. My thing is that there was nothing wrong with Xena helping a team member to get to the bottom of the situation we had. I just wanted us to all work together & bring the asshole down who has been trying to mess with us for years. This was supposed to be a team effort not a me,me,me thing.

    • I totally thought the same thing. I thought we all had same goals. And they can keep trying all they want, but no zimmerlover will ever get in our way.

      • I accidentally clicked send too soon on this stupid ass phone!!

        Anyway, I was saying no ZimmerLover has ever stopped us & neither will Santiago. He’s lost any & all respect I ever had for him. I can’t deal with some dude who’d stoop to making gross comments & false allegations against & about someone like Xena. And go sit on twitter with some stranger doing that shit. Its one thing to have a disagreement, or an argument, but you don’t collude with other ppl to make stupid ass insults & threats against ppl you’ve been hanging with for years! Fuck that. That’s what the ZimmerLovers do! He has no idea how lowbrow’s that is.

    • Xena says:

      When I have information that can help others, I don’t care how they get it as long as they get it. The situation that came up in October was different. It’s one thing to pass on information, for example, on how to use a summary in blog post notifications. It’s another thing when a matter involves courts and the law.

      Giving information on legal procedures is one thing. Telling people what to file with a court of law is another animal. He’s not a licensed lawyer and should never tell people what to file with a court of law, and I wasn’t going to allow him to badger me into doing it. Additionally, he was putting the cart before the horse.

      He likes reaching out to people as a friend wanting to help them, but it always ends with him wanting them to get involved in his conflict with DP. Other than using the KendrickJohnson hashtag in tweets that have nothing whatsoever to do with Kendrick Johnson, what did he ever do on Twitter to promote the questions in that situation that need answering? TheHood would tweet about DP putting the KendrickJohnson hashtag in the tweet.

      In other words, he sought to use Kendrick’s name for the purpose of his getting others to notice, or involved, in his conflict with DP. He’s now doing the same in using a member of teamKJ23 to harass you, Shyloh and threaten me. I can’t imagine why she thinks that being TKO’s surrogate is important TO HER.

      • NavyDad0007 says:

        Ms. Mitchell is a Bully & through the years We have Learned How to Deal with Bullies. Like Shannon said, no Zimmerlover was able to chase us away, neither will Ms. Mitchell OR Santiago. We had a Common goal. They want to throw Hissy Fits & Tantrums while we all try to come up with solutions. Keep doing what you do Xena. You’ve done well for many years. Your Blogs are helpful & Greatly Appreciated.

  8. Shame on TKO for attacking Xena in this way. Shame on you for influencing Ms. Soroya to continue with her course of harassment. Shame on you for turning on a “friend” who’s goal was to help you. Shame on you for attempting to twist Xena’s intentions. Shame on you for feeding lies to Ms. Soroya about BB7 and Xena. Shame on you for acting like a complete child. Shame Shame Shame

  9. “And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness but rather EXPOSE them” Ephesians 5:11

    • Xena says:

      Thank you for the verse. I’ve been silent since this started on Nov. 22, 2015 but seeing that he is getting S. Mitchell to lie to impugn the integrity of my blogs, and that she has threatened to have my Twitter account suspended, it was time to speak up. Her lies that I’m harassing her are totally ridiculous. She has me blocked, but continues tweeting putting my handle in her tweets. Just like TKO, they want to throw the stones but if those they attack say “ouch,” they claim they are being harassed.

  10. Xena says:

    Ooookay. So no one will have to rely on what someone said and the perception of someone else, here is the link to the blog post that @sofambro90 is bellyaching about.

    Here are some details: The post was published on November 20, 2015. The date is at the top of the post. NavyDad0007 tweeted the link as well as others whose accounts are public.

    On November 22, 2015, I made a blog administrator’s decision regarding TKO. The situation, nor my decision, had anything to do with the subject blog post.

