Internet Harasser Airs Her Personal Business On The Radio

This is in response to the following that Soroya apparently directed at me:


This blog post is to benefit Soroya’s attorneys so they won’t have to look far for what she purports are “violations.”

In preparation of a game, a football coach will watch videos of plays by other teams.

A professional fighter will watch videos of fights by the person they are going to compete against in the ring.

When a country is attacked, they gather intel to identity the attacker and develop plans on  how to respond.

I was attacked by Soroya Fambro, a stranger. I wanted to know who this stranger is and why she thought it so important to harass me for 3 months, take a break, and re-start 6 months later.

But mostly, I needed to know what type of individual would allow themselves to be exploited twice by Santiago Rodriguez, who in November 2015, is the person who threatened to use rumors and harassment to ruin me.   Out of 20 people or more who turned Santiago down to smear and harass me, why is Soroya the only person who took his bait?

Unlike Soroya, I am not giving her the identity of another person.  Soroya made her name and photos public.  Unlike Soroya, I am not mocking her age, nor making up a name for her child (if she is a mother), and denigrating him.  And, unlike Soroya, I am not calling her a liar for things she has publicly written or said about her personal life.

What I write about Soroya Fambro’s background is based on what she created.  It is information that Soroya voluntarily made public.  On February 5,  2016, Soroya appeared on Xandermonium, a blog talk radio program hosted by Xander Gibba .

Soroya talked about her arrest for child endangerment and the alleged police brutality resulting from that arrest. She talked about her case against Walmart; that she filed a civil rights case and a legal malpractice case.  When the radio host asked Soroya had she considered counseling, she responded that she went to a psychiatrist for five and a half years. 

In her radio interview, Soroya admitted to kicking a police officer.   She was unable to answer the host’s question about her lawyer, and she was inconsistent answering his question of whether she believed that the cops used excessive force because she is Black. Soroya said on that radio program that her race had something to do with her arrest, but that she doesn’t look Black.

Final judgment was entered in Soroya’s case against Walmart in 2009.  (Case filed in Clark County, Nevada; case number A535400.)  Soroya was ordered to pay Walmart over $4,000.    She stated on the radio program that when the case went to arbitration, that she had “no evidence whatsoever“.

On Twitter, Soroya explained why she was subsequently charged with larceny, stating that she intentionally wanted to get caught [shoplifting] to prove that Walmart’s in-store surveillance cameras work.  (The presumption is that Walmart said during arbitration that all of their cameras were not working when the physical altercation between Soroya and their employee took place.)


Based on her radio interview, Soroya seems to believe that in 2005, Walmart should have been held responsible for a preexisting condition from 2001 that she alleges was caused by “Metro” (the Las Vegas police department).

Soroya’s civil rights case, filed in the United States District Court of Nevada, was dismissed in 2004 on summary judgment in favor of the defendants.  Based on the radio program, Soroya pleaded guilty to assaulting a police officer.  Before summary judgment was entered, the court sanctioned Soroya $1,214.50 for failing to comply with discovery.

Soroya’s legal malpractice case was filed in the District Court of Clark County, Nevada on August 27, 2012, (case number A-12-667452-C).   Contrary to what she conveys on the radio program, it appears that Soroya did not file suit against the attorney that represented her in arbitration with Walmart.  Rather, she filed suit against the attorney who failed to obtain a motion to set aside the judgment.  That legal malpractice case was vacated on May 24, 2016 because it sat idle too long.

In spite of these civil cases being closed and the judicial decisions final, Soroya stated on the radio program that she contacted the FBI to look into her case, (she did not say which one) to  bring criminal charges on her behalf.

What I felt at the end of the program is that Soroya was happy to tell her story; to tell her side. I could hear her hurt, as when she said she’s been going through things alone. But, it’s what she doesn’t understand that seems to cause her hurt and inability to move-on.  As one example, a litigant cannot violate the law in effort to get evidence for a case, much less in a closed case.   As another example, there are statutes of limitations.

Soroya, I’m sorry that you had to have surgeries.  And, I’m sorry that you decided that there is a justification for hate, even hate of strangers.  The thing that I’m sorry for most is that you allowed Santiago to exploit you not just once, but twice.  Had you not done that, none of this would have been necessary because I would not know you from Adam’s houseplant.

The following link is to the radio program.  Soroya’s interview begins about 38 minutes and 20 seconds into the program, but you might want to listen to the program’s introduction where the host states his guest’s name and her Twitter handle, @sofambro90 to contact her.

EPISODE 176 02/05 by Xandermonium with Xander Gibb | Current Events Podcasts




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14 Responses to Internet Harasser Airs Her Personal Business On The Radio

  1. Interesting. She’s a sad individual. Hopfully she’s still being counseled, because she needs it. But listening to santiago’s dumbass lies & accusations about someone who helped him, is absolutely the opposite thing she needs to be doing.

    • Xena says:

      Soroya only knows what Santiago tells her. Instead of him being merciful to her, he is taking advantage of her. But, if she becomes strong enough to stand against him, he is more than likely to get on Twitter under a soc and talk about her like a dog.

  2. Wow.. this is really telling. Her voice though……

    • Xena says:

      It tells why she is vulnerable to the likes of you-know-who. I bet the moment his wife got home tonight, that he cut Soroya off like a hot iron — because he wants to spend time with his wife, and not because he doesn’t want his wife to know what he’s doing, right?

  3. yahtzeebutterfly says:



    Ah…Peace And, that is what I love about you, Xena. You are a kindhearted, caring individual who advocates for equality and social justice with thoughtful, well-researched articles in an effort to bring about a better world. I admire your pacifism and spirituality which come from deep within your heart.

    May the day come where there is peace on earth and love in every heart.

    • Xena says:

      Thanks for your kind words. I don’t think that Soroya sees/understands the mercy since I heard her radio interview.

  4. NavyDad0007 says:

    Reblogged this on neonthegreat132321's Blog and commented:

    Xena has done such good things. We got to know her at the beginning of the #TrayvonMartin case. She has also been a great source of info in the #KendrickJohnson case. We Stand with her. We Stand AGAINST harassment of any Kind.

  5. couple of dozen new followers from these posts, apparently ppl are very interested in internet harassment. smfh

  6. Jason says:

    I couldn’t refrain from commenting. Exceptionally well

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