Harassment on Twitter from @sofambro90, Again

s-mitchell-twitter-profileWarning: There is language in screenshots that some might find offensive.

On February 19, 2016, I published a post regarding S. Mitchell-Fambro (@sofambro90) and her harassment.  She started harassing me in December 2015, and I ignored her until she progressed to attacking others on Twitter who support me and she attacked the integrity of my blogs.  That compelled me to speak-up.   If you haven’t read it or are unfamiliar with that post, here is the link .   I was not aware of S. Mitchell-Fambro’s existence until around December 2015.  I don’t know her, and she doesn’t know me.  She is fed mis-information by another harasser to use to defame me.


From S. Mitchell-Fambro’s Twitter timeline where she tweeted a photo of herself to harass one of my friends who harassers misrepresent as being a “tranny.”

On November 30, 2015, I published a post where I reported how the harassers talked on social media about a person who they alleged were creating a “false conspiracy.”  They mentioned that the person was posting on Frederick Leatherman’s blog.

It appears that sofambro’s most current harassment is based on that post, or at least information from that post.

In that post, I included the following screenshots.

The following was tweeted in February 2014.

Tweets re crazy1946

Based on the content of the above, I went to “Freddy’s” blog and looked for comments that might comply with the above accusations.  I found the following;

Crazy's comment on Leatherman's blog

The comments are dated November 23, 2013.

In the November 30, 2015 post, I went on to tell how, after February 2014, comments were submitted to Frederick Leatherman’s blog impersonating crazy1946, and that apparently, not realizing that crazy1946 was being impersonated, Leatherman banned crazy1946 from his blog.  This is a method used by the internet extortionists to silence their targeted victims.

Between October 2013 and November 2013, Leatherman published about four posts on the death of, and investigation into the death of Kendrick Johnson.  Many people commented on that blog and referenced an article written by Fred Rosen that was published in Ebony Magazine.

When scrodriguez went on the warpath after November 22, 2015 to smear me, he made many false assumptions as a foundation to build his disagreements and smearing campaign against me, and they contained veiled threats for the rumors he was going to spread.  One of the most malicious lies he had sofambro90 pass around on Twitter was that I was colluding with David Piercy against the “KJ23” and Kendrick Johnson’s parents.

If you’re not familiar with “KJ23,” it’s a phrase that scrodriguez made-up in reference to the 23 handles in a subpoena to Twitter for account information.

S. Mitchell, (@sofambro90), has me blocked on Twitter.  She demonstrates a pattern of blocking people, then tweeting to or about them so they cannot respond, nor report her offensive tweets to Twitter, who requires the URLs for violating tweets.  (Many harassers on Twitter use the same method.)


From behind a block, @sofambro90 went on a tangent about Ebony and myself.

Her first tweet on September 10, 2016 about me was;


(In order to see her tweets without inconveniencing others to take screenshots and send them to me, I use an online program.  It is 6 hours ahead of CST.)

Hmmm.  Is she accusing me of hiding and if so, from what? I could only presume that she didn’t get crazy’s handle correct, probably because she was taking dictation on what to tweet or was incorrectly told his handle by the person who uses her as his surrogate.

The tweets should be read in reverse order starting from the bottom up.


The following tweet is what caused me to draw the line and decide to blog about her latest harassment.  After going on a tangent with misrepresentations, sofambro then tweeted the following, tagging others of whom some follow me.

Harassers are known for trying to get others to join in their harassment or in the alternative, smear their targeted victim to those who they know communicate with them. In this case, she apparently wants to smear me to at least 4 of my Twitter followers.


Did you see what she attached in her tweet?  It’s the same screenshot that I posted on this blog in November 2015.  I have the direct URL to the comment where it was originally posted, but I withhold embedding the link here because I believe that S. Mitchell captured the screenshot of the comment from this blog and doesn’t actually know where it originated. She can prove me wrong by posting the direct URL to the comment along with the date on her computer that the screenshot is taken.  The date must be on or prior to September 10, 2016, in order to support that she didn’t go on a Google search after reading this.

