Why Annette E. Kelly Subscribes To Follow Blackbutterfly7 – Introduction

By doing nothing more than using a widget provided by Word Press, and without knowing or thinking how the extortionists perceive it, I interfered with the lies of the White Supremacist extortionists. To present how this happened, I want to give readers more than just my say-so.  To prevent a very long post, this portion will introduce you to what led to Annette E. Kelly, (@Nettles18) subscribing to Blackbutterfly7, following with WHY she did so.

If you have read the other posts on this blog, then you know that I was attacked by a group of White Supremacists who threatened to destroy my reputation unless I deleted my blog, Blackbutterfly7.  They created a reputation for me, then set out to destroy that reputation.

When I did not delete my blog, they sent comments to other bloggers warning them for associating with me.  In comments on blogs, Twitter, and the misspelled titled defamation blog, they mock those who post comments on Blackbutterfly7, hoping that humiliation will discourage them from participating on that blog.

If they could not defame and harass me enough to delete Blackbutterfly7, then they wanted to render it inactive of participation so that I would stop blogging.

Currently, Vicki Pate claims that she only wrote one post about me for her blog. The below screenshot was taken on July 26, 2015.

Vicki's tweet of lies

When a person lies, there is no reason for their target victims to defend themselves.  Vicki lied. The following is what Vicki Pate tweeted on November 1, 2014;

Vicki's Nov 1 tweet

The link in her tweet above is now dead because Google Blogger removed her defamatory post about me. If not but for that fact, she would not be able to say that she only wrote one post about me.   I failed to keep up with the number of comments that she allows on her blog that disparages and defames not only myself, but also others. This is how Vicki Pate uses deception; she allows a platform for others to do her dirty work anonymously so she can attempt to relinquish accountability. It makes no difference what the topic is about; she allows those off-topic filthy comments to be posted on her blog.

Well, I only wrote one post about Vicki Pate, and that’s because WCTV reported that she posted the sealed by law autopsy photos of Kendrick Johnson on her blog. Those photos had not been released by the court to the public.

The title of my blog post called Vicki a “harasser”, and that she is. Another blogger refers to Vicki as a “troll.”  Twitter permanently suspended 5 of Vicki’s accounts for what is believed to be harassment, and/or violation of a restraining order, and/or posting the personal information of others without their consent.  Numerous posts on her blog are intended to harass.

I posted that article on November 1, 2014.   Notice the date of her tweet; November 1, 2014. Vicki retaliated by intentionally defaming me because I wrote the article about what WCTV reported, and supported my belief that Vicki’s, Annette Kelly’s, and David Piercy’s interest in the Kendrick Johnson case is motivated by their desire to destroy Benjamin Crump’s career as part of what they and Thacker believe is a “BGI” conspiracy in which they are self-appointed destroyers.

Vicki has a reputation for defaming people beyond those on the internet. One such person has filed a lawsuit and although Vicki has knowledge of the lawsuit, she is still dodging service of summons.

Why talk about Vicki in this post about Annette E. Kelly subscribing to Blackbutterfly7? Because @blanc_papillon7 (White butterfly7 in French), came to Twitter the same day that Vicki wrote and tweeted out the link to her defamation post about me. As @blanc_papillon7, Vicki engaged in the lies that Annette Kelly subsequently tried to get “evidence” to support.

As a side note, it’s interesting that Vicki used French in her tweet directed at me about her defamation article, and @blanc_papillon7 appeared on Twitter that same day representing herself with a handle in French.

History – The Foundation And Progression Leading to Annette E. Kelly Subscribing To Follow Blackbutterfly7

While George Zimmerman was awaiting trial, I blogged almost exclusively on the case. After the verdict was handed down on July 13, 2013, two jurors gave interviews to the media, and I was invited by 3chicspolitico to write about the verdict on their blog.

I announced on Blackbutterfly7 that I would be on 3chicspolitico, and lurking extortionists took note. 3chicspolitico focuses mainly on politics, and they know that I have my own blog, so my writing contributions to their blog were to be temporary. The lurking extortionists however, did not know that and they started attacking 3chicspolitico.

Their attack came by way of comments submitted to 3chicspolitico, several from Vicki Pate, and several through proxy IP addresses. There was also impersonation shenanigans to that blog and elsewhere. I won’t post Vicki’s comments to 3chicspolitico, and the harassing and defamatory comments submitted anonymously  to 3chicspolitico now, but will save them for later for a separate post.

On August 13, 2013, someone submitted a comment to Blackbutterfly7 letting me know that harassers had carried their harassment to the comment section of the Orlando Sentinel, and that they included 3chicspolitico in their nasty comments.  (Their identification info has been redacted.)

