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On August 16, 2015, I posted David Piercy Wants To Be A Lawyer.   In the comment section, on August 17, 2015, Michael Thacker/Academy City posted the following;

“Academy City

I think it is high time, beyond time that everyone goes back to their own corners and take a deep breath and stop this never ending circle of internet hatred. This “war” began in the Trayvon Martin trenches and it is obvious some people have trouble letting go. I will not go into the ins and outs of everything that has transpired over the past couple of years, but will just say that I had a conversation with Santiago..and you know what? I found him to be quite an ok dude. I am sure that if peeps would take a moment and get to know another on a human level, it is easier to step away and say “Hey, this isn’t just the internet”. “

“Things have happened, and things have been said. I said my piece to Santiago about it, I made my post about it and it is time for me to move to other pastures. “

“Before that, I want it to be known (and I am going on record here) that I cut DP out of my internet conversation a long time ago. His anti-Christian hatred and his obsession with the personal fights got to be overwhelming and you heard it from me he is a toxic internet presence and I am not so sure if his online versus real life demeanor is two separate entities. I had no clue the level of Annettek and VP endeavors, but I have indeed watched certain people go from Mostly Harmless to outright vindictive and mean spirited. I have never encouraged anyone to act out, but I do understand that people take things said and run with that ball..and for that I am, as I said to Santiago, sorry.”

“I came from the old usenet flame groups, and I realize that this isn’t what the internet is anymore.”

“Xena, all I want is out. I have things going on in the real world that I want to focus my energies on. I don’t want to be distracted by all this nonsense anymore..from any side. Rumpole is a good “internet” friend to me, and watching my friend get pummeled by a random stranger telegraphs to me that it isn’t good, for any of us to continue.”

“Lastly, if DP, VP, AK or any of the myriad of personal internet peeing contest members read here..STOP IT. Take some time off, get out of the house and start enjoying life. If you truly do “follow” the things I say? Leave Xena, Santiago, and anyone contrary to your life viewpoints the heck alone.”

“BTW..flightattendentfailures? No longer a WordPress site as of this morning I noticed.”

When I published the About section to this blog on July 4, 2015, I wrote:

“This blog is not my priority, and it comes with negotiation.  If the subject person should find it upon herself to delete her defamation blog, then I have no problem deleting this one.  If not, as time continues, on these pages will be reported the conspiracy and each individual who collude with her and their role in it, including screenshots of their comments, threats, blog posts, and threats to other bloggers.    It will serve as a road map for law enforcement, and as a means of support to other targeted victims.”

When Academy City informed me that the defamation blog had been deleted, I replied that I had to be candid – I do not trust the perpetrators.   Rather than deleting this blog, I would place it on private where people need a password to read and participate. If I saw the same defamation, mocking, and demeaning again, I would make this blog public again.   Academy City responded:

“Academy City says:

“If there is an issue where you need to continue documenting D and VP, then I don’t want you to stop or disappear this or any blog. This is just my personal statement to you that I am ending any perceived antagonism or internet back and forth that may appear between yourself and I from this moment forward. That’s all I can do, exile myself from the debate. It wouldn’t do good to rehash, we know the layout of the road..I am just after peace and a peaceful mind. If I could stop them for you, I would. That said, I agree with your rehashing commentary above, so long as you understand that it is my personal comments (i.e. what I can personally control)..I will ride off into the sunset and wish you well. I mean that in all seriousness.”

Pen and paper istockTaking Michael Thacker/Academy City at his word, I am going to do some editing on those posts where I have referred to Michael Thacker to alert readers of his comment and his willingness to move on. At this juncture, I cannot delete nor make this blog private because the same day that the defamation blog was deleted, David Piercy progressed in his harassment.   Then this happened;

A person commented here referencing that @P4R4L3G4L/ David Piercy, played a supporting role with Gregory Lirette in having her Twitter account suspended. Lirette submitted a comment and I felt it was only fair to approve it for public posting since he had been mentioned. Actually, I don’t remember if it was that comment or his second comment, but I did edit one because he confused this blog with another blog. In other words, his comment went beyond being a response to the person who said that Piercy played a supporting role with Lirette in having her Twitter account suspended.

