Blog Changes

Some changes have been made to this blog.

On July 4, 2015, this blog was specifically opened to address cyber abuse by a person who opened a blog titled  That person, along with a few others, began cyberabuse and extortion threats in September 2012.  After almost 3 years and with its progression, it was time to document it from the start including the methods used and threats made.  Seeing that attendant was misspelled, (“attendent”) I used the correct spelling for the name of this blog.

By August 2015, one person originally named as a harasser came here and apologized.  The blog with the misspelled word was deleted.  In March 2017, a person originally named as a harasser apologized and gave me some insight into the harassment.   Still yet, another person originally named here as a harasser contacted me, and we had decent conversations and came to an understanding.

While those originally reported on this blog as harassers and extortionists stopped harassing me, another individual started on November 23, 2015.  He is a former writer for my other blog and on the evening of November 22, 2015, I terminated his writer privileges.  Using a third-party, they stated that they were going to accomplish what the original cyberabusers failed to accomplish. 

The cyber-stalker manipulates others into believing that having civility between myself and the original harassers means I am “aligned” or “colluding” with racists.

It was not my intent to change anyone’s opinions and ideologies regarding race and social issues.  I’m certainly not going to change my position and opinions.  I simply wanted the harassment to stop.

Some people caught up in the “aligned” theory still obtain information from this blog.  The posts they rely on were published in 2015.   That they still use what they learned here would not be a problem if they used it appropriately and/or if it still applied to current activities.   I discovered that it is being used to harass and demean others, and some of the terms that they learned here are being used by them without proper understanding.

It is not my policy to delete posts.  Therefore, those posts or at least the majority of them that were published in 2015, are now password protected.  A few other posts are now on private.  All other posts are still public.

This blog will continue to report on cyber abuse.   Thanks for reading.


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