Comment notifying me of impersonations

On July 13, 2013 when the verdict came down in the George Zimmerman case, Blackbutterfly7 had 68 subscribed followers. The White Supremacists extortionists could not bear thinking that I was writing for a blog with more than 500 subscribed followers.

From the time that Jessica discovered the opening of Blackbutterfly7 in 2012, she alleged that we only had 4 subscribed followers, and that they were all my “socks” or “socs”. For those unfamiliar with that term, it means that one person opens more than one account in various handles. Soc accounts can be used to carry on conversations with oneself, like what people do when using sock puppets. Thus, there might be one person playing the roles of 2, 3, 4, 5 or more others.

From the onset, I engaged the widget on Blackbutterfly7 that shows the number of subscribed followers. Word Press controls that widget, so there is no way of altering the numbers. We were happy when having 2, 4, 6, 10 subscribed followers and having 68 as of July 13, 2013 was fantastic and appreciated.  We grew from there, however, as of October 2013, the extortionists claimed that Blackbutterfly 7 only had 4 people. The below comment is very long. Only the pertinent part is presented here.

4 alleged followers pt 1

Don’t worry about the email and IP address. The email address is fake and the IP address is a proxy. That is how the White Supremacists extortionists do things, although Annette Kelly claims that people should not be anonymous if they want to be accountable. So, there we have it — the extortionists don’t want to be held accountable.

Annette's desire to dox

(Even when people use their real name, if Annette and her co-conspirators cannot find “public information” when doxing them, she alleges it’s not their real name.)

On November 1, 2014 along with Pate’s defamation post, she eventually she got around to the numbers game on Twitter under her handle @blanc_papillon7, and reduced the alleged number of Blackbutterfly7 participants from 4 to 3.

Reduced from 4 to 3

(I only included the first tweet above to show that she is ignorant of how Word Press operates to give “by-lines” for those given approved privileges as authors on blog posts. You can see the by-line in the below screenshot.)

by line

The number of followers, whether on blogs or Twitter, appears to be important to the extortionists. Their concern is almost gang-like, such as “My gang is larger than your gang.” The only reason I paid attention to their number of followers is because of their taunting. The truth is that Thacker, Pate, Piercy and Annette all have or had blogs.

On one of Piercy’s blogs that he subsequently deleted, he had 6 subscribed followers.  On a blog that Piercy has not deleted as of the publishing of this article, he does not show the number of subscribed followers, and has not posted anything to that blog since July 4, 2013.

Pate uses a screenshot from an unidentified Facebook page showing more than a thousand followers to deceive people into believing that they are  subscribed followers to her blog.

Vicki’s Facebook page for her blog was started in August 2013.

Re-Newsit Facebook page

In almost two years, she has only acquired 185 likes on the Facebook page for her blog, and other than changing her profile photo in June, she hasn’t posted anything on her timeline in over 2 months; since May 24, 2015. Scrolling down looking for comments, I found three from two persons.  Vicki didn’t bother to reply to either of them.


Vicki's Facebook Page Likes

It appears that Annette opened her blog in April 2013.   As of the publishing of this post, Annette has not posted anything on her blog since March 18, 2015. That was her second post for this year, with the first being in January 1, 2015. Based on a post she did for Valentine’s day in 2014, she appears to have about 8 subscribed followers.

Michael Thacker opened his current blog in July 2014. As of the publishing of this post, Thacker’s My Community widget shows 9 subscribed followers. I say 9 rather than 10, because one gravatar is Thacker’s. To be fair, it’s not unusual for blog administrators to follow their own blog in order to receive email notifications of new comments with a reply button. Otherwise, we only get a “view comment” button on comment notifications.

Thacker's My Community

What do I care? Why should I care? Are they trying to dig out and have me respond in pride?  Compete? I did not start blogging to gather a large following or build a reputation.  I paid attention to the numbers of their followers only because of their taunting and lies. It is important to them. Why?

When it comes to Twitter — funny thing. Remember that @blanc_papillon7 claimed in the tweet above of having 1,001 Twitter followers. When I checked out @blanc_papillon7’s Twitter followers, they consisted of people selling houses; people teaching French; a person who likes and promotes lingerie; mocking accounts for public figures; people selling jewelry, shears, audio tapes; web designers; some who have never tweeted; some whose timelines only consist of retweets; and someone offering $60 if you take a porn survey. In other words, people who do not follow her because they share in her interest.

