Blogger Ordered to Pay for Defamation

defamation-imageUpdate: April 17, 2017

I most recently discovered that Denise Souriall removed her website, which I used to support this original blog post.

Additionally, I referred to documents filed with the court by Vicki Pate.  According to Santiago Rodriguez who provided those documents to me, he obtained them from Denise Souriall.  Since November 23, 2015, Santiago has misrepresented that I wrote about Denise’s case to obtain blog followers and am taking credit for his work.

Therefore, since the source of my information has been removed from the internet, I am removing the content of this post, originally published in January 2016 and pre-approved by Denise Souriall before it was published

A Little Bit of History About How I Became Aware Of Denise Souriall’s Case Against Vicki Pate

Santiago Rodriguez told me that Vicki Pate was being sued for defamation by a woman named Denise Souriall.  Vicki Pate is a woman who, in 2012, opened a blog in support of George Zimmerman. Needless to say, the two opposing sides (support for Trayvon Martin and support for George Zimmerman), were not friendly to each other.  After the verdict in Zimmerman’s case, Vicki wrote about other cases, including the one of Ted Wafer who killed Renisha McBride.   In writing about that case, Vicki came upon a newspaper interview with Denise Souriall and included some speculation about Denise and Ted Wafer in her written material.  Souriall alleged that it consisted of defamatory material and sued Vicki.

Through the months that the case filed by Souriall was pending, Santiago phoned me numerous times about Denise’s case.  I told him that I would make honorable mentions in blog posts about Denise’s case, and might mention about Denise’s effort to serve Vicki, but would go no further until the court entered a final decision.

Vicki was eventually served by publication.  Because she did not properly file an answer, a Michigan court entered a default judgment against Vicki Pate.  A default judgment does not determine the merits of the case.  Discovery was not conducted.  Testimony was not given.

How Santiago Rodriguez Asked For My Help To Assist Denise Souriall, Then Used It To Blackmail Me.

On November 22, 2015, I made a blog administrator’s decision to terminate Santiago Rodriguez as a writer for my other blog, and to severe our association.  On November 23, 2015, Santiago went on Twitter and conducted a campaign to smear me to have people unfollow me and distribute his rumors in effort to humiliate me.   Santiago also used an  anonymous account on Twitter to personally attack me and others. Myself and others on Twitter, posted that Santiago was behind that anonymous account.

In February 2016, Santiago Rodriguez sent me a threatening email, wherein he stated that if I continued informing others that he had taken over The Hood’s Twitter identity, that he was going to forward my emails to Vicki and others. (Santiago used that Twitter account to provoke and demean David Piercy, who he has a restraining order against. It was also by The Hood’s posting on Twitter about the judgment that I was aware that a final order was entered.)  Santiago also submitted a comment to this blog with the same blackmail threat that you can read at this link.

On October 28, 2016, Santiago Rodriguez sent Vicki Pate an email wherein he accused me of doxing her and wrote that he had “tons” more.  It was a forward of an email that I sent to him on November 18, 2014 with information that he requested from me to assist Denise Souriall’s attorney to find an address for Vicki Pate to serve her with Denise’s complaint and summons.  Santiago did not redact my email address from the forwarded email.

That same day, October 28, 2016, I received an email from David Piercy, the contents of which stated “Santiago just threw you under the bus.”  Piercy apparently uploaded the email to Imgur because he sent a comment to another blog with the link.

Apparently, Vicki forwarded the email to David Piercy.  I forwarded that email to Santiago’s attorney, but did not receive a response.  Beginning in 2015 through 2016, Santiago had threatened to sue others, including Vicki Pate and a man named Gregory Lirette.  He also has a restraining order against David Piercy. Thus, he has no problem attempting to exploit those he sees as his enemies in order to provoke them to attack others who he sees as his enemies.

Apparently, Santiago, who befriended Denise to support her in her case against Vicki, pushed their friendship to the back-burner and reached out to Vicki Pate in effort to exploit her to attack me.

Below is the forwarded email that Santiago sent to Vicki Pate.





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31 Responses to Blogger Ordered to Pay for Defamation

  1. NavyDad0007 says:

    Well…. who could this mystery “paralegal” be?