Subsequently, she tweeted;


Sofambro90 is tweeting in reference to a lawsuit filed by the parents of Branden and Brian Bell against Fred Rosen and Johnson Publishing/Ebony Magazine.  The Bells are suing Rosen and Ebony for alleged defamation. Sofambro90 is accusing me of allowing Ebony Magazine to take the blame for leaking names.  The truth is that the lawsuit does not allege that Fred Rosen, nor Ebony Magazine, leaked any names.  She is making the case what she wants it to be in order to smear me, and it makes absolutely no logical sense.

Even if her legal theory was correct, (it isn’t),  no one can be held accountable for comments they did not make on a blog that they do not own.   As of the day of this posting, there are more than a thousand followers to Leatherman’s blog.   Those who posted comments are all interested in what happened to Kendrick Johnson.  If her legal theory was correct, (it isn’t) why did she pick me out of the hat to be accountable to Ebony Magazine?

If anyone, and particularly lay people, are going to try to litigate cases, it’s always good to be familiar with and understand the complaint or in the least, read a news article that describes it.

Valdosta Today describes the lawsuit in pertinent part;

“The Bells claim in their suit that, despite the pseudonyms, it was obvious the article was referring to their sons, who were then threatened with “bodily harm and ostracized” by students at LHS and received threats through social media.”

In other words, the lawsuit does not allege that the sons’ names were written in the article published by Ebony.  What it alleges is, “… despite the pseudonyms, it was obvious the article was referring to their sons …” (Emphasis added)

The reason behind sofambro’s most recent attack is to allege that I’m accountable to Ebony Magazine for not telling them that someone figured out the real names for the pseudonyms used by Fred Rosen in his article published in Ebony Magazine.

I can appreciate that sofambro90 and her cohort think that I’m knowledgeable to help lawyers for Rosen and Ebony to build a defense, but the theory that Soroya Fambro and her cohort created is no defense against alleged defamation.  Additionally, their theory is completely irrelevant to the case.   And, I’m pretty sure that the attorneys for Ebony know what they are doing, and do not want their time taken up by stupid theories.

Along with this, Soroya alleges that I do not support justice for Kendrick Johnson.  Using her own accusations towards me, she has given me something to use to judge her support for Kendrick Johnson.  Why didn’t she know about the late 2013 posts on Leatherman’s blog and the comments, and tell Ebony about them herself when the lawsuit was filed in August 2014?  If scrodriguez supports justice for Kendrick Johnson, why didn’t know about the comments on Leatherman’s blog in 2013 and tell Ebony?

It’s amazing, yet sad, that the harassers are bold enough to tell lawyers how to litigate a case based on what they seek out to use to harass — anything to smear and defame their targeted victims.

On a final note, if @sofambro90 wants her advocacy for victims to be taken seriously, she should stop harassing.  Her harassing with personal attacks, threats of lawsuits and criminal charges, discredits other advocates.

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29 Responses to Harassment on Twitter from @sofambro90, Again

  1. shyloh says:

    I was wondering what was going on with her again. Been so busy I missed it. AGAIN. Thanks dear for posting. Hugs and peace Namaste’

    • Xena says:

      Hey Shyloh! Since I posted the previous article about her harassment, she had been quiet as it concerns me. But, I suspected the other person would spring into action this weekend because of a certain person being unavailable. I don’t bring that person into the internet handbag fights anyway. He does.

      • shyloh says:

        I blocked her yesterday as soon as I saw what she was saying. I am like. OHNO.

        YOU OWE IT TO ME Xena TO keep me informed LOLOL!

        • Xena says:

          Hey Shyloh! I’ll pay up, I promise. LOL! Based on information I’ve received, it appears that many people have blocked her this week. Well, the latest is that for some strange reason, she thinks that her tweets appear on my timeline and by others tweeting links to my blogs, that they are pushing her tweets down so they can’t be read.

