The “BGI” Theory, The Internet Extortionists’ Plan To Destroy It, And The Kendrick Johnson Investigation – Part 1

firstamendment_0“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.” The United States Constitution – Amendment 1

More than several times, I’ve asked myself if I wanted to report the following.  It’s not only based on my experience, but is also a research piece.   Admittedly, I wanted to save the time of selecting what to present from the research.  If you get in-depth with this, the research is overwhelming.

With the most recent situation involving the civil lawsuit filed by the parents of Kendrick Johnson for wrongful death, and the counter cross-suit for defamation; the Department of Justice’s motion to intervene and motion to stay discovery, and a subpoena to Twitter for the account information of 23 individuals, I think it is time that I share the following. It is because the plan of the internet extortionists is being played out before my eyes.

For those unfamiliar with the internet extortionists, they are a group of individuals who unified together during the George Zimmerman case. They share the same ideologies of White superiority, and use intimidation, harassment, coercion, threats, and the posting of alleged or real personal and private information of their targeted victims on the internet.

Please, do not confuse the subject group with White Supremacists who exercise their first amendment right to free speech voicing their ideologies but cause no harm to others. There are plenty White Supremacists on the internet. If anyone doesn’t want to read their opinions and ideologies, they don’t have to. The subject group that is called “internet extortionists” don’t give their target victims the option to not read their filth. Rather, they make sure that they make direct contact with their target victims.  Many times I’ve received a submitted comment with mocking and a link to lead me to where they are defaming and disparaging myself or others.  There have been others to tell me where they read comments that defamed me.  In other words, the internet extortionists will go where “social justice warriors” frequent and post defaming comments so they will tell the targeted victim.

If internet extortionists cannot threaten and humiliate their target victims to do what they want, they progress the doxing to family members.  They contact places of employment, give false reports to Child Protective Services, and file false police reports.  They threaten bloggers who participate on the blogs of their targeted victims.  By way of falsehoods, they threaten their reputation  and careers.  One of them who holds to sovereign citizen ideologies is now using the courts as a means to financially harm and cause victims emotional distress.

Around early 2013, the Black Grievance Industry (BGI) theory was introduced and alleged as the reason that George Zimmerman was being prosecuted. If I’m not mistaken, that theory was developed by Sundance of the conservative treehouse blog.

You can Google “Black Grievance” and “Sundance” to return a link to that blog for articles written by Sundance regarding what he terms the “Black Grievance Industry” or “BGI” for short. It is also referred to as the “perpetually aggrieved,” “race hoax”, and “shakedown”.

They accuse certain professional people of being leaders of the BGI, mainly Reverend Al Sharpton and Florida attorney Benjamin Crump. Those people on social media who support equality for all were given a category in the BGI — they refer to them as  “social justice warriors” or “SJW”.

It was because they accused me of being “BGI”, and on their belief, threatened my destruction and warned myself and others that I was going to be sued, that I began looking for information on the “BGI.” What is it? Why am I accused of being a part of it?

If you have not heard of it or are unfamiliar with the BGI theory, the following is a screenshot from one of David Piercy’s blogs for how he described it. (He has since deleted that blog.)  Please note his Twitter account connected to that blog and what he used as an avatar.  (His has also deleted that Twitter account.)


Piercy's blog

Here is how El Hoff described “BGI” on his website the thecommonsenseconservative. That website has since been deleted.

Thacker's blog

When Trayvon Martin was killed, more than 2 million people signed a petition calling for the arrest of George Zimmerman. People of all colors took part in protests and marches.  Interest gathered in the Florida stand your ground law. As we see in the above descriptions for “BGI,” White Supremacists speak for Blacks, telling Blacks who they call the BGI that other Blacks do not like them.   If they cannot persuade Whites to not support equal justice, then they will divide and shame Blacks by attacking organizers.

Here’s their theory in a nutshell — 14th Amendment citizens have no constitutional right to “petition the government for redress of grievances”. According to the extortionists, Black attorneys and Blacks in the media make up the “race hoax” so that Blacks will believe they are victimized because of their race and with that belief, hope to hit the “black lottery” by filing lawsuits and/or get legislation passed that the extortionists perceive as giving minorities an advantage over Whites.

Although the constitution provides that citizens have the right to petition the government for redress of grievances, according to the internet extortionists, when Blacks do it, it’s an “industry” rather than a constitutional right.