    • Xena says:

      The semblances in the documents stand-out. Most people unfamiliar with law would have simply motioned the court to extend time to file an answer. They would not have thrown jurisdictional claims against the wall in a motion to extend time. Those arguments are for a motion to dismiss or to transfer the case. After playing unqualified lawyer in her motion, one of Vicki’s reasons for requesting an extension was so she could obtain a lawyer. No lawyer entered appearance in the case on her behalf.

  2. towerflower says:

    I admire the strength that Denise has shown. It takes a strong person to take a stand and fight back against the trolls. Congrats girl!

  3. Hey X, I remember one time in particular where you where nice enough to take the time to correct David on one of his pathetic copy & paste jobs. But instead of learning from it& showing his gratitude, he ignored it and ended up with one more failed court motions to add to all the rest of them 😠 SMF ungrateful idiot!

    These fools kept thinking there’d be no repercussions for their dumbassery. Now they learn the hard way! And LMFAO at Vicki for letting her fellow moron play lawyer in an actual court case!
    Ya’ see Vicki, it’s one thing to play twitter lawyer but a whole nother thing for the fake twitter lawyer to play twitter lawyer in a real court! My god she’s Dummy! Now her & her Twitter lawyer can whine about their collective losses together! LMAO

    • Xena says:

      “Hey X, I remember one time in particular where you where nice enough to take the time to correct David on one of his pathetic copy & paste jobs.”

      I did that several times, but DP does not understand the difference between legal information, procedures and practicing law. He wants to argue law while ignoring procedures and rules. He, nor myself, can lawfully argue law on behalf of anyone else. Also, if he has training as a paralegal, then he should know not to cite federal cases, (and even federal cases in another district), to support arguments in state cases.

      “Ya’ see Vicki, it’s one thing to play twitter lawyer but a whole nother thing for the fake twitter lawyer to play twitter lawyer in a real court!”


  4. I’ve heard the “fool for a client” argument when one represents oneself before. But a fool is one who turns to David Piercy for legal “representation.”

  5. cc3477 says:

    I am pleased with the courts decision and I want to thank the people who since December of 2013 have had my back, literally extending themselves to me.
    1) The 1st attorney I contacted for providing me the name of the person who was defaming me, the state, and the city she lives in.
    2) The woman who introduced me to Santiago Rodriguez (Not Xena)
    3) Santiago for not only being a friend but for working with me as we sifted through tons of information to ascertain VP’s whereabouts.
    4) For Lone Star Processing and Delivery
    5) For Jerard Scanland Of Mussin Scanland Attorneys at Law
    6) Also thanks to anyone & everyone who has enough class to respect Santiago’s and My privacy as we return to normal lifestyles.

    • Xena says:

      Many people are very happy for you. Joy, joy, joy.

    • scrodriguez says:


      you are always more than welcome, I am so proud of you standing up and taking the fight to them. it takes allot of courage to stand behind your name and be who you are and fight these people off head first.

      You dont have to thank me but I do appreciate it, this was a team effort you and I, though I cant reveal the secret as to how we got this done (Cus we dont want them to learn how to evade 100%) I am glad it did get done and the matters are resolved.

      Hopefully you can get a little peace and privacy back into your life after all of this madness, I am so Glad you guys loved the Recommended Tacos Al Pastor and Carne Asada at the place you went to that margarita looked so yummie 🙂

      Anyhow be good take care of yourself and know that you are not alone, I truly understand every ounce of what you have been put through.

      • Xena says:

        Please pay attention to the date of Santiago’s comment. Back in January 2016, he gave credit to himself and Denise for her prevailing in her case against Vicki Pate.

        Between November-December 2015, Santiago threatened me in email that he was going to start a rumor that I was responsible for harassment, and for Vicki being served and the default judgment entered against her. On October 28, 2016, I received an email from David Piercy wherein he stated, “Santiago just threw you under the bus.” Attached to the email was a screenshot of an email sent by Santiago to re-newsit, which is the email address used by Vicki Pate for her blog. Santiago inferred that he had “tons” of information to give to her, apparently regarding his communications with me.

        My email address is not public. I never emailed David Piercy nor Vicki Pate for either to have/know my email address.

        In his efforts to disparage, intimidate, harass, and slander me, Santiago has turned to the very person who Denise sued for defamation.

