The “BGI” Theory, The Internet Extortionists’ Plan To Destroy It, And The Kendrick Johnson Investigation – Part 4

18 U.S.C., Section 241, Conspiracy Against Rights.

If two or more persons conspire to injure, oppress, threaten, or intimidate any person in any State, Territory, Commonwealth, Possession, or District in the free exercise or enjoyment of any right or privilege secured to him by the Constitution or laws of the United States, or because of his having so exercised the same; ….

By use of coercion, intimidation, threats, slander, and interference, those conducting the conspiracy described on this blog do so with the specific intent to deprive others of federally protected rights to freedom of speech, the exercise and enjoyment of associating with others regardless of race, and their right to earn a living, and practice in the career of their choice.  White Supremacists who believe there is a “BGI” also intend to destroy it by silencing individuals and taking their money.

This part 4 shows more of what has been and is being done to silence “social justice warriors.”

One of the claims of those who believe in the BGI theory, is that the BGI does not associate with anyone of another race and their primary motivation for the group is financial gain.   You can read the entire article that following is taken from by clicking this link.

Sundance quote

So, what happens when that claim is proven false?

Antonio Zambrano-Montes was 35-years old living in Pasco, Wash. He was a migrant worker from Mexico. He was unarmed, and did not speak English. On February 10, 2015, he was killed by 2 law enforcement officers. A witness in a nearby car captured video of the shooting that involved two white officers who fired their weapons 17 times, killing Antonio. Zambrano-Montes’ family hired attorney Benjamin Crump. He was joined by Florida attorney Jose Baez and Charles Herrmann was the local attorney.  According to the Orlando Sentinel, Crump and Baez have asked the Department of Justice to investigate the shooting.

In September after the officers were not charged, Jose Baez, Benjamin Crump, and Seattle-area attorney Charles Herrmann filed a claim against the city of Pasco for $4.76 million and planned to file a lawsuit in the federal court.   Zambrano-Montes’s widow and two daughters originally hired Yakima, Washington attorney George P. Trejo, Jr. to represent them, but then joined with Zambrano-Montes’ mother and other immediate family to be represented by the Herrmann law firm, Baez and Crump. They later released the Herrmann firm and returned to Trejo.

Attorney Trejo, Jr. is reported in the Tri-City Herald of stating;

“Unfortunately there were some unscrupulous individuals that were pushing them to go elsewhere for financial gain and encouraging them to go over with Hermann and other attorneys, and they did. In after speaking with highly respected individuals even in Mexico they decided to forgo the Hermann firm and return to us.”

Trejo has filed a claim against the City of Pasco for $25 million in damages. That is almost $20 million more than the claim filed by Hermann, Crump and Baez and fails to support the allegation that “unscrupulous individuals” encouraged Antonio’s widow and daughter to go with Crump and company for “financial gain.”

I Googled “Antonio Zambrano-Montes” plus ” Black Grievance” and there were 4 results, with the first 2 being from the Conservative Tree House, the birth-place of the “BGI” theory. None of their blog posts about the case mentioned Jose Baez working with Benjamin Crump. Apparently, the White Supremacists who promote the BGI theory thought it could not be a “race hoax” with attorney Jose Baez working along with Benjamin Crump to represent a Latino family, so they omitted that fact from their stories about Antonio.

As reported earlier in Parts 2 and 3, once learning that attorney Benjamin Crump is on the legal team representing the parents of Kendrick Johnson, the internet extortionists launched efforts to stop what they considered a “race hoax” allegedly perpetrated by the “BGI” for money.

As photos and videos were released by the media, there were a few forums discussing the death of Kendrick Johnson, and mostly the participants were very curious about where his shoes were found; questions about blood on the scene; and why his internal organs were removed and inconsistent explanations as to when and who destroyed them.

By February 2014, the internet extortionists’ propaganda had not gotten a foothold, so they began targeting certain “social justice warriors” to silence them.

David Piercy has a reputation for changing handles. His Twitter accounts also get suspended, and he returns using another handle, however he seldom denies that he is anyone other than himself.   At one time, he used the Twitter handle @support4GZ.   In February 2014, Michael Thacker (who in August 2015 came to this blog and apologized and said he wanted to move on), was on Twitter as El_Hoff71.

Often, the extortionists use nicknames and intentionally misspell words. For example, they often use “budderfly” instead of “butterfly” when talking about my other blog, blackbutterfly7.  At one time, I considered that they were trying to use certain dialects to disparage, but also considered that they might want to make it as humanely difficult as possible to prove defamation unless their victim has and takes time to connect the dots through numerous comments and contexts.   The following took place in February 2014;

Tweets re crazy1946


In the above tweet exchange, the first one is in reference to Frederick Leatherman, who they consistently demeaned for his asking for donations. The second tweet refers to “Crazy1949” and Leatherman’s blog. The third infers that someone on Fred’s blog exposed the names of the “kids.”   I paid Leatherman’s blog a visit and found that a person using the handle “crazy1946” had posted comments on that blog naming Brian Bell who attended school with Kendrick Johnson.   Why was crazy’s handle intentionally misrepresented in the tweets? The following is the comment on Leatherman’s blog that the tweet apparently references.

Crazy's comment on Leatherman's blog

You can read that exchange by clicking here.

