The “BGI” Theory, The Internet Extortionists’ Plan To Destroy It, And The Kendrick Johnson Investigation – Part 6

imagesBased on the venue they use, various people have recognized and challenged proponents of the Black Grievance Industry (BGI). The following are two videos acknowledging and challenging a media person who uses Fox News. In the first, Secular Talk addresses the hypocrisy in the accusation that people supported justice for Trayvon Martin for money.


The following video is an open letter to Bill O’Reilly titled, “Expressing Grievances Is Not An Industry – It’s a Right.


Should We Take It Seriously That Some Want To See “Social Justice Warriors” Destroyed? 

Atheist Conservative


In context, the author of the above post on The Atheist Conservative includes feminists in “social justice warriors” so it is not limited to Blacks and what they call “rich liberal Whites” and “white guilt idiots.” The message to defeat and destroy however, is the same as what they apply to “BGI” social justice warriors.

Here’s a reminder from Part 1; a description of the “BGI” from a (now deleted) website by the individual who contacted this blog saying that he had stopped and wanted to move on.

Thacker's blog


As reported in other posts on this blog, the main weapon used by the internet extortionists is defamation.   Their ammunition is what they call “vetting” which is actually doxing; the seeking of personal information of others that they post on the internet. They misrepresent and mock that information, and even give the identities of others to their victims.  Since last year, they have taken their actions beyond the internet into the personal lives of others.

At least three individuals have filed actions in the courts to stop the malicious defamation. Two have come here and defended themselves against the slander. One  commented here twice in defense of the misrepresentations posted about him regarding a “public document”. The other was recently granted a default judgment in a defamation lawsuit against Vicki Pate. She too posted a comment about Vicki’s misrepresentation of a “public document.”

The Plan To Silence and Take The Money of 23 People On Twitter

After being told by David Piercy on Twitter that their account information was subpoenaed, on or about October 30, 2015, approximately 22 individuals were notified by Twitter that their account information was subpoenaed in the case Johnson v. Bell. The subpoena was issued by attorneys representing the Bell family.  The cross-complaint filed by the Bell’s alleges that Kendrick Johnson’s parents have “authorized agents” on social media that defamed the Bell’s.   The subpoena requests the IP addresses for the handles contained in the subpoena.

IP addresses can be traced to internet service providers, who upon subpoena, can release the account holder’s information. Therefore, it is reasonable to believe that the intention behind the subpoena is not a discovery maneuver to support the Bell’s cross-complaint but rather, to obtain the personal information of non-parties.  According to David Piercy, the Bell’s are using the discovery process in their cross-complaint to obtain the personal information of the 23 non-parties so they can file lawsuits against them.

Harassment 1

As a side note about internet service provider account information, it is not necessarily the person behind the computer.  Many homes now have networks through one account.  Additionally, even David Piercy uses the unprotected routers of his neighbors.  Thus, if Twitter complies with the subpoena, and/or if the court denies motions to squash, entire households can be effected, or even someone with an unprotected router.

As reported in Part 5, some of those whose account information has been subpoenaed are people who the internet extortionists have harassed for years. Since David Piercy had knowledge of the subpoena before the people were notified by Twitter, giving their account information to the Bell’s might subject them to ongoing internet harassment and defamation by having their personal information posted on the internet to disparage, defame, and humiliate them.

As a reminder from Part 5, that is exactly the impression and intent that has been posted on Twitter. In fact, the subpoena is represented to require the release of personal account information to the public.

Ali Hurry and Twitter handles

As the ACLU’s amici brief points out, once an individual’s identity is learned, it cannot be unlearned, and the person’s right to anonymity cannot be restored.   Also as the ACLU’s amici brief points out, there are cases where John/Jane Does are named as defendants, and the courts have recognized that unmasking is typically warranted. The courts have held that unmasking a non-party is appropriate only “in the exceptional case” and that it is clear that a party seeking disclosure must clear a high hurdle where the anonymous poster is a non-party.

Since no lawsuit has been filed naming their Twitter handle and/or Jane/John Does setting forth jurisdiction, allegations, and the relief sought, the 23 individuals are being ambushed. The possibility of having their personal information released to those known for posting the personal information of others on the internet to defame and humiliate is reason to cause them great concern and emotional distress.

Admitted Sovereign Citizen Acts As Spokesperson For the Bell’s Attorney

If you have not already done so, you can find support for the above caption at this link. For further support, the below is a screenshot of one of Piercy’s blogs where the archives show that he uses the handle “Sovereign Citizens of America.”

Piercy's blog SC


Since opening his Twitter account to the public in late October 2015, Twitter has suspended David Piercy’s account no less than 6 times. Each time, he returns within hours under another handle.  Among other tweets, he has tweeted out the following that claims having inside information, or direct contact, with the Bell’s attorney.

Piercy knowledge 1

Piercy knowledge 2


He can represent being the spokesperson for what the Bell’s lawyer is doing, but when it is combined with mockery of causing people financial harm, and rudely instructs them to delete their Twitter account, it falls in line with the plan of the internet extortionists to destroy social justice warriors.

