The “BGI” Theory, The Internet Extortionists’ Plan To Destroy It, And The Kendrick Johnson Investigation – Part 3

firstamendment_0Summary Recap;
If you have read parts 1 and 2 of this series, then you are aware that the Black Grievance Industry, (“BGI”) is a theory and motivation behind a group of White Supremacists who have dedicated themselves to destroy it. They believe that there are 14th Amendment citizens who have no constitutional right to free speech and to petition the government for redress of grievances. The White Supremacist who believe in the BGI theory are referred to on this blog as internet extortionists. That’s because they are some of the same people who threatened myself and others with defamation and worst, unless we removed our internet presence and/or deleted our blogs.

Their history in making themselves known, and making good on their threats, goes back to 2012 and are documented on other posts on this blog.

If you’ve read parts 1 and 2, then you are also aware of the pertinent timeline involved. Kendrick Johnson disappeared on January 10, 2013. His body was found in a rolled up gym mat on January 11, 2013. To the best of my knowledge, none of the internet extortionists showed interest in the case until October 2013. On October 11, 2013, Frederick Leatherman posted on his blog about the Kendrick Johnson incident, and that attorney Benjamin Crump is on the legal team representing Kendrick’s parents. (The internet extortionist are regular readers of Frederick Leatherman’s blog and my blog, Blackbutterfly7.)

Annette Kelly posted on her blog asking how they could get Benjamin Crump out of practicing law. David Piercy posted on Annette’s blog that Crump should be reported for practicing law without a license in the State of Georgia. After reading a comment I posted on Blackbutterfly7 about the pro hac vice rule, Piercy posted on Annette’s blog that the rule made it possible for Crump to participate in the Kendrick Johnson “shakedown hoax.”

Continuing from Part 2 …
On October 12, 2013, (one day after Leatherman’s post),  Vicki Pate published her first blog post about the Kendrick Johnson incident. She presented the argument that Kendrick died from an unfortunate accident, then turned her attention to what they refer to as the “Scheme Team.” According to the internet extortionists, the “Scheme Team” consists of Benjamin Crump, his clients, and any other attorney working with him.

The phrase “Scheme Team” was introduced during the George Zimmerman trial, and in April 2013, David Piercy posted the following photo on one of his blogs with the title “Blasting the Scheme Team Crooks.”

(If you care to see other photoshopped images posted by David Piercy on that blog that encourages violence, Google the title of the blog,, and select “images” under Google.)

David Piercy also posted a comment on Facebook saying that his personal preference is to have Kendrick Johnson’s parents shot.

DP wanting Kendrick's parents shot

On October 18, 2013, Vicki Pate captioned a photograph on her blog, describing it as; “Benjamin Crump, Chevene King, and Kendrick Johnson’s father (who is hoping he too can win the race-hoax lottery) “

Vicki Pate's photo re race hoax

Please take note that Vicki Pate included a quote from Leigh Touchton, who stated;

“I am firmly convinced that both Attorney Chevene King and Kenneth Johnson, the father of Kendrick, are lying about this case.”  

Vicki followed the quote, writing;

From VP's blog about crippling

Vicki accredited Leigh Touchton as the person who “finally” tried crippling “a race-hoax.” Would Vicki’s statement of her interest in the investigation of the death of Kendrick Johnson be the same as Leigh Touchton’s? Leigh Touchton, at that time, was President for the local chapter of the NAACP in Valdosta, Georgia. During or just after the initial investigation into how Kendrick died, it was reported that Leigh Touchton stated that she “immediately” resigned her position with the NAACP because there is no credible evidence to claim that Kendrick was murdered, AND because the Johnson family asked the NAACP for assistance and money.

One says “money” and the other says “race-hoax lottery” as her description for money.

On her blog, Vicki went on to write that she “… pretty much knew the world was about to embark on another Trayvon Martin debacle, and that no one listened to her when she and others screamed “race-hoax.”