          Now, this might sound strange, because it is strange, but she also seems to think that comments that were not posted on my blog are no longer there because I deleted them. She doesn’t even know the blog where the comments are posted.

          It’s really shameful that she is allowing herself to be used by someone whose only mission is to use others. She should ask herself if he was her friend prior to December 2015 and if not, why not?

  2. NavyDad0007 says:

    It’s damned shame she does all this under the guise of her advocacy for Kendrick Johnson. His Parents His Family Need REAL support Not this BS her & Fame ho-ing cohort are doing smh

    • Xena says:

      NavyDad, that is true. What is more shameful is that S. Mitchell doesn’t know me from Adam’s houseplant. She is taking her cues from the person who became angry with me in November 2015. I just became aware that today, she is tweeting out something about this blog and that person’s case. It’s things he has said in comments and emails to me, so I know who is behind her tangent and diatribes.

      And remember, she is saying all that about me, and tweeting to me, although she has me blocked on Twitter.

      • NavyDad0007 says:

        She’s his puppet

        • Xena says:

          Yes. She parrots his theories for him and has now tainted her credibility even more by admitting she never read the blog containing the comments, and then later saying it’s my blog, then tweeting a live link to my blog that she accuses me of deleting. How much crazier can she get?

  3. Pat Hartman says:

    In my own case, I’m reluctant to use the word harassment because it is too strong. But I did notice, from the same person, what seemed like deliberate misinterpretation or misunderstanding of some of my tweets, and around the same time, what seemed like deliberate misinterpretation or misunderstanding from a couple of other people interested in Kendrick Johnson. It made me wary of having any more connection with these people.
    I’ve never understood why some folks interested in causes, and in righting wrongs, seem to enjoy arguing with other folks on the SAME SIDE. Sometimes the reason makes a certain amount of sense, and other times it makes me privately label the respondent a drunk tweeter, and decide to not communicate.
    I don’t have the energy for debates with people who want to pick at details and vilify me for not being exactly politically correct, according to their lights. If I’m on your side (and this is the generic “you”) regarding a particular issue, that’s cool, and we can work together for that cause. But if you want to vet me regarding a hundred other issues, and get all offended because we don’t agree about an unrelated matter, that’s too counterproductive to deal with. Just be happy that I’m one more voice for your side on the particular issue, and let me follow my own conscience on other issues.
    A grownup realizes that there is no other human being who’s going to agree 100% of the time about every single question in the universe. Married partners don’t agree 100%, best friends don’t agree 100%, and neither does anybody else. I’ve never met anyone in my life who held the same views I do about everything, and that’s okay. We work together on the things we feel the same about, and respect each other’s autonomy in other areas. Looking for anyone, anywhere, who agrees about everything, is an illusory goal, and only a child would pursue it. And end up disappointed.

    • Xena says:

      Hey Pat! Re:

      “In my own case, I’m reluctant to use the word harassment because it is too strong.”

      I don’t hesitate using it when the person misrepresents and makes personal, offensive attacks intended to smear and/or defame. Neither do I hesitate using it when the person’s actions are intended to interfere in the free associations with others.


      “But I did notice, from the same person, what seemed like deliberate misinterpretation or misunderstanding of some of my tweets, and around the same time, what seemed like deliberate misinterpretation or misunderstanding from a couple of other people interested in Kendrick Johnson. It made me wary of having any more connection with these people.”

      It’s not because of Kendrick Johnson that you were misunderstood. It’s because you read my posts on the BGI and blogged about it, that an individual became angry and eventually found a surrogate to pick fights. It’s personal with him because of his opinions of me, and has nothing to do with equal justice, victims, nor advocacy. Had you not blogged about the death of Kendrick Johnson referring to this blog, you would not have been misrepresented and/or misunderstood.


      “I’ve never understood why some folks interested in causes, and in righting wrongs, seem to enjoy arguing with other folks on the SAME SIDE.”