    Almost a month after the post was published, on December 18, 2015, sofambro90 sent me a follow request on Twitter. Needless to say, it means that she had not followed me previously although I’ve been on Twitter since 8/2013. I did not know her. I only knew that her handle was in the subpoena to Twitter.

    After approving her, she attacked me and NavyDad0007, accusing us of taking credit for her work.

    • NavyDad0007 says:

      Yet, no one was named in the article. But, the more Ms. Mitchell drones on & on about wanting accolades, the more she makes HERSELF look like someone who needs “validation”. Sad. I thought it was about TEAM KJ and not kissing the crusty feet of sofambro.

      • Xena says:

        The timeline for when she asked to follow me on Twitter, and then her attacks which says WHY she wanted to follow me, speaks volumes. I don’t know her, and wish that she would leave me alone. If she continues, there will be more posts showing how she is intentionally lying, and how she is being dictated to by TKO.

        I understand that she has told others that they have doxed my family on Facebook and found they are racists. (So much for me being a “black racist”, uh?) He knows nothing about my family, (which was another contention when I would not tell him about my personal business). If they dare to involve strangers in TKO’s agenda, I guess we can get the popcorn.

  11. yahtzeebutterfly says:

    I just want to say for the record that I highly respect Xena. She has a beautiful, caring, compassionate heart and has worked with steadfast determination to advocate for justice and racial equality. I admire her for her integrity and honesty.

    • Xena says:

      Yahtzee, bless your heart. Thanks so much for your kind words. I say the same about you.

      • NavyDad0007 says:

        We concur

        • Xena says:

          I want to thank everyone for their kind words. When people reach out to me, and if I can help them and do so, I don’t broadcast it. That is one reason why soframbo’s tweets are so ridiculous. She speaks from ignorance. The person using her also speaks from ignorance.

          It’s the same with his lies that I “threatened” to edit his comments and his basis for it can be shown to be hypocritical and not to his benefit. He has soframbro90 lying saying that I am colluding with DP. That essentially means that he and her are now believing the same person who TKO has in court for lying about and harassing him.

          In other words, they believe the perpetrator when it suits their defamatory agenda. It’s hypocritical, goes in circles, and in the long run, is not beneficial to TKO.

        • yahtzeebutterfly says:

          “He has sofambro90 lying saying that I am colluding with DP.”

          What a far out, fairy-tale-of-a-lie! Unbelievable! If sofambro90 had just read all of your many articles here (as well as those articles on BB7) about DP with your screenshot evidence against DP’s attacks at you, nasty harassment of you, and extortion-like demands, sofambro90 would know that nobody, but nobody, would believe such a lie as sofambro90! (Hopefully the day will come when she Will read your articles on this blog and on BB7 and apologize to you for her outlandish lie.)

          You, Xena, have worked long and hard to shed light on the awful behavior of DP and the internet extortionists in his circle in an attempt to inform and warn other bloggers of their methods.

          I admire that you have stood up for yourself and your blog against DP and the internet harassers, and have continued to blogged on BB7 for justice and equality. I admire that you have fearlessly stood firm and kept the light on Truth on various injustices that occur and about victims of injustices.

          • Xena says:

            Here is an example of sobrambo90’s ignorance.

            Piercy has blogs, so he knows that in order to submit comments, the person has to include their email address. Since he’s submitted comments to this blog, of course I have his email address. Yes — I know how to reach him, the same as he knows how to submit comments here. That does not mean that we communicate privately. I’ve never emailed him. I cannot keep them from submitting comments to my public blogs, but I’m not opening the door for skunks to engage me otherwise.

            Soframbo90 is alleging I’m colluding with DP in order to intimidate me, and DP is accusing me of colluding with him in order to intimidate TKO. My goodness! When are they going to stop? Soframbo90 can’t see how this harms TKO? What is he going to do — go to court and blame me for DP violating the court’s restraining order, letting DP off the hook?