        Santiago is trying to exploit the very people who he said harassed him, his wife, and tried to have his wife terminated from her job. According to Soroya Fambro, Santiago has accumulated over $100K in legal bills. I do not know if this includes legal fees for his case in Washington State where the Dept. of Corrections released documents to David Piercy. It appears that Santiago is not concerned with exploiting Piercy and/or Pate as long as it suits his agenda against me.

        Here is what I would like to point out about Santiago’s campaign to exploit Piercy and Vicki via his lies.

        1. Vicki was served by publication. Santiago’s claim of not wanting “them to learn how to evade 100%”” is a misrepresentation of fact.

        2. Denise was represented by legal counsel who knows court procedure for service.

        3. Santiago, by his January 28, 2016 comment, takes full-credit for having Vicki served.

        Sure enough, on September 27, 2016, Soroya Fambro indicated that Santiago was beginning to, as Piercy also stated, throw me under the bus.

        On October 16, 2016, Soroya continued to indicate Santiago’s threat to throw me under the bus.

        I’ve approved his comment at this time in order to make a record.

  6. Many people indeed, including myself are pleased for this wronged lady. There is a high probability I may need to refer to and use some assistance in the near future or upcoming year addressing common issues and perhaps, some of the same individuals, perhaps even more sinister actions that are yet to be factually determined. Indeed I am most pleased by this ruling. Seeking justice in complicated matters such as this is such an ordeal after being so personally violated from the start. It provides me hope that a time will come when I will be able to restore my life to some semblance of order and peace of mind for myself and family’s future safety. I am determined to see that habitual harassment and targeting cease against those who speak out to issues of injustice or venturing opinions on social media without extreme retaliation, retribution and destruction of persons lives not go unpunished.

    • Xena says:

      Your stamina and commitment is admirable. It is wrong, so wrong, for people to dox commenters and their family members in retaliation for disagreeing with a controversial subject, or just because they don’t like someone.

  7. far beyond doxing…death threats, intrusions and stalking in personal spaces, personal spaces of friends, associates, relatives. Terrorism is what it is.

    • Xena says:

      There are some things I cannot say publicly, so please forgive me if this sounds vague. Had law enforcement in various jurisdictions did more, or anything, in 2013, what happened last year involving Lirette and Piercy might have been avoided.

      Had Attorney Generals of several states educated themselves more about proxy IP addresses and how people who intend to harm others use them, (rather than depending on me to educate them in 3 pages or less), what happened last year and even now on Twitter, might have been avoided.

      And, if people who know those who do the things you have listed cut them off, not take part in it, and separated themselves from them, they would not have felt emboldened to continue adding to their victim list.

      • These are the issues that will be lobbied for change, for national databases to track such complaints and identify the culprits across state and perhaps international lines, include culpability for government, state and private employees employed with public safety departments and intelligence companies, in addition to addressing the raising of the standard accountability bar for police shootings and requirements that law enforcement carry mandatory insurance policies in the event of said shootings, accidental or intentional, so the bearer of financial responsibility for hospital bills legal defense, and burials does not fall on its victims and taxpayers, and would include a compensation fund.

      • NavyDad0007 says:


  8. Two sides to a story says:

    Good news! : }

  9. Great News!! Vicki Pate is the lowest of the low….

  10. crustyolemothman says:

    Xena, You might find this article of interest!

    It might finally be a little bit of answer to the age old problem of how to control an out of control population on the internet..

    • Xena says:

      Wow Mothman! Thanks for the link. I was on the internet before computers were sold retail. It was dial up networking. People paid for the service which was limited to so many hours. When AOHell came along, all that changed. I kept my email but left the web until 2012.

      Twitter makes the mistake of thinking that a person blocked stops violating its terms of service. They simply continue tweeting out personal attacks and defamation and eventually someone retweets or lets the targeted individual know. Also, with other programs now, even those who have been blocked can still read the tweets unless the person’s account is protected. The thing with Twitter is that its intent was one thing, but people are using it contrary to its original intent. If it intends on cleaning up, it might need to departmentalize according to interests. For example, there can be a Twitter for entertainers, journalists, etc. Another Twitter for those who want to chat with friends. Another Twitter for politics.

      Oh -oh. I think I just described a forum. LOL! In other words, people who want to abuse others have left forums, Facebook, blogs, etc. where there is a real person who cares about the atmosphere, and gone to Twitter where their customer service reps have no knowledge of anyone’s history on the media, nor the extent of abuse, nor any type of moderation so that things do not get out-of-hand.