      Well my dear friend, some folks join sides for fame and don’t care about the cause.

      I appreciate your work and your taking of time to write about matters and issues of equality and equal justice. Also, I totally agree with your position about maturity and respect when it comes to agreement and disagreement.

      • Pat Hartman says:

        Xena you are too kind! Your contributions to the Kendrick Johnson cause, and others, far outweigh mine!

        Now, here is the rant this discussion has inspired.

        Whenever people scoff at “social justice warriors” or use SJW as a pejorative, I just don’t get it. What the hell is wrong with advocating for social justice? I’m not physically a warrior, that’s true — I took part in a couple of marches back the Sixties, and was part of a small group of freaks at community college, who tried our best to raise consciousness. I’ve collected signatures and done a few other possibly useful things, but mainly, I write about stuff.

        If people criticize me for ONLY writing, they may have a point. If I were a warrior by their definition, I’d be in South Dakota right now, or some other hot spot where people are putting their bodies and lives on the line. I totally honor the people who hit the streets, carry signs, do video documentation of police atrocities, and take the risk of being injured and/or arrested. The amount of courage required to do those things is monumental.

        Truthfully, I’m scared to take that kind of risk. If I were injured, nobody’s gonna pay the hospital bill. If I got locked up, nobody’s gonna bail me out. If I had to do jail or prison time, I wouldn’t have a place to come back to. My existence is marginal at best, and even so, I am able to help a couple of family members, and it would be very painful to lose the ability to do that little bit.

        So I blog and mouth off via Twitter and Facebook. Cynics say that “nobody’s mind was ever changed by reading a tweet or a Facebook post” but I disagree. I think every little bit helps. I know for sure that all my political convictions were formed by reading. In addition, of course, to the innate truths that always lived in my conscience. There are things I always knew were wrong, instinctually, but reading the work of articulate and principled people helped me to organize those random impulses into a philosophy. Most of all, knowing that other people felt the same way was very strengthening. Maybe something I write can do the same for somebody else, and let them know they are not alone in the wilderness.

        If Facebook and Twitter provide a way to stand up and be counted, that’s cool. I’ve tweeted #VeteransForKaepernick a bunch of times, because there might be people out there in twitterland who aren’t sure it’s okay to be that way, or don’t know if they’re the only one who feels that way. Critics say that “social justice warriors” are only seeking personal validation — and there’s nothing wrong with a certain amount of that either! If some other veteran wonders whether it’s cool to be for Kaepernick, I will personally validate them all day long.

        When I was very young I read Lillian Smith’s novel “Strange Fruit” and wrote to her saying, basically, “What can I do?” She very graciously wrote back (already sick with the cancer that killed her) and said, basically, that not everyone is a position to march on Washington or be a Freedom Rider, and really the important thing is to communicate with the people around you and keep chipping away at their ignorance by setting a good example and speaking the truth that’s in your heart.

        Also, I have a very encompassing definition of “warrior.” I’ve known warrior nurses and various other kinds of people with true warrior spirit, who had nothing to do with violence. I definitely believe that “keyboard warrior” is a valid position. So anybody who wants to call me a keyboard warrior or a social justice warrior, I’ll take it, and take it on my own terms, because their definitions are nonsense.

        • Xena says:

          Last week on Twitter, someone referred to me as a “warrior.” I responded “No.” I’m simply a retired General who gives tools to warriors. 🙂 If there’s information that I have or a link, or an experience to share with them that helps them, then so be it.

          There seems to be a misunderstanding between being an “activist” and being an “advocate.” Activists are people who put their feet on the ground. They organize, get physically involved. There also seems to be a misunderstanding on what it means to “support.” Support is done in various ways. I think of it like having a family. Supporting a family is not just bringing home the bacon. The bacon has to be cooked and then, someone has to wash the dishes. In other words, it would be totally unfair for the person who cooks the bacon to say that the one who brought it home and the one who washed the dishes, doesn’t support the family.