Annette’s twitter followers almost mirror those of @blanc_papillon7’s. One follower works for a company that sells “cheap” likes, views, and comments on all social platforms. Another’s  timeline reflects that all her tweets are to sell her services. Annette is followed by BitGoldMine whose timeline consists solely of introducing and selling their wares; a person who hasn’t tweeted for 5 months; another person who hasn’t tweeted since 2012;  and of course, David Piercy under his twitter handle @AtheistRadio75, who, as of the publishing of this post, hasn’t tweeted out anything but has 22 followers, one of which is his other account, @P4R4L3G4L. Then there are news outlets that if you follow them, they follow you back.  Just like @blanc_papillon7, Annette has Twitter followers who do not share in her interests.

Annette Kelly has a Youtube channel that she opened on August 15, 2010.  She has 9 subscribers.

Vicki Pate has a Youtube channel that she opened on March 28, 2009.  She has 6 subscribers.

I prefer to have 100 Twitter followers who share my interests in blogging and in equality for all, than 1,000 who never tweet to me and only follow because they’re trying to sell something. If the hundred that follow me have a hundred followers each, and they tweet links of new posts on Blackbutterfly7 to their followers, those links reach 10,000 people. It’s not the quantity of followers, but the quality and commitment of supporting each other that has meaning, at least to me.  We pay it forward for each other.

After July 2013, many of those who had already subscribed to Blackbutterfly7 were interested in pending trials. I was too. Stand your ground law and self-defense are subjects of interest. The Michael Dunn trial was pending, and then there was Ted Wafer. Curtis Reeves killed Chad Oulson in a Florida movie theatre and was charged with second-degree murder in what has become known as the popcorn murder. We await his trial. It wasn’t and isn’t about the race of victims or perpetrators, but the fact that people are killing other people and claiming they were justified in doing so.

Then there are cases involving law enforcement involved shootings that people are interested in, and mostly because of the circumstances surrounding those shootings, and that the deceased was unarmed.

Subscribed followers to Blackbutterfly7 and those commenting are a diverse group. Some reside in countries where guns are no problem — law enforcement doesn’t even carry them.

Word Press often updates and introduces new widgets. On November 23, 2013, I engaged the My Community widget on Blackbutterfly7.

If you read the thread of comments, you will see how 2dogsonly (@puffytuffy) tried to direct me to pay forward nomination for the Blog of the Year award to blogs that had been inactive since July 2013 and for what appeared, were going to stay inactive. (More on 2dogsonly later.)

When I engaged the My Community widget, it was and is because I want to honor subscribers and participants. It’s a good-looking widget for blogs. I like seeing their gravatars on the blog. They support Blackbutterfly7 and I encourage my followers to visit the blogs of those who appear in “My Community.” What I did not realize is that using that widget on the blog would throw the extortionists for a loop, and they would engage yet another scheme in effort to either support their lies, or attempt to force me to disengage the My Community widget. Annette E. Kelly apparently volunteered in effort to make that happen.

Continued in Why Annette E. Kelly Subscribes To Follow Blackbutterfly7





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20 Responses to Why Annette E. Kelly Subscribes To Follow Blackbutterfly7 – Introduction

  1. scrodriguez says:


    I don’t blog because I am looking for any type of credit. I blog to share thoughts experiences etc…. So to clear the smoke, you have always credited me for my writing. I didn’t expect that. It’s basically a way for me to express what I see, how I feel about it, and what I believe needs to be done.

    • Xena says:

      I don’t know if she flat out lies, or actually speaks from ignorance. They have all posted comments or tweeted things that reveal their ignorance. For example, Annette tweets about Sandra Bland’s family not helping her. The ignorant part of that is, it was a weekend. Lawyers are not opened on weekends to take calls. Airlines don’t book flights for the same or next day unless it involves death/funeral. It’s an 18 hour drive from Naperville where Sandra’s family lives, to the jail in Texas were she was retained. Even with more than one driver, it cannot be assumed that the back-up driver would sleep to be able to take over the wheel. Most people do not jump on the road for an 18-hour trip without some sort of planning.

      She talks about the bond being $500 and the family not coming with that amount. The cash amount is not the only thing that the bondsman would need. There needs to be collateral for the entire $5,000. Again, with it being the weekend, documents might not have been readily available to get to the bondsman. There’s also the possibility that information he would need to verify could not be accomplished outside of regular business hours.

      They stay on Twitter regurgitating their ignorance.

    • Xena says:

      Thanks for the reblog. I see you just started your blog. Here’s hoping you the best and if there’s anything I can do to help, let me know.

  2. LMAO i even have more subscribers than they do! And even if they were to add all of their losers together, i still have more than theirs combined! LMAO
    I can only suspect, that their bigoted idiocy has a limited audience.