According to the internet extortionists, racism is a hoax; all that Blacks need to do is admit that they are inferior to and subjugated to the White race.   On another blog, now deleted, the same person who wrote the above description of “BGI” laid out a three-step plan for destroying the “BGI” including “social justice warriors.” The instructions were to “take their money and silence them.” In the years since the BGI theory was developed, the internet extortionists have set out to violate the First Amendment constitutional rights of Blacks and “liberal Whites.”   It’s not only a violation of the right to free speech, (silence them) but to damage them too. i.e., “take their money”.

They have had some success on a small scale by running people off Twitter, either by doxing or having accounts suspended. Several “social justice warriors” deleted their blogs or made them private to avoid the constant onslaught of filthy, vile comments and threats. One of the internet extortionists has tested the waters in court. Holding to sovereign citizen ideologies and paper terrorizing the court, he boasts about keeping his contempt of court proceeding continuing for 11 months, costing his victim $10,000 in legal fees.

Piercy Facebook

One has to understand David Piercy’s sovereign citizen speak to understand what he means about “zero merit.” He has argued in court that the restraining order against him is “invalid” and thus, his harassment, threats, and posting the personal information of the protected parties on the internet is not in violation of the court’s restraining order. He raised jurisdictional arguments that the court denied, and even with a court appointed lawyer, prepared and filed his own papers, requiring that the plaintiff’s attorney prepare and file a motion to strike them and thus, costing the plaintiff additional legal fees. Remember, “take their money” was one step to destroy “BGI social justice warriors.”

Along with his public display of  taking credit that his dilatory tactics are hurting his victim financially, i.e., “take their money,” he also credits himself with silencing a person on Twitter.

Piercy's boast of silencing The Hood Report

Earlier this year, there was an interesting exchange on Annette Kelly’s blog. It’s too long for screenshots here, so here is the link to where it begins.  (In case Annette deletes it, I saved that page in pdf.) Annette Kelly, aka @Nettles18, accused attorney Crump of being the direct influence resulting in Florida University withdrawing their scholarship offer to Brian Bell.

Who is Brian Bell? What does the BGI theory have to do with the investigation into the death of Kendrick Johnson and the civil lawsuits? How is the agenda of the internet extortionists being played out in the death of Kendrick Johnson? Continued in Part 2.


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8 Responses to The “BGI” Theory, The Internet Extortionists’ Plan To Destroy It, And The Kendrick Johnson Investigation – Part 1

  1. US Attorney Michael Moore forced to resign as result of frivolous Kendrick Johnson hoax
    U.S. Attorney in KJ case resigns

    Kendrick Johnsons parents admit 1000 times under oath there is ZERO evidence that Kendrick was “murdered”

    you look impossibly stupid once again Xena!

    • Xena says:

      What does Michael Moore’s resignation have to do with anything written on this blog? Are you happy hearing about his resignation and if so, why? What does Kendrick’s parents’ deposition have to do with anything written on this blog? Were you hoping they would testify of evidence they have when the federal investigation is still pending? Do you think that the DOJ filed the motion to stay discovery for no reason?

    • Xena says:

      Well David Piercy (Rusnak), I’ve been waiting for your answers, but now believe that you were doing one of your drive-by trolling exercises.

      • Lmao he’s embarrassed!!
        David’s comments are like an 8th grader trying to impress the cool kids! Immature nonsense from the internet idiot.
        He never has and never will have anything intelligent to add because he doesn’t truly understand anything you write. Because there’s a big difference between parroting others, (copy & paste) & reading comprehension.
        We’re dealing with a 40-something year old man who can’t put a sentence together without dull insults. He will never try to engage you because he knows he’s unarmed in a battle of wits! At least he’s smart enough to know that!! 😯

        • Xena says:

          He tried to engage me on Blackbutterfly7, and because I did not engage him in return, he probably had no idea that I saved his comments, which became progressively more vile and more threatening. When I began embedding his comments, he stopped submitting them. After a year or more of coming to that blog through a Comcast IP, then the college’s computer network, then his Cricket phone and public Wi-Fi, he came here the other night through a proxy IP address. If he only knew what I know. 🙂

          • Are you saying he tried to engage you intelligently, cuz I’ve never seen that before!

          • Xena says:

            Uh, no. 🙂 The comments were mostly vile, threatening, and filled with name calling and racial slurs. For some reason, he likes calling people “retard,” “mentally ill,” “idiot” — stuff like that. More than once, I’ve thought that maybe he was called those names as a child and they hurt him. Hurting people hurt others. It’s learned behavior. But, I’m not here to be his psychologist. He is intentionally causing people harm, and tried causing me harm. His sovereign citizen ideologies of frustrating the courts are already evident.

          • Two sides to a story says:


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