          Well, that’s just an analogy. I’m sure you understand what I mean.

          There are people on social media who think “support” is telling others what to do. That is the attitude that comes across in the most recent harassment. That is the same attitude that was demonstrated by the person who is directing sofambro90. Well, the originator of the harassment since November 2015 became a victim of harassment himself because he thought he could tell the Lake Mary Chief of Police what to do and made his emails public.

          I blog, and most of what I blog consists of reporting. I saw how the prosecutors conducted Trayvon Martin’s killer’s trial according to what social media wanted to see and hear. Later, I saw how some of the same prosecutors conducted Michael Dunn’s trial much differently. So debating if something was up or down, right or left, red or purple, means nothing because in the end, the authorities, whether state or district attorneys, investigators, juries or judges, have the last word.

          And, that brings me back to what I see is the real issue in social justice. It’s how the system operates. The cause for equality is within the power of the authorities who operate the system. It’s the system that needs to improve, to be fair and impartial.

          For me, I prefer supporting by encouragement, and that is true for those in the system, as well as victims and their families. The path of respect, and particularly for the deceased (because death does not discriminate between races, age, gender, etc.) is better than using the path of debating who fired the shot from the grassy knoll. But, that’s just me. And, I certainly cannot debate in 140 characters or less. LOL!

          Many years ago when I was first harassed, I noticed that the perpetrators wanted to define/re-define me. I’m with you — I define myself.

  4. NavyDad0007 says:

    Reblogged this on neonthegreat132321's Blog.

  5. yahtzeebutterfly says:


    “On a final note, if @sofambro90 wants her advocacy for victims to be taken seriously, she should stop harassing.”

    I agree. Advocates for justice and equality should work together because there is strength through unity.

    I love these lyrics that speak of working together:

    There’s a man by my side walking
    There’s a voice within me talking,
    There’s a voice, within me saying,
    Carry on, carry it on.

    They will tell their empty stories,
    Send their dogs to bite our bodies,
    They will lock us up in prison,
    Carry on, carry it on.

    When you can’t go on any longer,
    Take the hand, hand of your brother,
    Every victory brings another,
    Carry it on, carry it on.

    • Xena says:

      Thanks for the song lyrics and video.
      All of her attacks have been based on threats made by her pimp before he probably even knew her. He just didn’t or couldn’t get anyone to do his dirty work until he encouraged her to do so.

      She has also posted a photo that she claims is miamidecor. Well, back around June 2015, her pimp tried getting me to tweet out that photo as a current one of Vicki Pate. I don’t play games like that. So, I know where that photo that S. Mitchell tweeted came from. If she’s not careful and her pimp gets mad with her and finds another surrogate, that photo might re-appear and be alleged to be her.

      Actually, I feel sorry for her.

  6. Xena- I am not sure why Soroya lets herself be used by a harasser, to her detriment. I note that in a tweet, Soroya stated that she does not know you. I think that anyone familiar with this situation knows who is dictating and giving her direction. She needs to pipe down.

    • Xena says:

      Hey Supabutterfly!

      I think that anyone familiar with this situation knows who is dictating and giving her direction.

      Others, particularly on Twitter who are familiar with the dictator, have noted the same thing.

    • Xena says:


      “I am not sure why Soroya lets herself be used by a harasser, to her detriment.”

      They are birds of a feather. Both are convicted felons who continue carrying their luggage with them. (I like giving people the benefit of the doubt, believing they have learned their lesson and changed. But, when they continue demonstrating the same attitude that got them behind bars, I describe it as continuing to carry their luggage.) When they come at me to pick a fight, I do what I can to get to know my enemy. That knowledge helps me to know what to pray for them, as well as how to deal with their abusive nature. What I’ve learned about Soroya makes me sad, yet disgusted because she is vulnerable and her user is taking advantage of that.