            To disparage me, TKO started the lie that I am colluding with DP’s “friends” and now DP. That lie can bite him in the butt. TKO should know by now that DP will do anything and everything to avoid the consequences of his actions, and TKO is playing right into DP’s scheme.

          • Xena says:

            “What a far out, fairy-tale-of-a-lie! Unbelievable! If sofambro90 had just read all of your many articles here (as well as those articles on BB7) about DP with your screenshot evidence against DP’s attacks at you, nasty harassment of you, and extortion-like demands, sofambro90 would know that nobody, but nobody, would believe such a lie as sofambro90!”

            I don’t know her, and she doesn’t know me. You’re right, if she read my blog posts, she would know that DP is the person who maliciously filed copyright take-down notices against BB7 with the intention of having Word Press suspend it, because of his White Supremacist ideologies.

            Her premise is based on a belief that I hate TKO and hate him more than I hate DP. I hate no one, but I do hate the stench of skunks. Both came on my territory with their stench.

            Yahtzee, I thank you for your kind words.

          • Xena says:

            Yahtzee, someone on Twitter just made me aware that DP is on Facebook alleging that I’ve emailed him to “work things” out. Piercy is represented by a court-appointed attorney. He is not representing himself so there is nothing that he can personally work out with anyone. I tell you, they need to stop. They are making fools out of themselves.

          • yahtzeebutterfly says:

            Well, DP must be having a great time adding to the drama by faking having a communication with you. It reminds of the movies when a person pretends to have a phone conversation when he has the phone up to his ear and is listening to the dial tone.

          • Xena says:

            LOL@Yahtzee. The sad thing is that TKO wanted me to block someone on Twitter, saying that she was Piercy’s friend sent to “infiltrate.” Infiltrate what? I don’t tweet out great secrets of the universe. In November, he sent a veiled threat that he would start a rumor that I was giving info to that person to give to Piercy to give to the Bell’s attorney. The info was suppose to be the personal info of those whose account information was subpoenaed. He apparently realized that would not work, because the majority never reached out to me and of those who did, I did not ask for, nor require their personal information. TKO is the person who went about getting the names, email addresses and phone numbers of those people — at least those who gave it to him.

            When I found that out, my heart dropped. The good thing is that the “23” know who they gave and didn’t give their info to. Apparently, realizing that he could not post the personal info of the “23” and say that Piercy did it because I gave Piercy the info, he outright lied and said that I am colluding with Piercy.

          • NavyDad0007 says:

            Santiago sabotaging His Own case which would lead one to believe who really is working with racist trolls. HIS actions speak louder than words.

          • Xena says:

            You’re absolutely correct. Had TKO not started the lie and then got his proxy to push it, Piercy would not have it to try and take advantage. TKO and his proxy have been raked over the coals by Piercy, but now they present him as the honest one?????!!!!!?????

  12. Xena says:


    I’ve added an addendum to the above post. It includes a link to a post written in Nov. 2014 that might help to clear up some of the misrepresentations that are now being said about me by @sofambro90.

  13. That Sambro is psycho! But how else could Santiago convince someone to attack a person she’s never even tweeted, much less read anything from your years of blogging.

    My problem with Santiago is this isn’t the 1st time he’s copped this strange, vindictive attitude with a person he used to be ‘friends’ with. He also attacked The REAL Hood report. He also made erroneous accusations against him claiming he was racist & stuff like that. It basically started with some argument, but turned into full fledged bullshit fest!

    Santiago started DMing ppl telling them not to follow Hood, he’d subtweet stuff like ” anyone following Hood can unfollow me right now” etc. It was annoying cuz Hood hadn’t actually done anything ‘racist’ & Santiago knew it so he could only make shit up& fake outrage about the same shit he did with Hood when they hung out! Ppl saw through it& wouldn’t stop following him so he started attacking him with other BS like personal attacks.

    Even Nettles & David Douche laughed at him when they “kissed & made up”
    What bothers me is that I should’ve known not to trust him after that. I don’t like ppl who’ll turn on friends because of an argument, no matter what they disagree about. Especially going on twitter spreading lies &/or personal info, whether its true or not.
    He’s an asshole.