    • Xena says:

      Hey Shannon. Numbers appear to be very important to them as if it gives credibility. Very few mature folks will follow bullies, even if they agree with them on specific issues. Also, when people have shown that they dox others for purposes of extortion and defamation, it questions if they can be trusted with “friends.”

      By the way, Gregory Lirette was arrested Monday.

      • scrodriguez says:


      • I saw that, i wonder what for. Hopefully its serious! Hopefully Vicki’s next. I think a few of them are getting desperate bcuz their plans keep failing!

        • Xena says:

          Based on my experience with them, when their plans fail, they lie and come up with another plan that uses lies. I’ve had no direct experience with Lirette, but what I do know is that he was enabled and encouraged by Vicki, Piercy and Annette. Where is he now, and where are they? To the best of my knowledge, they are not trying to gather support for Lirette. Piercy isn’t even copying and pasting from Texas law and adding his interpretation to it to defend Lirette.

          Maybe if Lirette had been arrested for killing a Black person, they would use Lirette to challenge the Black Lives Matter movement, but since his arrest serves them no purpose, they show no concern for him.

          • LMFAO!! I can’t believe they’ve left poor lirret to fend for himself! Piercy wont even offer his paralegal expertise he finds on InternetGuideToLegalShit.com? What kinda friend is that??

          • Xena says:

            HA! I think that InternetGuideToLegalShit.com will contribute to causing Lirette problems down the road. DMCA take down requests come through the internet service provider, or hosting company for the site. However, I understand that Piercy was producing DMCA take-down requests for Lirette to directly submit to the administrators of the sites. When they come directly from an individual, they have no legal binding and what Piercy and Lirette did might constitute fraud.

            To say it another way, a legal DMCA does not ask that material be removed from a site — it removes the material and gives the person opportunity to file a challenge.

            Piercy has already filed a DMCA take-down request on this blog. Word Press found that my using Piercy’s public profile from his Twitter account constitutes fair use. They did not remove it. Piercy lied in that request saying that he had notified me. He hasn’t. He won’t. He knows that everything he submits to my blogs might eventually become public information. 🙂

          • Please don’t tell em!! Jesus X why ya gotta ruin everything!?? Its fun watching them collect new & different infractions!
            But i suppose they know better than you! LMFAOOOOO!!!!

          • Xena says:

            Oh, I like telling DP about legal procedure because he gets defensive and tries to make his interpretation true, which always gives people a head’s up about what lame defense he’s going to raise. 🙂 By the way, I heard that he is teaching law on blog radio. He doesn’t have an Associates degree, much less a J.D. to teach law.

          • Oh for the love of Pete’s sake! When will they learn, you must 1st crawl before you jump off the deep end of the pool!! Lmao
            I saw nettles getting her drunk ass handed to her tonight! Pretty pathetic man. She’s denying that idiot freak gillete is even arrested when it clear as day on the freaking mugshot site! Wtf is wrong w/ ppl??

          • Xena says:

            I’m watching it now. She has the nerve to point out how many Twitter followers Santiago has, yet she is begging her followers to come support her — and no one is. At least Santiago’s followers are people who share his interests, as opposed to her followers who have never tweeted to her. So, there we have it — 30 followers which at least half if not all will support you, as opposed to having over 800 where no one is reading your timeline and cares.

          • Xena says:

            Annette supports Lirette for 2 reasons. One is fear. She doesn’t want to get on his bad side and have him do to her what she encouraged him to do to others. Two, because without him, she will be left with Piercy to do her doxing and hacking, and she’ll have to come out of her pocket with more money.

  3. Two sides to a story says:

    So what’s all the fuss between Nettles and all her current and former cronies going on tonight? LOL – she’s even calling Rumpole a fine Anglo Saxon name and showing disgust for sock puppet accounts. Maybe she’s learning something for a change?

    • Xena says:

      Hey Two sides!
      Nettles isn’t learning anything. It’s always the fault of someone else, and she has that superiority complex and common law belief that if you say her name and she doesn’t like it, that it gives her justification to dox your family, find your employer, get you terminated, and then boast saying that you caused her to act in that manner. It’s the typical characteristic of an abuser. They hurt and harm because their victims made them do it — at least, that’s their story.

      Truly, none of this would be taking place if those like Nettles supported their cause rather than engaging in activity to violate the civil rights of others through extortion agendas.

      • yahtzeebutterfly says:

        “Nettles isn’t learning anything.”

        Seems as if people like her don’t want to learn anything…They don’t want to change…They just want to keep at it.

        • Xena says:

          That’s because she wants authority and to be looked up to. She demands it, although she takes the passive-aggressive role of putting her demands in the form of questions posturing them as suggestions. That’s also a slick way of trying to avoid being responsible for the actions that she suggested when others act on them.

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