The cases are not similar. Trayvon Martin was killed by George Zimmerman. Zimmerman claimed self-defense.

Kendrick Johnson was found dead and if he was indeed murdered, no one has admitted to killing him.

The only similarity in the death of Trayvon Martin and death of Kendrick Johnson, is that attorney Benjamin Crump is on the legal team representing Trayvon’s and Kendrick’s parents. It is reasonable to believe that Vicki’s representation of the investigation into the death of Kendrick as a “race-hoax,” is not because there are no reasonable questions surrounding Kendrick’s death, but because Kendrick’s parents dared to hire attorney Benjamin Crump.

In November 2014, WCTV reported that Kendrick Johnson’s autopsy photos had been leaked to the public on the blog, Re-Newsit. That is Vicki Pate’s blog. Research shows that Vicki obtained Kendrick’s autopsy photos on February 10, 2014, and that Vicki “repeatedly” contacted Kendrick’s mother asking her about them.

Random Topics - Vicki's comment re autopsy photos

Found on

From Trayvon Martin, to Kendrick Johnson to Tamir Rice, the message sent out by the internet extortionists becomes clear. It is, if you have lost a loved one and don’t want to be harassed on social media, doxed and your family members doxed; called vile names; your employer contacted; wrongfully accused; defamed; threatened with death; and demeaned because of your race, don’t hire Benjamin Crump; don’t ask for an impartial investigation, and do not exercise your constitutional right to seek the government for redress of grievances.

While Vicki Pate was blogging about the Kendrick Johnson incident, her co-conspirators were busy on other social media taking actions to destroy the BGI.

In order to influence others and try to make the BGI theory work, the internet extortionists needed to represent that “social justice warriors” are being monetarily awarded by BGI leaders. They began that misrepresentation in 2013. The following is from April 2013 by “J.J.”  (It required two screenshots to capture the full comment.)

JJ's comment 1 of 2

JJ's comment 2 of 2

The following is JJ’s follow-up comment that he posted the next day;

JJ's follow up comment

Some might think that J.J.’s comments above were merely mouthing-off, making unsupported allegations, and think of it as trolling or attempts to defame. However, if you have been targeted by the internet extortionists and observed them since 2012, then you know that they have followed a plan.  The internet extortionists worked behind the scenes in 2012 and early 2013 to defame and humiliate “BGI” bloggers into silence.  By mid to late 2013, they began threatening others for associating with us. They did that by way of submitting comments to blogs that were not approved for public posting.   Publicly, they attempted to influence others to believe their BGI theory.

The White Supremacist internet extortionists only need opportunity and opportunists or rather, someone who will do their dirty work for them. Looking at J.J.’s comments that first associates bloggers and commenters with the BGI, then suggests we should be sued, then blatantly lies accusing us of being motivated by money, ties in with what is occurring now in 2015, and it is taking place in the counter-suit cross-complaint filed by the Bell’s against Kendrick Johnson’s parents.

Continued in Part 4

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20 Responses to The “BGI” Theory, The Internet Extortionists’ Plan To Destroy It, And The Kendrick Johnson Investigation – Part 3

  1. scrodriguez says:

    Wow, there you have yet another (J.J.) who is suggesting suing someone for speaking on behalf of the Victim. It sort of makes me rethink what I am dealing with here, if he were to sue me that would cost court fees. I dont believe there are fee waivers under those circumstances which is why he has gone about it this way instead. It’s another way to cause financial damages but for free with fee waivers.

    • Xena says:

      The person who you are involved with in court has his fees waived because his income is county assistance. He can file any civil cause of action and have his fees waived. The cost is to the person who does not qualify for fee waivers and hires a lawyer.

      Yes, “J.J.” fanning flames to sue people on social media is the classic method of intimidation and hoping that someone takes them up on the suggestion. Remember, they talked for months, fanning flames that Zimmerman should sue NBC. When he did file suit, they huffed and puffed about him being made rich by way of settlement. Well, we know how that turned out — dismissed.