    • Nettles18 says:

      I agree. Santiago is an asshole.

      I saw a link to this article on facebook. I want to caution anyone getting on the “wrong side” of Santiago because he takes his anger to your real life and tries to impact it in a negative way.

      Santiago launched an effort to get my employer to fire me over my tweets ( l live in another Country, Canada), and most disturbing he interfered with work the good people in my community do in the work of feeding those in need. Santiago threatened to go after their donors if they continued to allow a “racist” volunteer named Annette Elaine Kelly to volunteer there.

      He wasn’t successful in either case (getting me fired or smearing my reputation with the soup kitchen) but his actions solidified my support of David.

      Santiago along with some “friends” tried to get David evicted from his home b/c of his posts. I’m not taking David’s word on that, people admitted to calling his “social worker”. They crossed the line, imo. I don’t agree with 90% of David’s post but I will defend his right to his opinion.

      I was tweeting with David and another account one day when Santiago jumped into the timeline. He advised David that his wife (Santiago’s) taught at the school where David was enrolled and if David brought any harassment to her there, she’d be going to the Dean. The other person (I can’t recall their handle) answered back to Santiago that teachers threatening students wouldn’t be tolerated either. I backed that statement up. David tweeted to leave his wife alone, the feud had nothing to do with her.

      Santiago has twisted that interaction into his wife being attacked. He’s good at manipulating the truth. Be careful.

    • Xena says:


      “Even Nettles & David Douche laughed at him when they “kissed & made up”

      I had just joined Twitter when the drag-out fight was going on between the Hood and TKO. I was not familiar with either of them then. It was actually TKO who brought up to me about Nettles and David mocking his friendship with the Hood. He told me that he went to New York and knocked on the Hood’s door and dared him to open it. The Hood became so afraid that he agreed to be TKO’s best friend forever.

      After each suspension on Twitter, TKO asked me to follow the Hood when he returned. I did not hesitate telling him that I think the Hood is disrespectful of women, immature, and outright vile. He uses sex to denigrate and loves using the body parts of women to demean men. I followed in order to see the association between TKO and The Hood after TKO would contact me wanting me to tweet something that I refused. While still on the phone with TKO, The Hood was tweeting it. Hmmmm.

      • LMFAO!! He’s the most desperate, pathetic liar I’ve met!! I can’t even believe that clown told you that BS story! But it musta been after The Real Hood was gone BC hood would’ve gave him the twitter smack down if he found out!

        • Xena says:

          I hope that I never hear from him again; that he leaves me alone; and that includes using third-parties and/or soc accounts to harass and defame me. He needs to leave everyone alone, including you and NavyDad.

  14. Xena says:

    Comment to Nettles
    I’ve not decided on whether to approve your comment, and I’m leaning towards not approving it for posting on this public board. This is why. Those who have commented here are mostly people who came into friendly contact with TKO and experienced his bullying. Others support my position that his proxy is completely wrong to do his dirty work for him.

    You, on the other hand, do not have clean hands. I’ve reported on this blog some of the things you did to me, in addition to how you encouraged people to contact TKO’ wife’s employer to get her terminated from her job. No matter what you said TKO did to Piercy or you, two wrongs do not make a right.

    You are the person who gave Piercy money to file an appeal (although the court waived his fees), but that’s not a problem. The problem is that you blamed TKO for your giving Piercy money. By the way, Piercy did not prevail on that appeal. I realize that juries and judges don’t always get it right, but in the harassment matter, 2 districts of the California Court of Appeals have upheld the decisions of the trial court 3 times.

    As Rumpole calls it, there have been Twitter “handbag fights.” This post is not about that. It’s about TKO’s most recent actions using a proxy to impugn my integrity and the integrity of my blogs. His proxy attacked people who tweet out links to this blog. And, just because TKO turned on people who were his friends or associates, does not mean that I’m going to open this thread to known and documented enemies to tell their stories and give their opinions about TKO and the situation between him and Piercy involving harassment. I think that matter has been settled by the Court of Appeals’ decisions.