      In one of Fambro’s criminal cases involving assault and larceny, she pleaded guilty to larceny as part of her plea agreement. As part of her sentencing, the judge ordered her to see a psychiatrist. In a civil case that she filed against a police department, she failed to comply with discovery. She filed a letter in that case from a physician that set forth that Soroya was taking many narcotic, prescription drugs. The judge did not think that was sufficient to fail to comply with discovery. She lost that case on summary judgment.

      In another case, she got into a confrontation at Walmart and sued them. Soroya lost that case and was ordered to pay WalMart’s attorney fees which were over $4,000. About 3 years later, in January 2015, she returned to court asking to vacate the judgment. The judge told her that she had filed the same motion at least 3 times and to get a lawyer.

      This is the person who is parroting her user’s lies and mockery to harass me. She’s the only person he could get to do his bidding. Remember that his anger was directed at me because he mistook kindness for weakness.

      • It is unfortunate that Soroya has used hyperbolic rhetoric and superfluous statements, to support her ill-advised agenda and that of her puppet master. We, as seekers of equal justice, are suppose to be working together, harmoniously. Unfortunately, Soroya has chosen to engage in simpleminded child’s play against the her best interests.

        I read her twitter page and it is replete with benighted statements, unsupported by evidence, about your blogs, and you personally. This is regrettable. I see Soroya threatens to file lawsuits alleging she has been defamed, but yet, it’s her own words that reflect her lack of education, her lack of a moral compass and her utter contempt for justice. I have some advice for Soroya and it may be the best advise she has ever received, besides the judge’s order that she see a psychiatrist, “Don’t put yourself in the newspaper if you don’t expect to be read”.

        The strings are in place.
        The stage is set.
        The curtains rise,
        And you’re brought to life by
        The PuppetMaster.

        All your life you felt as if you’ve been controlled.
        By family.
        You’ve fought the strings that want to hold you down.
        Struggled against it’s sting as they lash out at your skin.

        But in the end,
        You have no choice.
        You let them tie knots around your ankles and wrists.
        You let them do your makeup.
        And you follow their every command.

        With nothing but a blank look on your face.

        Because you’re just the one puppet out of millions.

        And you must do the bidding of The PuppetMaster.
        By Renee Ransom

        • Xena says:


          “I read her twitter page and it is replete with benighted statements, unsupported by evidence, about your blogs, and you personally.”

          Well, she has me blocked on Twitter, so her statements about me and my blogs are nothing more than a cowardly way of spreading rumors and talking to herself. In the alternative, they are nothing more than something to entertain her user to give him private laughs — kinda like he told me that he resented having to pay a lawyer because he used to spend his monthly allowance on private lap dances.


          “I see Soroya threatens to file lawsuits alleging she has been defamed, but yet, it’s her own words … “

          Oh really? Does she realize that the courts may take judicial notice of other cases in the public record? Her array of criminal convictions and admonishments of the court will be interesting. If she wants to file a lawsuit, then let her because she has no idea of the problem her user will have created for her and him.

          You’re correct that what I’ve posted about her is based on her own words from her public Twitter account. Others should be aware of what she does to people who she admits to not knowing.

          Puppetmaster? I wouldn’t give him that much credit. He has no friends online other than Soroya because people refused to be dictated to, disrespected, and play his games.

          What a pair. A man who retaliates when he doesn’t get what he wants, and a woman who has problems with rejection and coping skills.

          • It is my understanding that Soroya may be a part of the LGBT community, and her harassment of you is shameful, in light of the struggles faced with the LGBT community.

          • Xena says:

            I don’t know and see her as an individual. There is a basic in warfare to know your enemy. Soroya came at me for absolutely no reason other than doing her user’s bidding. She apparently didn’t think that I would get to know my enemy to know what I’m dealing with.

            Meanwhile, there’s a category 4 hurricane headed for Florida. It has already left over a 100 people dead. There’s a presidential debate scheduled for Sunday. People are dying. Children are hungry. In other words, I’m going to focus on blogging on things that are important to humanity.

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