Have You Reported Cyberharassment To Law Enforcement?


If you have reported cyberharassment and/or cyberstalking to law enforcement, I would like to hear from you.  The purpose is for a research project.  All comments are held in moderation and will be kept confidential.

There is no need to give me your personal information, but I do need the following



  1. Where you filed the report. Please include city and state.
  2. If your state has a law against harassment using electronics, including the internet.
  3. The report or incident number and the date it was filed.
  4. The name of the person or their handle that you reported.
  5. The result, if any.

Thanks in advance for your time and consideration.

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1 Response to Have You Reported Cyberharassment To Law Enforcement?

  1. crustyolemothman says:

    This problem exists in all segments of our society, up to and including federal law enforcement agencies. Yet when our govt. does it, there is nothing that we as citizens can do about the problem due to the laws that were passed after the 911 attack. The citizens of this nation have no real protection against accusations and allegations that are made under the guise of “investigative immunity” given to members of the law enforcement community because of the very vague way that the various infractions of the homeland security act are written and interpreted. At some point in our society human dignity and equal rights will be afforded to all people, not just those that the govt. wishes to extend those rights to.

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