Take Their Money …

Take Their Money

Threats of unemployment


Silence Them …

Delete 1

Silence 2


Other Lawsuits

In August 2014, the Bells filed a $5 million defamation suit against Ebony magazine and author Fred Rosen for articles published between Nov. 19, 2013 and April 9, 2014 that claimed 17-year-old Kendrick Johnson was murdered at Lowndes High School in January 2013. That suit was dismissed without prejudice. To the best of my knowledge, any change in status has not been reported.

In April 2015, William and Nora Eakin filed the suit against Ebony magazine and Fred Rosen on behalf of their daughter. The suit seeks $1.25 million in compensatory damages for alleged libelous statements printed by Ebony Magazine online and alleged slanderous comments made by Rosen during interviews.

In February 2015, the parents of Brian Bell filed a lawsuit against a Facebook group dedicated to Kendrick’s memory.   As reported on AJC, two unnamed defendants are accused of influencing Florida State University officials to withdraw its scholarship offer to Brian Bell.   The Bell’s are seeking at least $9 million in damages.

The State of Georgia has a one-year statute of limitations on claims of defamation and libel.

Chances are that there will be a Part 7 to report developments.   Thanks for reading.



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27 Responses to The “BGI” Theory, The Internet Extortionists’ Plan To Destroy It, And The Kendrick Johnson Investigation – Part 6

  1. cc3477 says:

    Xena, Thank you for indirectly mentioning me in this post. I hope the judgment against her for defamation starts to diminish her credibility. Now that it’s on record that she defames people….lets see what fool game she wants to play.

    • crustyolemothman says:

      The only problem is that with these individuals credibility is not really an issue, the sheep that follow them are so filled with hate and vile thoughts that it will have no impact on their thought patterns. They see them selves as the only victims in their quest to return “their” nation back to the time where they were the sainted ones… and the minorities were not allowed to be in the same social realm as they were. Too bad for them that equality is finally within reach of all citizens of this nation regardless of gender, race or sexual orientation…

    • Xena says:

      Here’s wishing you the best. You are the perfect example of someone who was not on the internet discussing any cases, even controversial cases, who was doxed and defamed.

  2. YES we should be concerned about the internet extortionists! And after reading here several things I didn’t know, I’m even more convinced that we need to take these ppl seriously.

    Look at all they’ve done during and since Trayvon. Look at all the ppl they’ve already caused emotional & financial distress! Look at who those ppl are& their backgrounds. Many of these harassers are ppl w/questionable or criminal histories. And some, like Zimmerman, are violent with gun fetishes.
    These ppl need to be stopped before they hurt more ppl. I’ve seen numerous attacks on ppl’s employment. I saw them erroneously call children’s services on innocent ppl. Ebony can take care of themselves, I’m not worried about them, but Bells filing lawsuits against ppl on Facebook& trying to get names on twitter is a whole nother ballgame. Regular ppl should not be subjected to these types of attacks in their personal rights & liberties.

    Thank Xena for documenting all this because no one else is doing it, and ppl need to be informed as to what/who is trying to silence them or worse.

    • Xena says:

      Hey Shannon. No need to thank me, but I appreciate your kind words. Myself, like many others, first thought of them as mere cyber-harassers or trolls. The threats came, and I ignored them. When they started making good on their threats is when I woke up that there is a real danger, and more of a danger to people who do not know what they did behind closed doors, so to speak. See, they were operating through comments submitted to blogs that were never released to the public. By mid-2013, they progressed and took it to Twitter, to people with no knowledge of their history nor what they had done to bloggers.

      I’m sure you remember how upset Sheila was when they demeaned her dead daughter and talked about her as if she is trash. She finally deleted her blog, although she had gems and such good things posted.

  3. NavyDad0007 says:

    Thanks To You Xena People will finally Know what these white supremacists have been up to & Protect themselves & their Rights. Hey I wonder if the Bell’s attorneys Know they Have David as their Spokesperson LOL

    • Xena says:

      I think that many more would have blog-documented this if they 1. Had the same experience that I’ve had with the internet extortionists, (they did not keep their threats hidden); 2. Had the time and; 3. Were unafraid of retribution. Don’t know if you know, but in the last week or so, Piercy did tweet out that Word Press was being subpoenaed to “take down” my two “defamation blogs.” He also threatened that my Twitter handle has been added to the second subpoena. I suppose that I’ll just have to wait and see.

      Whether it’s Piercy communicating directly with the Bell’s attorney, or someone else communicating with the attorney or the Bell’s who is giving the information to Piercy, it is not good for them. I suspect there is a person who they communicate with who is giving Piercy the info.

  4. Two sides to a story says:

    Great work, Xena. I so admire your investigative posts. The harder they come, the harder they fall, no? : }

  5. Mr. Militant Negro says:

    Reblogged this on The Militant Negro™.

  6. I told you that the ACLU HAS NOT been granted leave to file their Amicus Brief. The motion for leave to file is on page 4 but there is not an order granting that leave. Once again you look stupid and uniformed.

