Is Shaun King White Or Mixed Race?

Vicki Pate has wrongfully accused me, tweeting;

Vicki's Twitter

I don’t often respond to false accusations, but this matter involves an attack on Shaun King that goes beyond his activism and fund raising.  This past weekend, I tweeted a link to information that while Vicki Pate is the source for obtaining Shaun King’s birth certificate, that David Piercy is the person who tweeted it out to media people.  Others on Twitter captured that link and tweeted it out.

Shaun King has written that his mom had an affair with a Black man during her marriage. David Piercy should know from experience that when a married woman gives birth, she must put her husband’s name on the birth certificate, even when she knows he is not the father.

Because Shaun King told the truth about his family, Vicki Pate now accuses him of making his mom look like a whore.

Vicki's tweet denigrating King's mom

It now appears that Vicki Pate is going after the man who is listed as Shaun’s father on his birth certificate.

Vicki going after King's presumed father

David Piercy has several Twitter accounts. His account @P4R4L3G4L is protected. His account @AtheistRadio75 is public. Here are screenshots to verify that the Twitter account AtheistRadio75 is David Piercy. First, Piercy posted documents that only he would have and/or care about.

(I have also downloaded his timeline in pdf format because Piercy has the tendency to delete tweets. Don’t worry about Piercy’s name calling. He’s been calling me names and “racist” for years without ever producing any proof.)

Piercy 1

Next, he tweeted a school document that besides the school, only he would/should have.

Piercy 3

As a side note: Piercy’s above tweet is his effort to defend himself against my statement that he engages in the unlicensed practice of law .   Sorry David, but having an AA, even more than one, is not the same as having a Juris Doctorate and passing the Bar exam to be licensed to practice law.

On his Facebook page david.piercy.77, he likes his Facebook page for “The Conservative” that, as of the writing of this post, is the same avatar as that on his AtheistRadio75 Twitter account.  Piercy also has a blogtalk radio channel titled “The Conservative Atheist” where you will see the same avatar along with his introduction by name and photograph.

Piercy 4

It is through the AtheistRadio75 Twitter account that David Piercy tweeted Shaun King’s birth certificate to, among others, AC360, Wolf Blitzer, Sunny Hostin, Don Lemon, and Carol Costello of CNN.


Based on the above, there is no doubt that Conservative Atheist/@AtheistRadio75, is David Piercy.

David Piercy helped put Shaun King in a position of embarrassment to tell that his mom, while married, had an affair with a Black man.  According to a decision entered by the Court of Appeals of California, Fifth District, Piercy’s Latina wife became pregnant by a Latino man while she was married to Piercy. Piercy, who is White, is listed on the little girl’s birth certificate as her father.

In a decision entered by the Court of Appeals of California, Fifth District, on December 13, 2012, they set forth the following background.  Although I originally presented the exact verbiage of the decision, I received a non-argumentative, respectful request to remove the names of the ex-wife and daughter from what is posted on this blog, and I have done so.

“Piercy and (redacted) were married in January 2009 but did not live together until June 2010. They separated in September 2010. (redacted) gave birth to (daughter) in February 2011. Piercy is listed on the birth certificate as [daughter’s] father. When [daughter] was 4 months old, Piercy filed for divorce. He requested custody of [daughter]. (redacted) opposed that request declaring that Piercy had created a hostile living situation and had not provided any financial support. (redacted) also declared that Carlos Salcido, the man she was living with, was [daughter’s] father and that he provided both financial and emotional support to her and [daughter].”

“The trial court ordered a DNA test and concluded that David is not [daughter’s] biological father.  The Court of Appeals decided that the trial court did not err in denying Piercy’s request for custody and visitation. Although Piercy qualified as a presumed father under California Family Code section 7611, the presumption was properly rebutted. (redacted) and Salcido are [daughter’s] biological parents.”

The Court’s full decision  can be read here.  Therefore, Piercy knows that just because Shaun King has a father on his birth certificate, does not mean that the man is his biological father anymore than Piercy, a White man, is the biological father of a child created by two Latino parents.

When the daughter grows up and if she applies for scholarships set-aside for Latino students, or enters activism for Latino equal rights, how would he feel if someone like them gets her birth certificate and accuses her of lying about her race?

Even more importantly, how would Piercy feel if the daughter had to publicly come forward and air her mom’s private life and extra martial affairs?

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17 Responses to Is Shaun King White Or Mixed Race?

  1. yahtzeebutterfly says:

    It seems that the more effective and talented civil rights workers and equal justice advocates are, the more upset are the haters, the racists, and the White Supremacists.

    Our country is fortunate to have people like Shaun King and you, Xena, who advocate for social justice and equality.

    People who live by fear & hate and who spread hate need to be stopped. Shame on VP and DP for their attempts to damage various people’s reputations and their attempts to thwart the positive work of good-hearted individuals.

    • Xena says:

      Hey Yahtzee!
      I became aware of Shaun King because of retweets by others to my timeline. The retweets were the tweets of folks calling Shaun King a “whigger.” Maybe because King writes and tweets often, Pate and her co-conspirators think that he’s the one to target. It was my impression that the messengers/heads of the Black Lives Matter Movement are several women.

