The Real Intent And Motivation Behind The Misspelled Blog Title – Part 4

Vicki Pate Uses David Piercy’s DMCA Scheme in Effort To Have Another Blog Taken Down By WordPress.

David Piercy tried it to have Word Press take-down Blackbutterfly7.  Maybe he presumed that his failure to accomplish that was because Blackbutterfly7 was represented by legal counsel.  Maybe the next blog that the extortionists try that on will not have an attorney and the take-down will be successful.

In November 2014, Vicki Pate filed at least two DMCA take-down requests  against dothprotesttoomuch – two years after they posted the material she requested to be removed.  Her second DMCA take-down request must have had 50 things that she wanted to have removed.

She made a serious mistake after submitting her first DMCA take-down request.  On her second DMCA request, she used an address different than the one she used on the first complaint.  She also falsely represented her first name as “Victoria.” On her first request, she used the street address “1229”.  On her second request, she used the street address “2229”.

As Judge Judy often says, if you always tell the truth, then you don’t have to remember the lie.  How did I come about this knowledge? Because the extortion gang first targeted retired federal criminal defense attorney Frederick Leatherman. Leatherman has over 1,000 subscribed followers to his blog, many of whom are bloggers that contacted him when we were targeted by the extortion gang. He put us in touch with each other and from that point forward, we share information with each other.

The law requires the contact information for those challenging DMCA take-down requests or that of their legal representative. In other words, Vicki was hoping to get the personal information of the administrator of dothprotesttoomuch, while misrepresenting her own personal information on the request. After her first copyright infringement complaint, Word Press found that the material Vicki complained about constitutes fair use.

As reported in Part 2,  Vicki justified her defamation of me because of a comment I posted on dothprotesttoomuch in November 2012.  However, she actually started defaming and harassing me long before then.  Around August 2012, Vicki’s blog on Blogger became ground zero for false accusations and attacks on me, other bloggers, and those producing videos regarding the George Zimmerman case.

As a recap for how I suspected that the person behind the misspelled blog is Vicki Pate, it came together in November 2014. Blanc_papillon7 came to Twitter the same day that Vicki published defamatory, vile, and outright lies about me on her blog after I reported on the WCTV article about her.

What stranger would come to Twitter with the same denigration, harassment and mockery towards me, that is documented in hundreds of comments submitted to Blackbutterfly7? How would a stranger, blanc_papillon7, even know about Blackbutterfly7? Why would that stranger place “Xena” in quotation marks, the same as Thacker and Vicki? Why, in November 2014, would a stranger repeat the same mockery, denigration and false accusations that were done by “others” in 2012 and 2013? Why would that stranger say she was new yet know the false accusations and mockery posted by others on Vicki’s blog dating back to 2012?

Well, a partial answer to this is because blanc_papillon7 opened that account impersonating being the wife of a police officer to give me the impression that there are more individuals who hate me. What Vicki, and the other bold extortionists do not know, is that when they first started their extortion threats and harassment, they submitted comments through the IP address assigned to them by their internet service provider.

No matter how many times they changed their handles and gave fake email addresses, the IP address was the same. Either there were 5, 10, or 20 people all living together in the same house, or there is one person trying to give the impression that there are many.

In January 2013, a comment was submitted to Blackbutterfly7 with a link to a court’s decision, and the comment stated that the information came via “the Hoff.”   The person submitted that comment claimed she was Vicki Pate. Fast forward to November 2014 when Vicki posted the same court decision, with the same false accusation on her blog. Who commented on it? TheHoff71.

As I mentioned on the About page, there is much that went and goes on behind the scenes by way of submitted comments to blogs that even those in their circle and who might think highly of them do not know about. Those comments are not approved for posting in the public comment section.

Vicki came into unauthorized possession of Kendrick Johnson’s autopsy photos,and she also communicates with the boys who are subject of the investigation.  Piercy is connected to an employee of the high school that Kendrick Johnson attended and where his dead body was found dead, rolled up in a gym mat.

Vicki's tweet about Moore

I understand this to mean that Vicki harasses the office of U.S. Attorney Michael Moore, not because she is interested in the investigation of the death of Kendrick Johnson but rather, because she has a personal, self-serving interest.

Coming Soon; Why Hosting Companies Removed Some of Vicki Pate’s Written Material.

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18 Responses to The Real Intent And Motivation Behind The Misspelled Blog Title – Part 4

  1. Two sides to a story says:

    Thanks for shedding light on this – I’ve been following some of VP blog posts and now better understand the situation.

    • Xena says:

      Yep. There’s a thread and history. Too often when they target someone new, the new person doesn’t know the history — not even why they have been targeted. This blog will help them to understand.

      • Two sides to a story says:

        PS – I hope they don’t have a lot of new opportunities for new targets! I would think that some of the pushback they’ve received would make them more cautious.

