Cyberharassment and Legal Fees

Thank you again my dear friend, in showing your support and thinking out loud to what the harasser plans. Soroya has been quiet these last few days and I hope it stays that way. She seems to have interest in fashion and design, and that should be more important to her than taking dictation from a harasser to slander people she does not know.


This is a continuation of showing support for my friend, Xena, who is being viciously harassed, smeared, lied upon, and demeaned by @sofambro90 on Twitter as directed by Santiago Rodriguez.   Through Soroya Fambro, Xena is also being wrongfully accused of being someone else, which is something that Santiago has done to others.

For some history on the cyberharassers, see my post at this link.

There’s no doubt that Santiago is directing Soroya Fambro, aka @sofambro90.  On 10/09/2016, she tweeted this:


Soroya’s knowledge of Santiago’s case in “Washington State” and defending him tells us plainly that she is being fed that information by Santiago Rodriguez.    Soroya is also taunting David Piercy (DP) with things that only Santiago would know, or that Santiago is telling Soroya to tweet for the purpose of intimidation.

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