Why I Won’t Attack David Piercy

By Guest Blogger, Charlie Grapski

Many have written to ask me why (and how) I endure the constant harassment by David Piercy (currently using @DavidCordova22) particularly when he falsely claims I have been institutionalized for #mentalillness & diagnosed as “paranoid” or “delusional” etc. Particularly since it has been pointed out that #DavidPiercy has used his own mental illness as a means of avoiding jail – including I am told checking himself into an institution in one instance for this very purpose.

Mental Illness is a serious issue an should not be played with. I do in fact suffer from PTSD from abuse and torture (really) by police in Florida. (You can see some of that here: https://goo.gl/YZGO9J) I do not HIDE that fact – nor does it render me in any way a threat to the community as David tries to imply.

In this area David clearly needs significant HELP – not harassment. I will continue to EXPOSE Mr. Piercy as a serious, significant, and dangerous TROLL to activists and in particular those associated with #BlackLivesMatter. This is a man who has openly referred to black people as less than human – and has led the campaigns for so-called “justice” for people who kill black people (not just police). Included in this are notorious killers such as Dylann Roof, who massacred a number of people in a Charleston SC church, and Ted Wafer, who shot and killed a black woman who knocked on his door seeking help.

In Piercy’s mind – these people are by definition INNOCENT of any crime – since they merely killed black people (sadly it is indeed that simple). Anyone who reads through the twitter timeline of his many accounts (which continually get shut down – only for two more to pop up. See for example @DavidCordova22 and @P4R4L3G4L (even if you can’t see his timeline itself – you can search in Twitter and see the conversations with him and a set of out of control hate-filled TROLLS – that have been engaged in a concerted and organized effort since the Trayvon Martin shooting to DESTROY any MOVEMENT from forming and to DESTROY individual persons who dare stand up and speak out about injustice publicly).

WE CANNOT LET THESE PEOPLE SUCCEED BY GIVING THEM THE POWER TO DIVIDE US. And in fact – that is the ONLY power they have – that which WE give them.

It is ESSENTIAL for ALL PERSONS who have been TARGETTED BY, RECEIVED TWEETS FROM, or even just have SEEN these tweets – to CONSTANTLY REPORT them and the account to Twitter using both the @safety address and the REPORT function at the bottom (click the elipses “…”) of each tweet and the top right of each account (click the GEAR icon on their profile).

It is NOT inappropriate to inform Twitter or the authorities that this individual is not just dangerous – but suffers an illness that is likely contributing to his behavior. The latter is not an attack – but a call for help – which he desperately needs. The same goes for notifying the authorities. (In particular – Piercy lives in Clovis CA and Fresno County).

We do know that David has – in coordination with a few other more problematic trolls that will be exposed in detail in the future – recruited others to do his dirtiest work (literal stalking of activists. While Piercy has his own history of stalking including having active RESTRAINING ORDERS directly ordering him to cease CYBERSTALKING (an act he constantly accuses others of doing with tweets exposing him and challenging his own tweets).

In an effort to both NEUTRALIZE the effect of such TROLLS – as well as to support and protect their victims – a number of people have decided to create a support system (contact @teamdenmom if you need help or want to report abusive troll behavior) and hash tags such as #OpaTROLL – which means OPERATATION PATROL THE TROLLS.

Please begin to use these resources for the betterment of the movement for justice for ALL – and for the protection of those who DARE stand up. Hopefully in time we will ALL both STAND UP – and STAND TOGETHER – against hatred, racism, abuse by police and other officials, and other forms of violence and injustice.

Please share this among your friends and community. And remember – you can successfully ignore most trolls – but there are serial and organized trolls and trolling whose EFFECTIVENESS is only enhanced by being ignored – because it spreads both falsehoods about individuals and causes US to DIVIDE OURSELVES – thus WE give THEM the power they dont actually have – and thus they SUCCEED bit by bit in distracting us as well as neutralizing our effectiveness in the struggle for JUSTICE. You do not have to engage them – but help report them to authorities, to twitter, and to the Op to be placed on a public #TrollRoll. Strategies to neutralize their impact are being developed and deployed – to allow SERIOUS DISCOURSE among those who may disagree – which is the KEY to achieving a real democratic society.


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7 Responses to Why I Won’t Attack David Piercy

  1. yahtzeebutterfly says:

    I admire how justice and equality advocates who, despite being targets of harassment and worse, still keep their eyes on the prize and hold on.

    May all hearts be healed and filled with love and compassion.

    “Love is but a song to sing
    Fear’s the way we die
    You can make the mountains ring
    Or make the angels cry…

    “Come on people now
    Smile on your brother
    Everybody get together
    Try to love one another
    Right now”

  2. Xena says:

    Piercy’s hypocrisy in his personal attacks on others comes with an agenda and it goes along with his use of Twitter, almost exclusively. After about 2 years of attempting to have blogs and Youtube channels suspended, he found that Twitter is a good place to set people up for harm. First, it’s to provoke a response that looks into his life. If he gets that, he alleges harassment and breach of privacy to have people suspended from Twitter.

    Second, if anyone does proceed in a court for harassment and/or defamation, he uses their responses as a defense to say that they harassed and defamed him. He also files reports with his local police department and then intimidates his target victims by telling them they are going to be arrested.

    What we know in the cases filed in court since May 2014, is that Piercy always fails to prove harassment and defamation. In a case that he filed, he filed a Motion in Liminie in hope of preventing the party he wanted restrained from entering screenshots from social media showing how Piercy initiated and continued harassment. Without the court ruling on the Motion, Piercy came to court with a video and attempted to argue copyright infringement in a state court harassment case. The judge refused to watch the video. Evidently, Piercy does not know that state courts have no jurisdiction to hear copyright infringement claims.

    Piercy was denied the restraining order, and on appeal, the Fifth District Court of Appeals for California found that the person Piercy wanted a restraining order against proved that he was the party harassed by Piercy.

    In essence, through the years, Piercy has established a pattern and a reputation with the California courts.

  3. cgrapski says:

    I have an attorney serving Twitter with a demand – the first – today.

    The legal battle now begins. And I don’t play like David – I treat law with respect and understanding.

    I want to make sure in the actions that follow that my efforts will help others get relief from the harms of this group.

    • NavyDad0007 says:

      His attacks on you Charles are becoming more & MORE Desparate.

      • Xena says:

        Looks like David P’s Twitter account was suspended. I wonder how long he will take to open another one? Any bets? A few hours? Tomorrow?

    • Xena says:

      I applaud your efforts, and give an extra applause that your efforts are for the greater good of others. The harmful actions of the internet extortionists have been going on since 2012. Some have seemed to have backed off a bit, but that might be due to other lawsuits and police reports. Vicki Pate was just ordered to pay a monetary award and take down defamatory material off her blog. Greg Lirette is facing charges for domestic battery, and David Piercy is due in court for trial on contempt for violating a restraining order.

      There are times when things move slowly and the extortionists seem to take that to believe that nothing is being done. They are mistaken.

  4. NavyDad0007 says:

    Well he came back Briefly it didn’t take long for Charles to sniff him out he’s gone again

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