Lirette submitted a very, very long comment, documenting his history on Twitter and his encounters with others. As I was deciding what to do with and/or about it, Lirette submitted another comment alleging that I allowed Rumpole to come here and harass him. I asked Lirette for his suggestion on what I could do so he doesn’t feel he is being harassed. Before I checked back here for comments waiting in moderation, Santiago contacted me saying that Lirette restored certain websites that talk about defame him and his family because I edited his comment and had not released his other comment out of moderation.  Santiago is was a writer for the blog Blackbutterfly7.  Wrongfully thinking that this blog is on Santiago’s behalf and that Santiago has privileges to moderate comments, Lirette attacked Santiago.

At that point, I did not feel obligated to do anything about his comments in moderation.

I suppose that Lirette assumes that I and Santiago are joined at the hip because of the following:

Vicki's Facebook

Please note the date on her Facebook page when she said the page is gone but not the information.  It was on January 9, 2015.


Lirette's boasting about Santiago having his own website

Yes, Lirette first practiced his handiwork on a man, Santiago.

As a side-note, in April 2017, I heard from Vicki Pate regarding that post on her blog being taken down.  She told me that she voluntarily removed it because she has no proof that my real name is “Barbara Wells” and that the unemployment case decision she posted has anything to do with me.

No, this blog is not on Santiago’s behalf but to show the methods and collusion that goes on to violate law, both state electronic communications harassment, and federal laws.  Indeed, the motivation behind the doxing and posting the personal and private information of individuals and their families comes with intent to punish them for exercising their constitutional rights to free speech and free associations.

As an example, Lirette’s actions the other day are to punish Santiago for his association with me.   What I did is under the authority of options that Word Press provides to blog administrators to moderate comments.

In case you missed of forgot other posts on this blog, Lirette took down the website that he opened specifically about Santiago, and he also took down the material from other websites. Here on this blog, I gave Lirette credit for being a man of his word for removing that material from the internet. Now, he has betrayed that trust. That is another reason to keep this blog public. As long as that material is in the hands of the perpetrators, they can use it.

The following is from Greg Lirette’s public Twitter account on July 17, 2015 before it was suspended.

Lirette 1Lirette 2Lirette 3

Here are the above tweets in chronological order that Greg Lirette tweeted above;

“Okay so since you brought this topic up in the open I want to address something else about it. 1st I am not upset that Santiago mentions me in the blog he is doing it for context as I am now a part of the story but I want to point out that I took ALL the blogs down several times for them to only return when ppl started their crap back …also…when Twitter changes their TOS and abuse policy I took all blogs down to give a fresh start. The ones that are up are due to ongoing abuse. Santiago did not attack me there was no reason to take his site back up it would have been going back on my word.”

Evidently, Piercy and Nettles did not know that Lirette had taken those sites down and they tried to give Lirette a reason for restoring them.  Their reason was fictitious because Santiago does not write for this blog.   The few posts he wrote for my other blog are mainly about his case involving Piercy.

Another reason to keep this blog public is because yesterday, I discovered that Stand-Up-and-Say-NO-to-Cyber-Harassment-KEEP-CALM-AND-CARRY-ON-Image-Generator-brought-to-you-by-the-Ministry-of-Information-260x300Piercy has opened a Word Press blog for the sole purpose of demeaning and harassing me and Santiago and others who associate with Santiago.

Additionally, the blanc_papillon7 Twitter account is still live, although as of the writing of this post, it has not been used since late April 2015.

The extortioners have provided me with 3 years of comments and experience to share.  In other words, this blog shall remain public.

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31 Responses to Update About This Blog

  1. mindyme62 says:

    It boggles the mind of normal people that they have gotten away with this for so long. Oh to be a fly on the wall when they get theirs. And we all know it’s coming. 🙂

    • Xena says:

      They got away with it in 2012-2013 because most of their victims depended on hosting companies to handle the problem or just ignored them. Youtube suspended Piercy’s account and in violation of their terms of service, he opened another one, and that was repeated about 5 times from 2013 through 2014. Thereafter, people decided to ignore what he does on Youtube. Many people have also moved on and are no longer on social media.

      He has had numerous soc accounts on Twitter suspended. He’s back the same day under another handle. The same is true for Vicki Pate.

      They combined their efforts around 2013 and progressed with each one participating in what they felt they were best at and in doing so, the majority of people do not see the conspirators working together.

