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My Twitter account, @XenaBb7, is protected and has been since it was opened in August 2013.   About 95 percent of my Twitter time is to announce when I publish new blog posts and to tweet out links to other blogs whose posts might be of interest to my Twitter followers.  The other 5 percent of my Twitter time is general chat.  I do not debate on Twitter and spend an average of about 20 minutes a day, in 5 minute increments, on Twitter.

First and foremost, I am a blogger.  I’m not trying to be snooty, and there are no great secrets that I post on Twitter to “hide”.  After a year of being harassed and threatened through comments submitted to my blog that no one knew about unless I publicly made it known, and that I did not respond to, I was not going to open an account on Twitter giving the same perpetrators opportunity to try to bait nor engage me on Twitter.

Recently, I’ve received requests for approval to follow me on Twitter from handles that I only recognize either because they were mentioned by people who are known harassers.  They do not follow my blogs so I must presume that their only reason to follow me on Twitter has something to do with the harassment.  That presumption includes that because they have not posted to this blog, that they must want to engage me in direct messages.

Hopefully, those who I do not approve to follow me on Twitter will understand why.  I will not get involved in trying to discuss harassment on Twitter in 140 characters or less.  What I have to say about it, I write it here on this blog.  If I can’t or won’t share it here publicly, then I won’t share it privately through direct message on Twitter.

On this blog, all comments go to moderation so if anyone wants to share something in confidence, they merely have to say so at the beginning of the comment.

Thanks for your understanding.

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  1. Yeah Last week someone DMed me complaining about that greg guy & asking if i knew about some of the clowns he hangs with.
    At 1st i replied thinking i knew the person, but i dont think i Do know who they are. Some of the ppl they tweet with looked like they’re either a new batch of zimmerlover-like or just new sock accts of the old batch. I didnt really pay Enough attention to what they were talking about, just that some screen names were of Known harassing bigots.
    (I noticed most of those who used to pretend it wasn’t racist at all to act like Zimmerman’s defense was reasonable & its normal to blame dead kids for being stalked and murdered, are now (rightfully) embarrassed and changing twitter names &trying to act all brand new.)

    But i also noticed a few ppl who’ve turned into ZimmerLover-like and i just don’t even know what to say to those ppl.. Its so weird.

    • Xena says:

      Shannon, that’s the thing that hurts and what I’ve put aside for the purpose of this blog. Some people are bigoted, others are bigoted and murderous. I can be cordial to the likes of an Archie Bunker and George Jefferson, but not to Dylann Roof and Adolph Hitler. The Archie and George types don’t like certain people, but they don’t live to plot to destroy their lives. The Dylann and Adolph types would aim to kill me just because I don’t agree with killing.

      There might be hundreds on Twitter who are zimmermanlovers, but I’ve not seen or known them to intentionally set-out to destroy the lives of those they disagree with like the conspirators reported on this blog. If some who previously hung out with the Dylann and Adolph types are now trying to change their image, that’s a good thing. Nothing should come in-between human beings when the good of all is concerned.

      The “them vs us” tone that was set in 2012 continued to divide us so that it came to a point of not what was said, but who said it. Had I warned those on the other side what I saw brewing in January 2015, do you think they would have listened to me?

      Because I only read the several Twitter accounts of those who are/were the initiators and performers of setting people and their families up for doxing and defamation, I am unfamiliar with those who hold opposing views on issues. The only reason I recognize the recent handles of some who asked for approval to follow me on Twitter is as I explained in the post. In my opinion, Twitter is not the place to discuss anything in-depth.

      • rumpole2 says:

        I am probably what you guys would call a “zimmermanlover” I do see him as innocent, having studied ALL the evidence very closely. The TRAVESTY of the case is that any charges were ever brought against GZ. At least the judicial system worked in so far he was found not guilty. If you watched the trial, any other verdict would have been wring.. another travesty of justice.. To continue to deny that is “lynch mob” mentality, but I dont WANT to argue the Zimmerman case. I see that as futile here.
        The Zimmerman case is IRRELEVANT to the Lirette issue. I guess he does pay lip service to the general GZ is innocent point of view, (I dont recall him ever commenting on the GZ case?), but I doubt HE followed that case and the details very closely. I doubt he follows any case closely. He has no need to. His time online is spent grooming, gathering info ( or making it up) and stalking women and threatening. I really dont think it would matter which side of any case or issue this victims were on.

        Belief in GZ’s innocence is a “Red Herring” if you are discussing Lirette’s own (continued) crimes.

        • Xena says:

          My opinion and position regarding the Zimmerman case is posted on Blackbutterfly7, and I’ve said since the verdict that I will not re-litigate the case. I was wrongfully accused, given a career and then given the identity of someone else through the perpetrator’s doxing agenda because of my position on the Zimmerman case. I was maliciously attacked, threatened, and defamed, as well as others who associate with me. For me personally, I cannot look at where we are today without seeing how this all started. Yet, I’m able to see people as individuals. At least, I sincerely try to.