In the above Twitter exchange, El_Hoff71 tweeted that he was inspired to write a post about crazy1946 and what he described as a “false conspiracy.” That blog is now deleted, and I do not have screenshots so will not write what I read in the comment section other than to say that it fits the pattern of making accusations and suggestions that the targeted victim has violated law.

Then something strange happened shortly after that tweet exchange. Crazy1946 had submitted comments to Blackbutterfly7. I use the option that once a person is approved for posting comments, that their future comments would not go into moderation but post directly to the public comment section of the blog.  If I approve a comment from someone as a one-time event, I place the IP address in the moderation queue so any future comments are not automatically posted to the public comment board and will need my approval.

I found a comment in the moderation queue for Crazy1946.  I looked at the IP address in the comment with “Crazy1946” as the handle and discovered it was a proxy IP address. The content of the comment did not sound like the Crazy1946 who I know. Someone was impersonating crazy1946.

One of the most time consuming things for blog administrators when dealing with what  first appears to be harassment, is taking time to make sure that comments are from the individual who generally uses that handle when they are in the moderation queue.  As well, we must remember when we have approved comments to be automatically posted to the public board without going into the moderation or spam queue, and take time to use other software to trace IP addresses when they do end up on those queues.

Tracing IP addresses does not trace to addresses of individuals but rather, to their internet service provider. Proxy IP addresses trace to website hosting companies rather than internet service providers.  Because of knowing how the internet extortionists use proxy IP addresses and public Wi-Fi to do their dirty work when submitting comments to blogs, my first inclination is to conclude that any person submitting comments through a proxy IP address does so in bad faith.   Crazy1946, whose comments were approved for automatic posting on my blog, had no reason to submit a comment through a proxy IP address.

Particularly during the Zimmerman case, people submitted comments to Word Press blogs that supported George Zimmerman.  Some administrators only require that people submitting comments do so with a “handle” and email address, rather than through a Word Press account.  Those who took the position that George Zimmerman did not kill Trayvon in self-defense were unaware that their handles and email addresses were captured and could be used in comments submitted by the internet extortionists.  In other words, the internet extortionists can use the handles and email addresses of others in the comment submit box.  They cannot duplicate the IP address.  That is generated and provided by Word Press.

Subsequently, I was reading on Leatherman’s blog where he told crazy1946 that his comments were inappropriate and sent through numerous IP addresses. He banned Crazy1946 from posting comments on his blog.

Well, impersonating “social justice warriors” by submitting inappropriate comments through proxy IP addresses to blogs where they regularly participate, is a way to silence them.

By May 2014, the internet extortionists progressed from silencing social justice warriors, to taking their money. David Piercy took the lead and in classic sovereign citizen fashion, decided to use what he called “legal” actions.  Among his “legal” actions was to file false copyright infringement complaints against my blog, Blackbutterfly7.

Piercy's threat

You can read the full story of Piercy’s actions and threats at this  link.   Don’t worry about the IP address in the above comment.  It’s assigned to the California State University computer network who eventually resolved the issue with Piercy using their computers to send vile and threatening comments to my blog.

Piercy also went to court for a restraining order against an individual. In his petition, he made an allegation and included Twitter handles.  Some of those handles are also included in a subpoena served on Twitter in the case of Johnson v. Bell.

You might be surprised at the similarities of the allegations in Piercy’s restraining order petition, and that in the Bell’s cross-complaint against the parents of Kendrick Johnson where they are seeking information on some of the same Twitter handles that Piercy sought last year — and people who the internet extortionists have harassed for years.

Continued in Part 5.  (I am currently uploading the screenshots now to get Part 5 posted by Wednesday.)

Thanks for reading.


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  1. Two sides to a story says:

    Great post – looking forward to Part 5!

  2. crustyolemothman says:

    Hmmm, I wonder if anyone has looked to see if there is a money trail? It would seem that as an unemployed and disabled person at least one of the individuals has a lot of surplus money to spend!

    • Xena says:

      Hey Mothman! It’s good seeing you.

      Excellent question. I do know that he had a GoFundMe campaign to raise money for his appeals, although the court waived his fees. In his eviction case, he filed a document saying that his only source of income was Fresno County general assistance, so he’s no longer on the State’s disability.

      • crustyolemothman says:

        Mz Xena, While I at this time am only able to offer an opinion, but because none of the individuals that has be thus far identified has exhibited a large degree of intelligence, it would seem that someone with larger financial resources is actually not only bank rolling the scheme, but directing it as well. Perhaps I am wrong, lord knows I have been plenty of times in the past, but am I this time? We don’t need a shovel to dig up the truth about these people, a back hoe would seem to be more appropriate….

        • Xena says:

          You could be absolutely “on the money.” 🙂 I noticed that one uses Digital Ocean Cloud and hushmail, which are both paid services.

  3. That piercy fool is also stalking Shaun King…… He needs to be blocked permanently…. He is a homegrown terrorist…….

    • Xena says:

      Hey Regina. Piercy is skilled at using proxy IP addresses. Along with that, a police department in Massachusetts looked into his harassment once and discovered that he was using the unprotected router of a neighbor. He also uses the computers at the Fresno City College. I’m not sure how Twitter suspends, but with Word Press, it’s by IP address. Proxy IP addresses change. He and another person are using proxy IP addresses to access Twitter and I can tell you how I know. They reside in California which is on Pacific time, but in the middle of the day, their twitter timelines change the date to the next day. Piercy has come to this blog through a proxy IP address service that is hosted by a website hosting company located in Germany.

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