        • Xena says:

          Some are recycled. Remember Lionheartress? What they did to her in 2013 and 2014 was repeated when Vicki’s friend was brought on board in 2015. After tweeting and posting on his blog about her husband and son, Lionheartress’ Twitter account was suspended. IMO, the ultimate goal was to get her off Twitter, whether voluntarily out of humiliation, or by complaints of harassment when she responded to having her family doxed.

        • Xena says:

          I read your request for confidentiality for the other comment and just wanted to acknowledge that I read it. Of the unconfidential part, their game now seems to be to complain to Twitter about harassment at the drop of a hat. I ignored blanc_papillon7 for about 5 months. It was when she began insinuating that I wanted to see cops killed that I took action. Had she stopped month 1, 2, 3, 4, I would not have complained to Twitter, and I still would not have complained had she not made dangerous insinuations.

          Twitter did restore her account absent the subject tweets.

          The way I figure it, those who followed her and read her tweets were not interested in me, nor those posting comments on Blackbutterfly7. She did try pulling an okie-doke and followed some bloggers who she saw on Blackbutterfly7. Knowing what they did in the past, I suspected she wanted to DM them to warn them that they were following “a fraud.” For those who are opposed to bullying in all its forms, warning them in the manner they do when they can see me and judge for themselves, is like writing “bully” across their foreheads. They are not taken seriously.

          One thing about the extortionists is how they cherry-pick. As you know, I report on victims of gun violence and cop killings regardless of their race. When I report on White victims, the extortionists don’t tweet links to the article misrepresenting the content. When I report on a Black victim, they do, and their misrepresentations are dangerous insinuations along with painting everyone there as a “hug-a-thug.”

          They lurk on Blackbutterfly7 so they can have something to criticize. They are free to do so — it’s a public blog. However, their activity after lurking speaks volumes. I distinctly remember that when I blogged about the trials of the cops who beat Kelly Thomas to death, that Vicki tweeted out asking who was Kelly Thomas. She had no interest in him because he was not Black. Yet, when I blogged about Howard Morgan, and that his family was represented by Benjamin Crump, Thacker was inspired to write about it on his blog, misrepresenting the facts. He even omitted that Howard was a cop.

          People can read for themselves; draw their own conclusions. That is something the extortionists do not give people credit for, and it insults their intelligence.

          Regarding Nettles, as soon as time allows and I feel better, I’ll post here when and why she subscribes to Blackbutterfly7. Vicki also subscribed until after I wrote the WCTV article about her. I think Vicki just wanted to see what I was blogging, but Nettles has a different agenda. It was a planned agenda and I have screenshots of Thacker’s comments to support why Nettles subscribed.

      • yahtzeebutterfly says:

        “Too often when they target someone new, the new person doesn’t know the history — not even why they have been targeted. This blog will help them to understand.”

        You are providing an important service to people who have blogs. I commend you, Xena!

        • Xena says:

          Thanks Yahtzee, and hopefully it will be beneficial to other bloggers. Like Blackbutterfly7 was before around July 2014, some blogs allow people to submit comments without having a Word Press account. That means people can use any handle and email address. In other words, it’s not as if the extortionists are going to honestly say who they are, but knowing their methods will identify what they are trying to do.

  2. scrodriguez says:

    Word has it one of their Social Media buddies that uses an Alias on line is really Nora Eakin, Mother of Taylor Eakin who has spoke to the FBI regarding statements she heard from the Bell boys.
    I think they stuck their nose a little too far into this case I hope the FBI questions her as to where she got those Autopsy pics someone a few months back showed a Video she had posted calling Moores office and on her phone the last two calls that were made were made to the bells.

  3. Oh, i was gonna say we weren’t allowed to comment on the 1st blog. Or maybe you forgot to turn comments on. I think. So on my phone app i’ll use this comment as a test. Test..✏📝

    • Xena says:

      I’ll check on comments for “About.” All comments are currently moderated. There’s still lots of stuff to organize here. Happy to see you.

      • Ok i wasn’t sure if it was intentional. But at least if they’re allowed and stay in mod we can still talk to you if even to quickly give you an additional bit of info.

        • Xena says:

          Right. I was thinking that some might want to communicate confidentially so keeping all comments in moderation will help.

  4. mindyme62 says:

    A wealth of information! There are some sick pups in this world,. and to have misspelled attendant… omg too funny!

  5. I’m not surprised Vicki misspelled the fake blog name. She can’t even spell her own first name and is now adding an “e” to the end of Vicki on twitter. Her cronies are following suit. The showstopping levels of pathetic among that crowd is sad… but epic levels of hilarity when it all unravels at their morally bankrupt feet. Thank you Xena for all the hard work putting this together.

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