The Real Intent And Motivation Behind The Misspelled Blog Title – Part 3

After almost two years, in effort to accomplish what Michael Thacker could not, David Piercy unzipped and exposed himself all the way, and Vicki Pate followed his lead.

On May 4, 2014, David Piercy submitted a comment to Blackbutterfly7 consisting of an extortion demand.

Photo 1

“I suggest you become familiar with wordpress’s (sic) delete feature.”

David Piercy’s statement did not infer. It did not insinuate. It leaves no room for speculation. There is no question about his intent. The Word Press delete feature deletes the entire blog, and the contents cannot be recovered through the Word Press program.  The domain name cannot be used again.

I did not delete the blog and could care less about his allegation of naming me as a party in a restraining order petition. I think of courtrooms as places similar to bathrooms — get rid of the crap and clean up. The best thing is that there is a person in a black robe who makes sure that all parties operate according to court rules.

Notice what Piercy says about the “tweets.” Those are photos from his Twitter account that I screenshot and posted on Blackbutterfly7.

Piercy continued the demands of those extortionists who threatened me before he did so. The day after Piercy made the above extortion demand, he submitted a copyright infringement complaint against Blackbutterfly7.   In what is called a DMCA take-down request,  Piercy lied and said that I obtained photos that he posted on his public Twitter account from his “home local network.”

Piercy then went on Twitter and gave more evidence for why he filed the DMCA take-down request.

Piercy's tweet of intent

Piercy wasn’t concerned about photos that he posted on his Twitter account. His intent was to have Word Press take down Blackbutterfly7. Word Press has terms that I liken to three strikes, and you’re out. In other words, three DMCA complaints might result in Word Press taking down the blog.  David Piercy filed a total of four copyright infringement complaints against Blackbutterfly7. One complaint was against his own gravatar that is automatically included when submitting comments to blogs, which Piercy described as “Blue logo “PNN” inside blue circle background.”.

By May 13, 2014, seeing that he failed to scare me into deleting the blog, and failed to have Word Press take-down the blog, Piercy threatened me again.

Piercy's taking me down hard threatThe “next in line” means that he was also engaged in taking down another person. That person is Santiago, a writer for Blackbutterfly7.  Piercy obtained an ex parte temporary restraining order (TRO) against Santiago.  Most people with knowledge of how ex parte TRO’s work, know that judges grant them when the petitioner alleges being placed in danger.  The court then schedules a hearing for the respondent to appear in court and give their side of the story and present evidence.  Piercy didn’t take Santiago down any further than that hearing.  Piercy lost.  More on that in the future.

Showing his desperation to attempt to do what his co-conspirators tried by using other methods, the day after Piercy submitted the above comment, he submitted the following comments to Blackbutterfly7, not keeping his motive secret.

Piercy's threats re DMCA

This will keep coming until this slander site is shut down!

Piercy’s statement clearly reveals that he was not interested in claiming any copyright infringement upon photos screenshot from his then public Twitter account but rather, he was filing the DMCA take-down requests to have Blackbutterfly7 “shut down.”

Because I had already filed a complaint of abuse with his internet service provider, Piercy submitted the above comments through the California State University’s network.

Slander?  Piercy, nor any of his co-conspirators, have ever provided any proof from Blackbutterfly7 that it’s a “slander site”, neither that it’s “racist” nor that it is a “hate blog.”  Ask them to support those claims and like the misspelled titled blog, they link to their own comments or something that they, or one of them have written.

An attorney for Blackbutterfly 7 responded to Piercy’s copyright infringement complaints. Word Press decided that three of Piercy’s complaints constituted fair use. For the remaining photo, Word Press notified Piercy that since a counter-challenge was filed that he would need to file a cause of action in a federal court of jurisdiction and serve them with proof, or they would restore the photo to Blackbutterfly7 in which he claimed copyright.

Piercy did not file a copyright infringement cause of action, and he was publicly silent to his gang, not letting them know that his attempt to have Blackbutterfly7 “legally” taken down by Word Press failed.

Evidently, disappointed over his failure to accomplish what others in the extortion gang had also failed to accomplish since September, 2012, Piercy returned to their extortion and defamation agenda by  giving me yet another false name.  Overall, I think the extortionists have alleged about ten names as my real name.

On November 28, 2013, Piercy alleged that my name is Renee JJ Ambrose.  Here is Piercy on May 21, 2014, giving me yet another name, a job title, and alleging that an appeal to an administrative action is “lawsuits” — plural.

Piercy's comment pasted from Gronda'sThe last sentence (which is cut short because of the size of the screenshot), speaks volumes.   “and whose readership includes NON-blackRacists…”

David Piercy and his co-conspirators certainly have a problem with non-Blacks who associate with Blacks.  “NON-blackRacists” is another way of saying race traitor, for how can a White person be racist against Whites?

Piercy’s above comment was actually sent to another blogger, Gronda, who identified herself as being White.  It was not only intended to harass and insult her, but also to discourage her from associating with Blackbutterfly7  and with 3chicspolitico.

What does this have to do with Vicki Pate? Coming next;

Vicki Pate Uses David Piercy’s DMCA Scheme in Effort To Have Another Blog Taken Down By WordPress.

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  1. Bad Wolf says:

    I’ve had several blogs taken down already. I am a racist. I expect my current blog to be taken down any time now.

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