13-Year-Old Boy Commits Suicide After Saying School ‘Didn’t Do Anything’ to Stop His Bullies

It’s absolutely frightening to know that the bullies might grow up without any conscious and respect for others and life. May Daniel R.I.P.

The Fifth Column


He left a note saying his old friends stopped talking to him and didn’t like him

A 13-year-old boy from Staten Island, New York, took his own life on Thursday after being bullied by classmates at school.

In teenager Daniel Fitzpatrick’s tragic suicide note, which was supplied by his parents to The New York Daily News, he claimed that his old friends at Holy Angels Catholic Academy had stopped talking to him and didn’t like him.

“I gave up,” Daniel, who was scheduled to start at Brooklyn’s Xaverian High School in the fall, wrote on lined paper.

“The teachers either they didn’t do ANYTHING!” he scrawled in the note.

Daniel’s cause of death was hanging and the manner was suicide, New York medical examiner spokesperson Julie Bolcer confirmed to PEOPLE.

“Thank you to all the people out there for your support and condolences, your thoughts and your shares,” Daniel…

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