    • Nettles18 says:

      I didn’t tell anyone I posted so there wouldn’t be any pressure on you to make it public.

      It’s mainly you who I wanted to convey the subject matter to anyway. Santiago gets nasty when he deems you an enemy. Be careful.

      I have a suspicion you’ve already seen this side of him.

      There are a number of inaccuracies in your post to me. I have never threatened anyone’s wife nor do I regret donating money to David to appeal his case.

      I do have clean hands.

      • Xena says:


        “I didn’t tell anyone I posted so there wouldn’t be any pressure on you to make it public.”

        Well, it’s mighty superior of you to assume that I would feel pressured to approve your comment based on anything. The only reason I’m approving it now is because you said that I am inaccurate in my post about you.

        “It’s mainly you who I wanted to convey the subject matter to anyway.”

        If the tables were turned, and it was TKO posting about me, you would want to convey a warning to him too? Am I correct? The way I see it, you don’t want to help me, (definitely not support or encourage me), but just take a slap at TKO. Given, some of those who have commented have taken slaps at him, but they were once in friendly relationships with him. They would like to see him stop his behavior. You have never been in a cordial, much less friendly relationship with anyone here.


        There are a number of inaccuracies in your post to me. I have never threatened anyone’s wife nor do I regret donating money to David to appeal his case.

        Let’s go down the list from my comments;
        You, who still has a password protected thread about NavyDad on your blog? CHECK

        You, who by way of asking questions, tried spreading rumors that I’m Leatherman’s wife, or Natalie Jackson’s mom? CHECK

        You, who said that you never read Blackbutterfly yet you subscribe to follow it? CHECK

        You, who claimed to have doxed me? CHECK

        You, who said that Lionheartress deserved to be fired from her job because of her tweets? CHECK

        You, who had Lirette target people on Twitter, dox them, and post their personal and private information on his blogs? CHECK

        You, who told Lirette that once Danny Warrior’s daughter turned 18, that she was fair game to dox? CHECK

        From my other comment;
        You encouraged people to contact TKO’s wife’s employer to get her terminated from her job. You say, “I have never threatened anyone’s wife …” That was not my claim, is it? I said that you encouraged people to contact, etc. Remember the following?

        That is what you do Nettles. To avoid saying that you did wrong directly, you infer, you suggest to others, you ask questions to spread rumors. If you were an actress on a soap opera, they wouldn’t need a script writer — just give you a couple of folks who you want to wreck havoc in their lives, and you can have your own reality-soap opera.

        As far as you donating money to Piercy, I said that is not a problem. You do what you want with your money, but the problem is that you blamed TKO for Piercy’s decision and after buying yourself a slave, tried taking authority over TKO. Remember the following?

      • Nettles is a conniving turd.

    • That’s the difference between you & Santiago, you have never, would never collude with those lowlifes for any reason, much less to attack someone you know. That’s called “integrity” Santiago, look it up. You should get you some. Then maybe the next time you won’t make such a complete asshole out of yourself & treat ppl who’ve done nothing to you the way you’d like to be treated. With respect.

      • Xena says:

        “That’s the difference between you & Santiago, you have never, would never collude with those lowlifes for any reason, much less to attack someone you know.”

        Nettles and Piercy have both submitted comments to this thread as if I’m suppose to welcome them with open arms because of the events with TKO. That’s like North Korea wanting to cut off the heads of Americans, (my head included), then wanting to give America advice and warnings about their “common enemy.”

        They no doubt think that because I communicate with another group that is politically opposed to my views, that I’ll communicate with them. Well, no one in the other group ever came to my blog, nor engaged me on Twitter, to attack, harass and defame me.

