Why Annette E. Kelly Subscribes To Follow Blackbutterfly7

If you haven’t already, please read the introduction.

As reported on this blog, first, the conspirators threatened to ruin my reputation unless I deleted the blog, Blackbutterfly7.  When that failed, they sent comments to other bloggers threatening their careers and reputations for associating with them.  When that failed, one of the conspirators filed 4 frivolous DMCA take-down requests for photos from his public Twitter account and stated that he would continue filing DMCA take-downs until Blackbutterfly7 was taken down by Word Press.

When that failed, and what continues currently on the misspelled titled blog, is to mock and humiliate those who post comments on Blackbutterfly7 in an attempt to render it inactive.

Annette Kelly’s subscription to follow Blackbutterfly7 is to serve another purpose for her and the other White Supremacy extortionists who do not want people of different races associating together.

On November 23, 2013, I engaged the My Community widget on Blackbutterfly7.

After seeing the My Community widget in operation on Blackbutterfly7, I suppose that David Piercy could not control himself and on the post wishing everyone Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Hanukkah, he submitted a racially bigoted comment, disrespecting the topic of the holidays, and brought up George Zimmerman.

Piercy's comment to Happy Thanksgiving

I ignored Piercy. About two weeks later, on December 11, 2013, “JJ” sent a comment to Blackbutterfly7.

JJ's commentJJ's comment pt 2

(As you can see, the email address is fake. Don’t worry about the IP address because it’s a proxy.)

The article that JJ represents as one about “black thugs in IL” was published October 13, 2015. The first paragraph mentioned the names of 7 individuals, one of whom is Ethan Saylor.

Ethan Saylor 3

Ethan Saylor


Did Ethan Saylor look like a “black thug”?



I’ve read them on Twitter asking why the deaths of Whites killed by cops don’t get attention.  Well, they have blogs and can write about those stories, but the point here is that when I do blog about Whites killed by cops, the extortionists exercise racial tunnel vision and allege that I only report on Whites who are killed by Whites. They miss or ignore the details of what happened to John Wrana and for some of these cases that I’ve written about, I haven’t a clue what race the killer(s) is/are. The victims were living human beings whose lives were taken from them. Their loved ones grieve. Some looked for justice from the legal system, but were betrayed by that same system.

Grief, like death, does not discriminate.

That is what makes their stories important to write about — the surrounding circumstances; when the killer should not have had a gun; irresponsible gun owners; excessive force used by law enforcement who are privileged to a quasi-judicial system operated by their co-workers.

Notice want JJ said,

“Yeah you have a few stupid white people on your blog who are a laughingstock but you sure know how to USE THEM don’t you “Xena”???

Now, JJ was admitting that there are Whites who participate on my blog! Ahhh — the My Community widget provided something that they cannot refute.  However, JJ interjected a reason for why Whites voluntarily subscribe to follow Blackbutterfly7 — I am purportedly using them.

The same day that JJ submitted the above comment, Michael Thacker, (thehoff71) practiced ventriloquism by asking his own question and answering it by putting words in my mouth. He subsequently deleted his blog, stillnotguilty.wordpress.com, but not before we captured screenshots.

Here is Thacker on the same day that JJ submitted the above comment;

Thacker's ven comment pt 1

Thacker’s comment was on the subject of George Zimmerman and the alleged opinions of those who do not support Zimmerman.

As he continued, he could not help but to bring up Christi O’Connor.  Christi O’Connor is an independent journalist who interviewed Shellie Zimmerman about her divorce from George. When George was charged with domestic violence, O’Connor reported on it.

Here’s the rest of Thacker’s comment;

Thacker's ven comment pt 2

Thacker could not present his opinion about O’Connor without interjecting me into it.   I don’t try guessing O’Connor’s motivation for writing about Zimmerman. I reported what she wrote because it is of interest. But, please notice, Thacker addresses that people of different races are participating on my blog, and he states that is why he does what he does — defames and lies to interfere in the free association of people regardless of their race.

I realized that not only was he playing ventriloquism, but that his reference to “wonderful white folks” was because of the My Community widget. Seeing the gravatars of a diverse community, the extortionists could no longer allege that those following my blog and posting comments were all “black racists,” nor that they are all my socks.