    • Xena says:

      Dear David Piercy,
      According to you, you have access to paralegal teachers. However, I do understand that they might not be attorneys. Seldom are paralegal students taught judicial procedures regarding discovery made upon non-parties. It is for the lawyer to know the next step. I recommended in another part that people consult with a lawyer, or law professor, about discovery when a third-party fails to comply, and an amici brief has been filed. I am not going to teach you nor tell you the proper procedure and where the responsibility now lies. As a person who wants to be a paralegal and/or a lawyer, you should independently seek out correct information about discovery procedures and amici briefs.

      (I do realize that with your holding to sovereign citizen and White supremacist ideologies, that you assume that you have more knowledge than anyone, even Whites, unless they hold to those same ideologies.)

    • Xena says:

      You certainly seem to be extra interested in the subpoena and the ACLU’s brief. Why? You really seem directed towards not having the ACLU’s brief being of any substance or considered by the court. Why is that? You are not involved in the subpoena issue. Is your interest because you want the account information released so you can obtain the personal information of (some) people you have harassed for years and are still harassing?

      As we now know, you lost the appeal yesterday — that was the case where you continued alleging that the restraining order is “invalid” as your defense for posting the information on the internet of the protected parties. It appears that your interest in the subpoena to Twitter is because you have an agenda to repeat the same actions that currently have you in court for contempt of the restraining order by adding to your list of victims.

      Does it bother you that you represent yourself on Twitter as a legal expert, yet you have filed numerous appeals and not prevailed? According to the Court of Appeals, you do not know correct briefing because you do not know that appellate courts do not re-litigate cases, nor consider arguments not raised in the trial court. They also acknowledged that you did not meet the requirements for an Anti-Slapp motion. That’s also a mistake you made in your eviction case when asking the trial court to vacate a stipulated agreement. You failed to argue the requirements so how did you expect to meet them?

      You can claim things on Twitter until the cows come home. Just because people do not challenge you does not mean that you are correct. Hopefully, you have learned by now that the courts do not consider that just because “Piercy said” that it makes it true. You have to meet the requirements AND the rules of evidence.

      I truly feel somewhat sorry for you because by your thinking that you are superior, you are depriving yourself of learning. That learning includes that when your paralegal teachers and any lawyers associated with you do not help you, it’s because they apparently realize that you are not open to hearing the truth.

      • Actually dont expect much of anything from David besides a bunch of copy/paste and ignorant blathering.
        He posted his alleged transcript to convince his fellow harassers that they can definitely trust his vast legal knowledge. After all he is an *honor roll* paralegal student with a 4.0 GPA!
        Except this 40yo attention seeking grown ass man’s 4.0 GPA is based on only 3 credits from a SINGLE course ( that’s not even a college credit earning class.) Smfh!

        • Xena says:

          Hey Shannon.
          I heard about the “transcript” and agree with your observation; i.e., it was a class grade and not a semester or degree G.P.A. Let’s remember that according to him and other docs that he’s posted on Twitter, he has an Associates as a EMT, and an Associates in nursing assistance. That would make 3 degrees in vocations, and not one job.

          I’m afraid that at his age, and with no employment history, he is going to find it very difficult to get a job. There is so much competition from younger, experienced people. How will he answer interview questions explaining what he’s been doing with his life? It reminds of a scene from the movie “Monster.”

          • OMG THAT’S DAVID!! LMFAO!! That’s exactly him!

            Wait, I don’t think I should be laughing so hard…all the similarities, identical speech, same emotional insecurity, mental instabilty, delusions & even criminal downward spiral, its not a stretch to assume its only a matter of time before David becomes her male alter ego… Especially considering David’s freaky obsessive love & admiration for child murderers 😦

          • Xena says:

            Based on some of the comments and threats that he’s made, and his pattern of telling people to kill themselves, I perceive him as very dangerous, especially if he ever got his hands on a weapon. I think that one of his attractions to Lirette is because Lirette has a gun.

          • Oh & I think we all know why David’s not working in any of the fields of those ‘degrees’ he claims to hold.
            Cuz David doesn’t have any degrees. We know he lives off state & federal financial aid. Once you’ve earned any degree, much less multiple degrees, federal student financial aid is cut off. And especially if you’re not even using the degree you earned by working & contributing to society! They don’t just let you sit around collecting degrees while the taxpayers support you. He’s such a clown.

          • Xena says:

            Based on what I was told, he was receiving disability from the state. California has its own programs. And, because he has not had an episode of his disability in more than 6 years, they cut him off. In the unlawful retainer case, he filed papers with the court saying that he was receiving the Fresno County general assistance. It’s a bit over $100.00 a month. That’s one hundred — not one thousand. I suspected that he registered at the community college because of some program to give him training. County General assistance in California is temporary.

            I feel sorry for him.

  7. NavyDad0007 says:

    LOL He Must Love when You Make a Complete Fool of Him this is Too Funny.

    • Xena says:

      I think he wants me to give him the correct procedures. Then, he can go on Twitter and present it as if he discovered it on his own. It’s likened to what he did when he promoted that Benjamin Crump should be reported to the Georgia Bar for practicing law without a license, and I posted about pro hac vice.

      He doesn’t know why the court has not ruled on the ACLU’s request for leave to file, because he does not know what gives the court jurisdiction to hear discovery requests served on third-parties.

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