      Also remember that Zimmerman’s parents sued Rosanne Barr because of her tweet, and they ended up losing too.

  2. Two sides to a story says:

    Thanks for the update! Karma closing in fast and hard, thanks to courageous people like you.

    • Xena says:

      Hey Two sides! Thanks for your kind words. They have a history, and so many who were not targeted by them years ago do not know their history. They first think of it like I did, that it is internet harassment, and then they get called on the carpet by their employer, or their private information is posted on the internet, including that of their spouses and children. Then they realize that the perpetrators extended their harassment beyond the internet to intentionally cause them harm.

      I’m working on Part 4 and hope to have that posted this weekend.

  3. Attachment 1 contains a copy of the Twitter subpoena which includes several of your flunkies including @navydad0007, HoodReport, and Militant Negro Juisseppe. There are additional subpoenas on the way for additional Twitter accounts. Along with those are requests for criminal charges against those who have harassed the Bells online. Santiago is included in this second group.
    Attachment 2 contains the basis for the subpoenas as well as the basis for the request for relief.
    Because @navydad0007 thought it was a good idea to blast your two defamation blogs on the Kendrick Johnson hash tags, the attorneys have taken a keen interest in your blogs and you will likely be made a defendant as well. Enjoy being sued!

    • Xena says:

      Thanks for letting us know that you know what the Bell’s attorney is doing or going to do before they do it.

      Hey — I think of courtrooms like bathrooms — places to get rid of the crap and clean up. If you want to go there, or get the Bell’s to do your dirty work for you, then let’s get this show on the road.

    • Xena says:

      By the way, David. I realize that you don’t like people on Twitter tweeting out links to my blog posts, but Word Press would not provide the icons to use so that links are posted to other social media if it was intended that no one use them. You can accuse them of being “defamation blogs” all you want, just as you have accused me of other things. If there is anything defamatory in them, it’s the content of your words and the words of others in the screenshots.

    • Xena says:

      By the way David. You have not answered my questions left in response to your comment on the other post.

  4. NavyDad0007 says:

    Yes please Do David the All knowing & seeing

    • scrodriguez says:

      I hope the Bells know that this man is now serving as an Agent of the Bells and threatening us with a Subpoena and Violating a restraining order which is issued against him. I wonder if they know I have a restraining order against him?

      • scrodriguez says:

        He has been saying that for quite some time. The man seated on the bench disagreed with that. I am not about to litigate our case here. That’s what trial is for on December 11th. If he still insists that the order is invalid, he can make an appearance for trial and argue that point to the judge. As far as having him here I would rather not allow him to use this blog as a medium to spew his hate this is not the place for it

        • Xena says:

          Santiago, he also tries litigating on Twitter in 140 characters or less. LOL. I allowed his comments so that readers can see that I’m not lying about his attitude and actions. You might know that when I give him attention, he goes overboard in effort to get more attention. It gives me more support for what I blog about here.

      • Xena says:

        I was just looking for one of Santiago’s comments when coming across this one.

        “…and threatening us with a Subpoena…”

        “Us”??? Your Twitter handle is not listed in the subpoena, unless it’s one of the anonymous handles that you contend you do not use.

  5. towerflower says:

    I had forgotten all about that “being paid” crap that was going around for awhile. I had also been asked how much money I was paid all because I had an opinion.

    • Xena says:

      Someone today on Twitter tweeted to a person who wants justice to KJ accusing them of being the Johnson’s “authorized” paid “agent.” They responded that they were not being paid, and the person then asked if they were that stupid to volunteer to support a hoax. So yes, their “BGI” theory includes that people are being paid to promote what they allege as race-hoaxes. That is one reason why they are referred to as “extortionists” because their harassment, threats, false reports, defamation, etc., is intended to stop people from earning an income.

  6. scrodriguez says:

    TowerFlowe,r I know right? I mean they also made the claim that people voted for Obama to get free phones. I have yet to see anybody who voted for Obama get their “Free Stuff”

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