          There are two-sides to both positions. There’s the side that takes the position that Zimmerman deliberately killed Trayvon, and then there’s the side that defended Trayvon because of bigoted racial slurs, dog whistles, and stereotypes that were used against him and an entire race.

          What I observed during the case is that some supported Zimmerman’s action as self-defense, while others made it into a racial issue. They didn’t support Zimmerman but rather, denigrated Trayvon and an entire race of people. As an example of what I mean, during the case, I had a blog roll on Blackbutterfly7 with links to blogs that I followed. Malia Litman’s blog was one. Her focus was on Sarah Palin and she only blogged about the Zimmerman case when something important was reported in the news. I posted comments on Litman’s blog and Chip Bennett came over and engaged me. We had a respectful debate, mainly centered on stand your ground law.

          About 2 days after Chip stopped commenting, in came Vicki. Her comment was about Rev. Sharpton and was veiled with trying to hijack the discussion into the subject of race. No one responded to her.

          Also centered on stand your ground law was the case of Marissa Alexander. When I blogged about it in November 2013, nothing on my blog was said about race. To my amazement, Piercy submitted comments to my blog using the “n” word and his other flavored and favored form of vileness. For the Trevor Dooley case that I also blogged about, the perpetrators submitted no comments. Maybe it was because Trevor, a Black man, was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter for killing a White man. Each time I blogged about a White person being killed, whether by law enforcement or others, the perpetrators withheld their direct harassment, but went elsewhere and accused me of only reporting on Blacks killed by Whites. I was dared and threatened to only report on “black on black crime” or be subject to more defamation until I delete or abandon Blackbutterfly7. Anyone familiar with Blackbutterfly7 knows that I blog about a variety of things, and I report on cases, but I do not blog about “crime” that has no importance on how the judicial system operates. If Piercy, Vicki and Nettles are interested in black on black crime, they have their own blogs.

          I think you get the picture, which is the motivation of the perpetrators and their co-signing peanut galleries. Did you know that Nettles accused me of being Natalie Jackson’s mom, and Jordan2222 (may he rest in peace), co-signed her? Did you know that I was called an old White woman who would run at the sight of Trayvon, but also called a black racist, and New Black Panther? Race is the motivating factor to the perpetrators’ actions.

          I agree with your thoughts that Lirette didn’t follow any case. I don’t think he has any real interest in any social issues. He was blind as a bat and green as grass when he went on attack upon Santiago. According to Lirette, (and yes, we have the screenshots and print-out of his “deposition” on Piercy’s Facebook page), he came to rescue his friends who were allegedly being harassed by Santiago. He believed Piercy’s claim that the restraining order was “invalid.” When Nettles reached out to Lirette to dox Lionheartress and DannyWarrior, how was Lirette suppose to know Nettles’ racial ideologies when both Lionheartress and DannyWarrior are White? I’m pretty sure that he had no clue that Nettles considers them White guilt idiots for not supporting Zimmerman — not because of his guilt nor innocence, but because of the race of the kid he killed.

          Yes, any social issue is a red herring when discussing Lirette’s actions, but knowing why he rode into town is the foundation; the root. My reason for saying that is because if another social issue divides us and a handful of people like Piercy, Pate, Nettles, etc. do what they do and the rest of us do not communicate with each other and stand against it, they will find another Lirette. There will be new victims.

          • kajubitch says:

            Thank you both for some insight as to the origin. I’m the new one that didn’t start seeing any of this til several months ago. I always did wonder what set him off to begin with?!
            All tho, ever time I try to make sense of it, I have to quickly remind myself, that some people are just lunatics, and one cannot negotiate with that segment of supposed humanity. At least, not with words…

          • Xena says:

            No one can make sense of it. For one, why would a person want to help a friend violate an order of the court? To show that it can be done? To cause the victim emotional distress? To cause the victim financial harm because he would have to seek the court to resolve the matter? To provoke the victim? None of it makes sense.

            The scary thing is that if all goes silent, there are still several people who have the personal and private information of their victims. Invasion, violation of personal life, are things used by rapists and extortionists to terrorize their victims. I think that I’ll stop using “cyberharasser” and use instead, “internet rapists.”

  2. Two sides to a story says:

    Was reading up on the history of stalking laws in the US and the natural progression of stalking in real time to cyberstalking. And of course thought of so many online – the victims, the perps.

    • Xena says:

      So many use the word “stalking” when the actual crime is the intent, such as blackmail, extortion, disturbing the peace, (in the various ways that is described by the different states.) The idea is that if not but for the intent, the stalking would not occur. I’ve spoken with police, the department of justice, judges, attorneys, and legislatures, and the problem seems to be that when crime is conducted over the internet, that it all falls under the category of electronic harassment or cyber-crime that goes into a black hole unless the victims are able to describe what type of demands were made or conveyed.

      We have work to do, and that starts with our state and federal legislatures.

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