It is not by coincidence that Thacker and JJ would infer their knowledge of the My Community widget on the same day by alleging that I use White people who follow and/or participate on Blackbutterfly7. Those who subscribe to follow Blackbutterfly7 do so voluntarily, as we shall see as it pertains to Annette Kelly.

Please bear with me while I go back a few weeks before engaging the My Community widget on Blackbutterfly7.  On November 10, 2013, the following comment was submitted;

Distraction comment

The person who submitted the above comment did so for the post about David Castellani, a 20-year old college student who was kicked and punched by at least 5 police officers. While handcuffed behind his back, a K-9 was let loose on him pulling off portions of his scalp and biting his neck, requiring more than 200 stitches, resulting in nerve damage and permanent shoulder damage. David was charged with aggravated assault, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest and assault on a police dog.

David Castellan beatingA grand jury failed to find any fault of any of 5 police officers that beat David within an inch of his life then allowed a dog to maul him. How dare I report the circumstances of David Castellani’s brutal beating and arrest! I was suppose to only report on “thugs”, right?

Who is obsessed with George Zimmerman? Who is obsessed about race? Who is angry that Whites post comments on Blackbutterfly7? Who is angry when race is not an issue in everything I blog? Who is angry when those commenting do not discuss race? I would say that the commenter above is the one who is angry and obsessed.

Notice how the commenter of the November 10, 2013 comment mentioned “A’s” blog and alleged that it is “hugely popular.” I remember that Sundance banned Annette from the conservative treehouse blog.   When Sundance decided to stop the daily open threads about George Zimmerman, he did not recommend that his readers go to Thacker’s blog, neither Piercy’s blog, nor Vicki Pate’s blog. Rather, he recommended that they go to Diwataman’s blog. To the best of my knowledge, diwataman never interfered, harassed, nor falsely accused me or any other blogger who he disagrees with. I don’t agree with diwataman’s racial ideologies, but I respect him for not using them in attempt to disrupt, harass, dox and threaten with defamation when others disagree with him.

Annette E. Kelly went to diwataman’s blog.  In announcing that Annette would have her own open discussion thread on the George Zimmerman case, diwataman wrote;

“You can check this post here for any of the latest news in the comment section and discuss it to your liking. This however not license to Sundance bash or post whatever the hell anyone wants so if it goes south I’m closing this section down.”

Annette didn’t stay on diwataman’s blog managing her own open discussion section for long. She opened her own blog. It was exclusively about George Zimmerman and yes, she allowed bashing and defamatory comments about bloggers, (including myself), to be posted on her blog .

After the verdict in Zimmerman’s case, and after his incident with Shellie and the divorce, participation on Annette’s blog dwindled. Her participants were divided on whether or not Zimmerman was a loose cannon. Annette took to running month long open discussion threads.   As of the publishing of this post on July 31, 2015, she has only posted two articles to her blog this year, and only about 3 people showed up to comment.

Back To The My Community Widget

Let me pause here for a moment and explain how the My Community widget works. It’s controlled by Word Press through three different options. A blog administrator can choose to show the gravatars of those who post comments, and/or those who click “like” and/or those who are subscribed followers. All three, two, or one option can be chosen. The program randomly selects and shows a maximum of 50 gravatars.

At first, I selected all three options, which meant that when subscribed followers were signed into their Word Press account and visited the blog, that their gravatar appeared under My Community.

Here’s Annette;

Annette lie

Here’s the truth;

(Other followers have been redacted, and because I wanted to capture the date that the screenshot was taken from the Admin side of Blackbutterfly7, I also redacted portions of my task bar. The screenshot was taken July 25, 2015.)

Annette's subscription

If there is no hidden agenda, then she would have no reason to lie.

Annette E. Kelly (aka Nettles 18) subscribed to follow Blackbutterfly7 right around the time that she opened a password protected post on her blog to discuss race.

Blog administrators have no control over who subscribes to follow their blog. Bloggers have approached Word Press for why there is no option to block certain people from following our blogs. We can’t stop them from reading, but it would be good to stop them from trying to sabotage or play extortion games as Annette does in this case.

Annette visited Blackbutterfly7 so often that her gravatar began appearing daily. People who participate commented about it. They didn’t like it. Annette disagrees with our belief that all men are created equal.  She is one who, and encourages others to, dox others, including the family members of the deceased and witnesses, for what appears to be intimidation.