      The thing with restraining orders is something that Piercy has been doing for a long time starting with the biological father of his wife’s child. (The court has denied Piercy every restraining order petition he has requested.) Piercy holds to sovereign citizenship ideologies, paper terrorizes the courts, and does so for free since his income is exempt and his court fees are waived.

      They have built up some bad karma for themselves.

      • Umm. how does david decide to be a sovereign citizen while still living in government subsidized housing paying $27 per month??
        or using government programs to attend technical training classes??
        or using government food stamps to get free food??

        Or how does he start identifying as a ‘conservative’ when he’s living off the government??
        meanwhile he sat around telling everyone else to get a job & stop living off welfare etc…

        personally i found out a while ago, that all those same fools who spent their whole day racially attacking the characters of dead black boys & men, were the same one’s with the criminal records, living off welfare, just like their hero zimmerman.

        he’s not the brightest bulb in the chandelier.

        • Xena says:

          Shannon, let’s add to that. While married, Piercy’s wife gave birth to a child that he did not father, yet he and his race are on the birth certificate of a child that is Latina BECAUSE the mom was married to Piercy. Piercy, knowing that he is not the biological father, argued in court that he is the “presumed” father because of the marriage. He had the nerve to tweet Shaun King’s birth certificate out to news sources and now Vicki is demanding that King have a DNA test to prove he is not 100 percent White. Piercy may not understand that his participation in that ploy might pay forward karma upon his step-daughter one day having to prove that she is not White and airing her mom’s private business.

          • Piercy wouldn’t know that normal ppl actually protect kids, even kids that aren’t theirs biologically. parents understand there’s things we don’t burden our children with & that parents make decisions in the best interest of their child & we don’t question those other parents decisions because we don’t know their circumstances.

            vicki can go pound sand cuz nobody GAF what she “demands!”
            she should be grateful that nobody cares who she is or what she thinks, she wouldn’t want anyone else, (other than her objects of obsession), to know that she’s a creepy ass hate hag.

        • Xena says:

          BTW, Piercy’s sovereign citizenship ideologies hold that he is entitled to all government services, and whatever else he wants even from private parties, because he is sovereign. In other words, he thinks that he has the right while others do not.

          • i thought it was the opposite, that they didn’t believe the government didn’t get to ‘control’ them. and since he’s getting government housing the government controls every waking moment of his life.

          • Xena says:

            Shannon, sovereign citizens do not see it that way. Think along these lines — Sovereign citizens think they are Masters of the federal government so they will use it, while saying it has no power to make laws and all amendments to the constitution are invalid.

          • yahtzeebutterfly says:

            “…since he’s getting government housing the government controls every waking moment of his life.”

            You have made a good point, Shannon, that DP is not in control of his life (nor has the ability to be in control of his own life)…. probably really bugs him. I think this results in his acting out on internet the way he does.

    • Hear! Hear! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 there is such freedom in embracing the concept that Karma is a bigger bitch than I’ll ever be.

  2. Two sides to a story says:

    Have courage – the light wins!

  3. Xena says:

    Message to “f”. I think you meant your comment for another blog.

  4. Academy City says:

    Yeah, considering that I saw a small shot across my bow on another blog (very stealthily I might add) I don’t want to see this blog go away until they start leaving well enough alone. Ridiculous behavior they demonstrate.

    • Xena says:

      Oh-oh. It must be a blog that I don’t follow nor care to. Only if you want, you can let us know what blog it is. I’m curious. It is ridiculous behavior. I would say obsessive.

      • Academy City says:

        Oh no worries, it was very subtle on the vp blog comments it was attacking you and they used a stealth Aussie slang term..knowing I am in Australia now. I’m not bothered unless that person goes overt.

        • Xena says:

          Thanks Mike. I see. She doesn’t like us being civil. I suppose we should start a really ugly debate about something, such as if kangaroos hop or jump. 🙂 One of my favorite movies is William Holden’s last film, The Earthling. It was filmed in Australia. How do you like it there?

          • Academy City says:

            Yep..also starring a young Rick Schroeder. Maybe we can get into an argument about whether drop bears are real? Kangaroos jumping or hopping are more a matter of perspective :D. It’s lovely country to be honest, very laid back and friendly for the most part. Just have to get used to the slang..it took me a while to get “How you goin’?”

          • Xena says:

            What the heck are “drop bears”? LOL!