      Thanks again for the link.

      • crustyolemothman says:

        Xena, You caused me to sprain my brain talking about the “good ole days” of computing! We must have started about the same time, I had to laugh when I thought about the phone set modems that were so popular back in the day, remember they were pretty good for a coffee drinker. You could go on line head toward a site, get up and go make a pot of coffee, come back sit down and drink at least two cups before you were actually connected. What a fun time! I also used AOL for a long time, then as best as my memory can remember, went to Earth Link, and finally to Yahoo. My how things have changed down thru the years, the (IMO) biggest change is not just to the web, but to society in general. We have as a society (with a few exceptions) headed down a path of rudeness, pettiness, and hatefulness toward each other, it is prevalent in much of what we see in public, but has really gotten out of hand on the various social sites! Too bad, but I suppose with progress comes regression….

        • Xena says:

          Oh my Mothman. It’s been so long I don’t remember the year, but think it was 1995 when I first started using Compuserve for email. Then, you could only email others on Compuserve. I remember AOL coming around in 1999. That was the first year that I purchased a computer retail. (Upgraded from a 286. LOL!) The disk came with it for a free month’s trial. I hated AOHell. Around 2000, Compuserve and AOL joined together.

          “We have as a society (with a few exceptions) headed down a path of rudeness, pettiness, and hatefulness toward each other, it is prevalent in much of what we see in public, but has really gotten out of hand on the various social sites!”

          You are so right. Mindmyme has often said that hurting people hurt others. There’s a lot of hurting people in the world. Also, there’s the saying that people hurt those who they feel will not hurt back. In other words, there’s a bunch of internet bullies who mistake silence for fear, and kindness for weakness.

  11. Let me make this clear your threats to edit my post to give them the appearance of threats will be met head on, in other words if you dont stop your bullshit and if your lap dog doesnt stop and you continue to insist I am every other twitter account under the sun I will forward the public information you have dug up and handed out so that those whos information you have obtained becomes aware of who obtained that information.
    Stop fucking with me seriously I want nothing to do with you at all nor any of your minions who you apparently need to make you feel good about yourself stay out of my life

    • Xena says:

      I never threatened to edit your posts. No matter what type of editing blog administrators can do with comments, we cannot change the person’s handle submitting the comment nor the dates and times. Your threat to “…forward the public information…” that I purportedly “dug up and handed out” was made back in February. Here it is October 2016, and @sofambro90 is starting to play out your February,2016 threat on Twitter. What you threatened was a lie in February, and it’s a lie now.

      See, all I have to do is retain your comments and wait until you give me evidence by your carrying out your threats. I have no problem approving your retained comments where you call me by last names that are different than the one you have @sofambro90 spreading on Twitter.

      You might feel that I have “lapdogs” and “minions” because they are friends and supporters. Factually, some were your friends too until you wanted to use them to do your dirty work and they refused. You like being the only person free to harass others but the moment they call you out, you say that you become the victim. By the way, some of who you called my “lapdogs” were the first to bring my attention to “Hood” on Twitter. They were around and watched what went down between you and the real “Hood” before I opened a Twitter account, and before I knew you and “Hood” from Adam’s houseplant.

      You gave me plenty of evidence that you use that anonymous handle. It served a purpose for you. For one thing, by impersonating being a Black man, you could say derogatory things about Black people without sounding like a racist.

      Well, it looks like we have “…met head on …” because you won’t stop. You’ve now given me reason to believe what others have said about you, including that you go after their family members.

      Your threat to “forward public information” is empty. If it’s public information, then anyone can look for and find it. I remember that in many of our phone conversations you came up with theories of how a Twitter handle belonged to someone else, who was someone else on Facebook, who was the same person and it ended up sounding like menus where you pick from column A, go 50 miles away to another restaurant and pick from column B, go 500 miles to another restaurant and pick from column C. To make matters worst, you wanted me to eat it without asking questions.

      How many times did I advise you that people are entitled to opinions you disagree with, and if they aren’t doing anything wrong to you, to leave them alone? That became at least 80 percent of our daily confrontations. I did not see your obsessiveness then regarding people who were doing nothing to you. I see it now because you are obsessed with victimizing me.

  12. mindyme62 says:

    Congratulations Denise!

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