I explained to them that Annette had not posted a comment, nor clicked like. She was visiting – lurking, and the program picked up her gravatar and placed it under My Community because she subscribed to follow Blackbutterfly7 and was signed into her Word Press account while lurking. They didn’t understand why Annette would subscribe to a blog that she disagrees with and allows to be defamed on her blog, and thought maybe it was an effort to deceive Blackbutterfly7 followers to come to her unpopular blog. While that may have been an underlying reason, I was more focused on JJ’s and Thacker’s comments.

If Annette, who is opposed to Blackbutterfly7 appeared under My Community, it could be used to advance and support Thacker’s ventriloquist scheme. Now it’s my turn to play ventriloquist — he could then say, “See! Nettles’ gravatar is on Blackbutterfly. Xena allows the gravatars of Whites who disagree with her to appear on her blog to give other Whites the impression that she is credible. ”

They assumed that my only option would be to disengage the My Community widget so they could return to their accusation that it’s a “black racist hate blog” with 4 people — all my sock puppets.

hyposisFor their theory to work, it would mean that I twisted the arms of Annette and all non-Black followers to click the follow button on Blackbutterfly7 without first reading the blog and deciding for themselves.

Or, maybe I have some hypnotic power that forces people to click the follow button.

To prevent Annette’s face from appearing on my blog under My Community, I deselected one option for that widget, only allowing the gravatars of those who click “like” or post a comment to appear. I suspect that if I changed the option, we would see her gravatar face under My Community on Blackbutterfly7 within hours, if not minutes.

Since that scheme failed, they returned to their old defamation scheme with a twist;

Useful flock accusation

A year later, they added a false allegation that I’m “anti-cop” and rinsed and repeated “pro-thug and the term “useful” that JJ and Thacker applied to Whites.

Now that I think about it, and so Annette can be useful as an idiot, I think I’m going to change the options on the My Community widget and see if her gravatar appears.

Thanks for reading.





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13 Responses to Why Annette E. Kelly Subscribes To Follow Blackbutterfly7

  1. What we got here a new one? Great bedtime reading 🙂

    Btw i was tempted to go post the other one to all her “admires” earlier but they’re the same shitbags just turned on their fellow shitbag nettles. But still think nettles shld knw she can’t escape the truth of her really lowbrow behavior. I mean what kinda normal person sits around harassing perfect strangers just to get her rocks off for some child killer slob Zimmerman? Real classy nettles.

    • Xena says:

      “Btw i was tempted to go post the other one to all her “admires” earlier but they’re the same shitbags just turned on their fellow shitbag nettles.”

      Think about this — even the Russians and the United States joined together to kick Germany’s butt in WWII. 🙂

      “I mean what kinda normal person sits around harassing perfect strangers just to get her rocks off for some child killer slob Zimmerman?”

      She went from Zimmerman, to Ferguson, to Black Lives Matter. Whatever her views and opinions, she should respect the same of others and leave them alone. I never did anything to Annette, but she started spreading rumors about me as soon as she learned I was on Twitter. (Yes, Annette. Your peeps sent comments to Blackbutterfly7 with the links to your timeline where you told lies about me. And yes, I still have those comments.)

      She has no problem trying to pick fights to divide and conquer, and like throwing up disagreements that others have had. For example, just around the time that I opened my Twitter account, Santiago and The Hood were having words. That was in August 2013 and Annette still throws that up today each time that The Hood gets on her about something. She’s always telling others to apologize, but she is unforgiving in the relationships of others that is none of her business.

      Now she’s using cancer as a reason why people should not upset her? But she has enough good health to continue assisting Piercy in violating the restraining order, I see.

  2. tonydphotog says:

    Wow! These guys really don’t stop!

    I have a lot of respect for you in how you handle these unstable people!

    • Xena says:

      Thanks Tony, but I didn’t handle them as much as I ignored them online and did what I had to do with law enforcement, both local and federal. It’s a funny kinda strange that they would put so much focus on and effort into harming and destroying others.

  3. doubtlesss says:

    Not sure, but I think the 30 days has expired for her to reclaim her twitter account. Good riddance!

    • Xena says:

      You mean Annette? She deactivated first, but her account was then suspended by Twitter.

      • doubtlesss says:

        Yes, I meant Annette. Normally, when a person deactivates, they have 30 days to reclaim their handle, then it’s open to anyone. How can you tell she was suspended? Thanks, Xena.

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