    • Xena says:

      Oh GEEZ! Another comment from you Nettles? You, who still has a password protected thread about NavyDad on your blog? You, who by way of asking questions, tried spreading rumors that I’m Leatherman’s wife, or Natalie Jackson’s mom? You, who said that you never read Blackbutterfly yet you subscribe to follow it? You, who claimed to have doxed me? You, who said that Lionheartress deserved to be fired from her job because of her tweets? You, who had Lirette target people on Twitter, dox them, and post their personal and private information on his blogs? You, who told Lirette that once Danny Warrior’s daughter turned 18, that she was fair game to dox?

      If you come into my house to talk about anything, it should be with an apology for harassment, contributing to harassment, and causing many women chaos due to you using Lirette.

  15. crustyolemothman says:

    Xena, I have read this article and the responses and find it very troubling (to say the least) that a person that you lifted up and supported would have so little honor and would act as he has/is. Those of us who know you, understand the level of love and respect that you have shown and displayed on BB7 for a long time must stand and support you. You have never in the time that I have been following you, disrespected anyone, even when you probably should have. Hang in there the truth will always overcome the evil spirits in the end.

    • Xena says:

      Mothman, thanks so much for your kind words. I appreciate your supportive words and those of others. It means a lot to me. I think the person forgot that I was blogging for years before knowing of his existence. After I joined Twitter and even now, I’m not on it much. In some ways he took advantage of that, as I’ve come to learn that he had quite a reputation on Twitter for being a trouble maker before he reached out to me in 2014. Hopefully, his drama has ended. There’s one thing remaining — Word Press has verified that he has hijacked my gravatar, so he needs to disassociate his word press account with me.

  16. Xena says:

    This comment is so I can refer people to the link for this comment, rather than having to repeat myself numerous times to different people. The question being asked is if I am a mole for Piercy and/or his co-conspirators?

    It’s easy to answer “no,” but the question continues to be circulated based on tweets by @soframbo90. Here are some questions so people can answer the question for themselves, or ask the person who is bringing up that false accusation.

    1. Why do they think, or how do they know I am a mole? Who did they first hear that from? Do they know who originated the rumor, or are they simply repeating it?

    2. Whatever evidence they think they have, let them present it. Name names. Describe situations. Explain the who, what, when, where, why.

    3. What would be my purpose of working as a mole?

    4. Why didn’t they hear that rumor before November 22, 2015, which is the day that I made a decision that angered Santiago, aka TKO?

    5. If I am colluding with Piercy, why is Santiago using an attorney that I referred him to in his case to determine whether Piercy violated the restraining order? Emphasis: Why is Santiago using an attorney that I referred him to, if he believes I am a mole and colluding with Piercy?

    6. If I am a mole, why did I start this blog? If you are not familiar with this blog, please read the “About” and the Chronological category that are on the top menu. If you are not familiar with my background, please visit my original blog,

    7. Why are people who formally believed that Piercy is a liar, now representing that they believe him in order to promote and progress the rumor that I am his mole?

  17. lucy2389 says:

    The first person Santiago reached out to asking for help was the blogger Danny Warrior. Within weeks he did the same thing to Danny as he is doing to you now. Sorry it has been done to you.
    I had warned you.

    If memory serves me correctly he called Danny a mole out of nowhere too and got others to harass Danny through proxies. Santiago sent that person legal threats & with anonymous accounts contacted many people saying TruthWarrior was Danny on Twitter.
    Xena, you and your blog was used by Santiago to gain a following to harass people, including those he says were “friends”.

    As far as Annette goes, I also saw on Twitter that her employer allows her to stalk and harass people at work for many years. On her blog she says the police had her original Twitter account suspended to keep for evidence on her behalf. Bullshit! Her account was suspended after a very detailed report to Twitter for violations got her suspended. I have the email.
    Xena, this is the MO of these people who decided to target the same people for years, way before any involvement in the public matters they say got them online, or coming in contact with anyone within these groups. These people have one agenda and it isn´t to bring people together.

