The “BGI” Theory, The Internet Extortionists’ Plan To Destroy It, And The Kendrick Johnson Investigation – Part 2

A Noticeable Pattern



While the George Zimmerman case was pending, in November 2012, there was the killing of Jordan Davis at the hands of Michael Dunn. The group of internet extortionists had very little to say about that.   By comparison to the Zimmerman case, it happened in Florida. Trayvon and Jordan were both 17-years old and unarmed. Jordan was Black and his killer White. In both cases, the killers claimed self-defense.  State’s Attorney Angela Corey prosecuted George Zimmerman, and Michael Dunn. Trayvon Martin’s parents filed a lawsuit against the homeowner’s association where Trayvon was killed. It was settled. Two civil lawsuits were filed against Michael Dunn and at least one included claims of defamation. The cases were settled.

Why didn’t the internet extortionists disparage and attack the entire Black race like they did during the George Zimmerman trial? They did not spam social media with comments about the hung jury in the first trial, nor the retrial that convicted Dunn of murder.   Why? Because Jordan’s parents were represented by John Phillips, a White, Florida attorney. They were not represented by attorney Benjamin Crump.

On September 14, 2013, Jonathan Ferrell, a former college football player for the Florida A&M University Rattlers, was shot and killed by police officer Randall Kerrick in Charlotte, North Carolina. Officer Kerrick was charged with voluntary manslaughter. The internet extortionists were silent about the case.   The City of Charlotte settled a lawsuit with Ferrel’s family for $2.25 million. Why didn’t the internet extortionists jump on the opportunity to disparage Jonathan’s family for wanting to hit the black lottery?   Because Ferrell’s family was represented by attorney Charles Monnet, who is White. Benjamin Crump was not on the legal team.

On August 9, 2014, 18-year old Michael Brown was shot and killed by Ferguson, Missouri police officer Darren Wilson. Benjamin Crump is an attorney for Brown’s family. The internet extortionists got busy disparaging Brown, doxing his family and witnesses, and promoting the public release of Brown’s school records and any juvenile records.

On November 23, 2014, 12-year old Tamir Rice was shot by Cleveland police officer Timothy Loehmann. Tamir later died from the gunshot wound. Attorney Benjamin Crump was on the legal team representing Tamir’s family. The internet extortionists got busy disparaging the deceased 12-year old and his grieving family.

Google “Benjamin Crump” and “BGI” and you might be surprised with the results and the accusations and perceptions that form the BGI theory and directly associate attorney Crump with what the extortionists claim is a race hoax.

Kendrick Johnson’s body was found in a gym mat in school in January 2013.   It happened in Valdosta, Georgia. There wasn’t much interest on social media about the incident. Most bloggers with interest in cases were still concentrating on the George Zimmerman case. If I remember correctly, the blog 3chicspolico wrote about the discovery of Kendrick’s body in May 2013.

Frederick Leatherman blogged about the incident in October 2013.

It was around November October 2013 when it was reported that attorney Benjamin Crump was on the legal team representing Kendrick’s parents. I posted a comment about it on my blog, Blackbutterfly7 after reading the news on Leatherman’s blog. Then the following happened.

(I trust that there are those familiar with the many handles used by the perpetrators, or that they have read other posts on this blog that provide support for who is behind the handle. That will save me time here re-posting support that identifies the person behind the handles.)

David Piercy posted the following comment on Annette Kelly’s blog.

Piercy comment 1

Publicly posting their desire to see attorney Benjamin Crump disbarred was not unusual.  Annette Kelly, who resides in Canada, made her desire public in October 2013.


Annette comment 1

Annette comment 2

(It required 2 screenshots to capture Annette’s full comment.)

“How can we get Crump and Jackson out of practicing law?”   That is what Annette Kelly wants, and by using the plural pronoun “we” she wants others to help her make it possible.  It’s not as if either attorney is elected to public office.  They are in private practice.  Therefore, it’s not the same as having a elected official who Annette does not want re-elected.  To force anyone out of their professional career is a desire to intentionally cause them damage.