      At any rate, it’s because of their ignorance and Piercy’s hypocrisy that I wrote this. Piercy’s experience is a perfect indication that married women giving birth have to put their husband’s name on the birth certificate even when she and/or the husband know that he is not the biological father. There are probably thousands if not millions of American families that have had the same experience, which means that Pate is merely showing her ignorance as she continues to bark on King’s birth certificate.

      • yahtzeebutterfly says:

        “There are probably thousands if not millions of American families that have had the same experience, which means that Pate is merely showing her ignorance as she continues to bark on King’s birth certificate.”


  2. doubtlesss says:

    Most repugnant of all is that it is actually VP who is calling Shaun’s mom a whore. And she delights in it.

    • Xena says:

      Shaun King should ask Vicki if she was married when having her daughter. Ask what she does for companionship, and what her daughter does for companionship other than taking photos of G. Lirette in a red shirt. Seriously, a legitimate news source should interview her and ask questions about her private life and see if she likes it.

  3. This is hilarious! Just desserts…just desserts…

    • Xena says:

      Just as expected, Piercy deleted his twitter timeline. Maybe he thinks that Don Lemon will forget the handle that tweeted, or did not print out the tweet he received about Shaun King’s birth certificate. I wish that Lemon would interview Vicki and David and ask how many other people they have gotten documents about where the documents were not “public” until they posted them online? Heck! Donald Trump could not get President’s Obama’s “long form” hospital birth certificate.

      • doubtlesss says:

        I’ve been wondering if VP doesn’t fraudulently & illegally use Westlaw as her source.

        • Xena says:

          Westlaw is a subscribed service for case decisions, briefs, statutes, etc. At times, it is provided for free to paralegal students during the semester where they are taught how to conduct case research. The program is provided with limitations, however. The same can be true for law offices.

          Law offices that concentrate in bankruptcy have other subscribed services for conducting research on property ownership, titles, liens, etc. With the passing of bankruptcy reform around 2004, the government became more strict on attorneys that prepare bankruptcy petitions, including eliminating potential litigation over the ownership of property that debtors did not tell their attorneys about.

          To prepare a bankruptcy petition, a current credit report is necessary. It’s important because the attorney will want to include all creditors and not miss anything.

          If Piercy is indeed interning for a bankruptcy attorney, and if he has access to the subscribed services, there is reason to believe that he would use those services without authority.

          • doubtlesss says:

            WestlawNext has a people search that provides an amazing array of personal information to which one has to CERTIFY what they are using the information for.

          • Xena says:

            Thanks for the info, doubtless. The other subscribed services also require certification for why they are accessing the information. From what I understand, Shaun King’s birth certificate that Vicki acquired is the one prepared by the hospital and is not the county’s legal document. How did she get it? Was she honest in requesting it? Those are the questions. I’m pretty sure there’s some paper trail and/or payment record.

  4. Two sides to a story says:

    Wow. I knew these folks were crazy and working overtime, but I didn’t realize how deeply hypocritical DP is. Actually, I don’t think they even care – most of their fun is not about dealing in truth but in racist harassment. By the way, have you checked out GZ tweets and VP’s recent blog post about him? Shameless, but karma is immutable, something they haven’t figured out yet.

    • Xena says:

      Hey Two sides. Yes, I read all the news about Zimmerman’s tweets. No, I didn’t know that Vicki recently blogged about Zimmerman. I’m not interested in her opinions or positions on anything. Oh, I think they have karma figured out, but they probably believe it’s okay as long as they take others with them, so to speak.

      • Two sides to a story says:

        Ha! No taking others with you karmically and if they have that fantasy . . . I’m not interested in VPs opinions on Zimmerman either – well, we pretty much know already . . . only that he openly replied in support . . . bit by bit, he exposes himself publicly. Just as knowledge of VPs shenanigans are becoming common knowledge. Infamy.

  5. Administrator’s note. Sorry blacksplainer, but your comment is way off topic. This post is not about Shaun King nor about Black lives matter. Rather, it’s about the people who perpetrated the slander when the person who tweeted out Shaun’s birth certificate to the media knows better because frankly, he’s in the same shoes as the man listed on King’s birth certificate as his father. David Piercy is on the birth certificate for a child that he did not father. (Did you bother to check the court decision pertaining to that? The link is embedded in the post.) That child and Piercy are not the same race.

    Hopefully, the child won’t grow up and be attacked by people such as Piercy and Vicki Pate to accuse her of lying about her race when she says she is Latino. They might say, “See. It says right here on her birth certificate that her father is David Piercy and he is White. OMG! Everybody run for the hills. She’s perpetrating fraud and a race hoax for money!”

    What the perpetrators of “Shaun King is White” take advantage of is ignorance. Anytime a woman giving birth is married, her husband’s name is placed on the birth certificate. If the husband has reason to believe he’s not the father, he must go through a legal process. Most men don’t go that far unless issues arise such as child support and inheritance. Piercy’s now ex-wife went to court because Piercy tried getting custody of the little girl after his wife left him a second time and went back to the real dad.

    If you don’t like or trust Shaun King, and if you’re afraid of the future of Black Lives Matter, that is your problem. I’m not allowing you to bring it here.

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