    Whoever decided to start calling people “cowards” who speak anonymously, need to reconsider what they do with their free time.

    Annette will end up becoming one of those people who document her case on a blog when she finally has no choice but to visit the USA or she becomes like Vicki Pate. And, who wants to kiss the ass of a self doxed liar who is forced to become anonymous responder with breaking news?

    David Piercy? This guy wrote the book on grifting. If Santiago wants to follow in his foot steps, he will keep involving people who he thinks will make a deal with the devil to make him internet famous.

    You keep doing what you are doing. The truth always prevails.

    • Xena says:

      “I had warned you.”

      No one warned me about anything because there was nothing to warn about. Based on the timing, I’m beginning to consider how things progressed from me being a go-to person for him to obtain legal counsel, to a point of daily conflict.

      Oh — I remember in 2013 when Danny and Nettles had it out, that someone claimed I was Danny’s mole. The same type of accusations go round and round.

      When TKO asked to be a writer for BB7, (that was around May 2014), and according to him, it involved an instruction from his FRESNO attorney, (not the one he has now in LA County). It was not until about July 2015 when I realized that the reason he gave was not true, and that he must have had another reason for wanting that position. It certainly was not to write for the blog. Actually, he wanted me to ban everyone on the basis that they were “infiltrators.” Infiltrate what? Still haven’t figured that one out.

      Thanks for the encouragement. You say that you’ve participated on BB7, but I do not know who you are and am not in the mood to play a guessing game. 🙂 Thanks for your comments.

  18. lucy2389 says:

    I have no clue where Santiago & David´s case stands. Never thought it would make a difference in how the rest of us communicate.
    I am considering suing them all >Santiago, Piercy, Kelly, & Lirette.

  19. NavyDad0007 says:

    Anybody with common sense knows YOU are not a Mole for DP & his Racist crew.

    • Xena says:

      TKO once accused miamidecor of being a racist because she called Zimmerman a Mexican. Now, he has his surrogate @soframbro90 accusing me of being a racist by association. I know miamidecor well enough to know that she was not making a comment to disparage Mexicans, which isn’t a race, by the way, but a Nationality.

      • NavyDad0007 says:

        Referring to someone as zebra is Racist. Saying one abandoned HIS own to protect His wife who is Black is Racist JS.

        • Xena says:

          It’s gang mentality and manipulation. He could never build his gang, which is why he opened soc accounts to be his best buds on Facebook and Twitter.


    • Xena says:

      What she needs to do is stop answering her phone when TKO calls, telling her what to tweet. People are getting the same impression of her that you have. Today, she went on a rant attempting to hold me responsible for what Ebony magazine published, and what Leatherman does on his blog. Someway, she associates that case with the subpoena to Twitter. It makes no sense and sounds just like the theories that I listened to by TKO for months.

    • Xena says:

      On last count, he’s contacted at least 10 people trying to get them to harass me on his behalf. He asked some to spread rumors about me. All turned him down other than Soroya. It was so bad that he lost 8 of his 21 Twitter followers. TKO cannot see how he is harming himself. The moment she says “no” to him, he will start on his whisper campaign bad mouthing her.

      • Its about time he realize he’s played himself. Anyone with the slightest sense of awareness can see he’s full of shit & grasping for attention. And the ones giving it to him are just using him because they’re looking for the same.

        • Xena says:

          But Shannon, his logic is that if he doesn’t get what he wants, then he’ll punish the person. If the person responds, even in a non accusatory manner, he uses the response to accuse them of harassing or bad mouthing him, so the vicious circle begins. Come on now! You’ve experienced that from him.

  21. Two sides to a story says:

    Nettles has clean hands – bwa-ha-ha-ha. To top her shit sundae, she continually supports Trump on Twitter while most of the world speaks out against his devilish and idiotic politics . . .

    • Xena says:

      Hey Two Sides!
      For her to be a Canadian living in Canada, she certainly gets involves in America’s politics and its laws.

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