            I felt that Bill Holden didn’t get proper credit for that movie, probably because he was already over the hill during a time when younger actors were climbing the ladder.

            Here’s a Youtube channel of an Aussie. You might pick up some of the lingo. Other than him, the only slang I know comes from Crocodile Dundee. 🙂


          • Academy City says:

            And for what it’s worth, William Holden was the man.

          • Xena says:

            LOL! Okay. I suppose in order to determine if it’s true, there should be reported attacks and not just attacks, but attacks of death and eating prey. Or, could these be animals protecting their territory? Or, is it all a rumor?

            I like the actors before my time, that still had a chance to act during my time. I remember not thinking much about Robert Mitchum until seeing him in the movie “Farewell My Lovely.” I saw it after the Superman movies and when I saw Jack O’Halloran, I recognized him from Superman II. In fact, I think I’ll look that movie up to see if I can watch it this weekend. The other night, I caught Starman. I had forgotten what a great job Jeff Bridges played in that role.

          • yahtzeebutterfly says:

            Wow. The drop bear sounds much more dangerous than the sabertooth sloth!

          • Xena says:

            Oh-oh. Is there a sabertooth sloth story too? LOL!

          • Academy City says:

            Lol I thought the Vegemite behind the ears would have given it away, they’re like sending new campers on a Snipe hunt. I will tell you something else, you have excellent taste in movies. I prefer older films. My all time favorite will always be The Longest Day as it had everyone who was a grade a actor at the time.

            Anyway, I’m off for the weekend. We’re going to see Patrick the Wombat in Ballarat..the worlds oldest and largest wombat in captivity for his 30th birthday celebration. Take care.

          • Xena says:

            Duh! (face palm) Yeah, the Vegemite. Causes one to smell like a vegetable. LOL!

            We trick people out here with snipe hunting and cow tipping.

            I love movies, old, new and in-between. Only, in the past 10 years or so, by the time I see a “new” movie it’s already old. 🙂

            The Longest Day — Steve McQueen — gone too soon.

            Enjoy your weekend and tell Patrick the Wombat happy 30th birthday from us here in the U.S.

  5. Xena says:

    I might as well put this on blast so people can see the obsession of David Piercy. If you visit there, you will see how he blatantly violates the restraining order entered by the court. Piercy uses a handle that he once used to demean Frederick Leatherman. What was Leatherman doing to him in July 2015 when Piercy opened that blog? Nothing. Piercy incorporates my name, and uses a photoshopped image of the Hood Report who has never posted anything to Blackbutterfly7, much less written for that blog. The rest consists of photoshopped images of Santiago to harass and demean him.

    Piercy posted the same images on one of his Twitter accounts. On that same account, he posted documents that he was filing with the court that only he would have, thereby verifying his ownership of that account. Twitter subsequently suspended that account, but not before screenshots were taken.


    • Nothing but juvenile pics on that dumbass piercy’s ‘blog’.
      but it really shows who he is mentally. a stark raving envious idiot.
      and i’m glad he’s going to too busy finding someone dumb enough to allow him to grift off of them so he won’t have to stalk ppl from a park bench.

      but on the bright side, he’s looking at a whole lotta 3 hots & a cot, courtesy of the state of california &for good long while.

      • Xena says:

        He’s pretty much been MIA since about the 27th. Actually, I pity him. That does not mean that I think he should not be held accountable for his actions. His problems are of his own making. He took harassment beyond the internet into the personal lives of his target victims but he is the person who is suffering.

        • Yeah, the only reason why i may, someday, if he suffers enough, have an ounce of compassion for him is bcuz he didn’t actually kill an unarmed child. But what he said about that dead child & his parents to defend a murderer is unforgivable. So i may feel pity for such a miserable loser, I’ll never forgive that kind of person.

          • Xena says:

            That’s the thing, Shannon. He and his co-conspirators have freedom of speech to express their opinions. They crossed the line, however, when they take certain actions to punish us and others for exercising that same right. They were free to say whatever they wanted about Trayvon and other victims, their families, etc. But they want silence about Zimmerman and others charged with murder.

            Their method of doxing, dishonesty, defamation and other actions in effort to force that silence are wrong and illegal. Thinking about it more, I think that I feel pity on DP because he refuses to learn better, to change. He places more priority on hurting others than he does to matters regarding his own life.

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