Back to David Piercy’s comment of November 22, 2013 when he discovered that Benjamin Crump is on the legal team representing Kendrick Johnson’s parents …..

There is a person who posts comments on blogs as 2dogsonly. There is reason to believe that she colludes with the extortionists. Watching their conduct demonstrates that they operate as a unit with certain ones having specific responsibilities. It appears that 2dogsonly was assigned the task of posting positive comments on blogs that the internet extortionists consider BGI. She introduces herself by her purported real name, gives out compliments, and at times includes her email address in comments and asks that the blog administrator email her. Once gaining trust to post comments without moderation, she often transforms her personality, becoming critical of individuals and even other bloggers.

2dogsonly was the only person suspected of colluding with the extortionists who I allowed to post comments on Blackbutterfly7. There are times when you suspect someone that you give them enough rope to hang themselves – to see if they play into the timing and subject matter of the extortionists. Often, 2dogsonly posted comments that contained baits, and she did not disappoint me after Piercy posted the above comment.  The published post was not about Trayvon Martin, nor Benjamin Crump, but 2dogsonly went there.  After expressing her dislike for attorney Benjamin Crump, she posted the following comment.  You can read the exchange in the comment section at this link.

2dogsonly 1

“Crump defends in Georgia.”  In my opinion, it was not by coincidence that 2dogsonly would bring up that attorney Crump was practicing law in Georgia.

I responded with the following in pertinent part;

Xena's response

The day after I posted that, David Piercy as “The Conservative Outhouse” posted the following on Annette Kelly’s blog;

Piercy's comment re pro hac vice

The remainder of his comment consists of citing the rule, but it’s the introduction that intrigued me because Piercy’s expressed description of attorney Crump joining the legal team representing Kendrick’s parents is that it’s a “shakedown hoax.”

If you want and have time, Google “Benjamin Crump” and “disbarred” for an eye-opener in just how badly White Supremacists do not want attorney Crump practicing law.

Continued in Part 3





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4 Responses to The “BGI” Theory, The Internet Extortionists’ Plan To Destroy It, And The Kendrick Johnson Investigation – Part 2

  1. Its interesting Phillips claims defamation. I suppose you can’t sue the murderer for defamation of the boy he murdered, but that’s what he did. That’s what his lawyer did on his behalf too.
    Phillips does say something about the attny’s ethics for lying to the media. O’Mara lied to media constantly. But I assume there’s not much to do to the lawyer when he can just “apologize” or claim to be mistaken. But all those motions O’Mara filed misrepresenting facts, stating false conclusions about evidence shouldn’t have been allowed by the judge. Trayvon’s family attny can’t do anything about the lawyers behavior during the criminal trial. That’s the prosecutor & judge’s responsibility.

    • Xena says:

      You make an excellent point about O’Mara. What bothered me about his actions is when he released “discovery” that he knew would not be allowed into evidence. Another excellent point you made is that it was not Crump’s responsibility to do anything about O’Mara’s and West’s behavior. You are no doubt very familiar that the internet extortionists went out of their way to give the impression, and influence others to believe, that Crump was the prosecutor.

  2. Two sides to a story says:

    Amazing how you keep up on all this! Thank you!

    • Xena says:

      They mostly put it in front of my face. See, they have a method that they use, which is to submit comments to the other blog about subjects I’ve not blogged about, and give their position on them. Getting no reaction from me, they follow-up with comments containing links to what they have written. Still getting no reaction from me, they then DARE me to blog about what they want. In other words, if they threaten and defame me enough to delete or abandon the blog, then they want to control what I blog about. Only, in that control, they let the cat out of the bag on what they’re doing.

      You might or might not know, but I’ve blogged very little about the Kendrick incident on Blackbutterfly7. and when I have, it’s what has been reported in the media. But, David Piercy submitted numerous comments mocking about the investigation, the newspaper in Kendrick’s body, and on and on.

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