The Real Intent And Motivation Behind The Misspelled Blog Title – Part 2

Continued from Part 1

Apparently, Vicki Pate, David Piercy, and Annette Kelly have not seen, or maybe do not care, that Thacker has admitted to getting my name wrong.  He wrote on his current blog,

“Furthermore, you are holding a grudge against me for posting what I believed to be your real name once.”

He wrote that in July 2014. I did not know about it until Thacker pinged-back to Blackbutterfly7 in May 2015.    Since I opened this blog, he edited his blog page, now alleging that he verified information that he obtained from the court decision. Well of course, I can find a court decision for someone named Joe Blow and verify that Joe Blow is the party to that court decision along with all the other details contained therein. It still doesn’t mean that TheHoff71’s real name is Joe Blow.

Most importantly is that his recent edited blog post indicates his continued communications with Vicki Pate and other  co-conspirators.

Speaking of holding a grudge, a grudge would be if I did what Vicki Pate does – post lies and defamation about Thacker, aka Hoff71.

A grudge would be if I did what he and Vicki Pate does — misrepresent the content of his blog, and even open a blog for that purpose.

A grudge would be if I went to other blogs and in the comment section, continually posted for years that he represents himself as a highly educated person but went no further than high school and that working as Department of Corrections officer for only 3 months means he’s failed at that career.

A grudge would be doing like Annette Kelly and tweet out an inferred question to start a rumor, such as ; “Do you think he was terminated for sexual harassment?”

You see the point I’m making.

Thacker made his purpose known in 2012. Although he has deleted his blog where he posted his purpose, it is documented on a page on the conservative tree house

Photo 4 -aPhoto 4-b

The last part of the comment, not fitting into one screenshot, needs to have emphasis.

I am dedicated to destroying the false narrative, and vetting the mouth pieces of the Trayvon Martin camp.”

Thacker is dedicated to “destroying” what he feels is “false narrative,” and his way of accomplishing that destruction is by vetting/doxing those who he disagrees with, even if it means giving them another’s identity.  Thacker wants to silence those on blogs and social media who he disagrees with. It’s the KKK electronic media method of burning down blogs, and lynching those who open their mouths via social media to promote unity and equality regardless of race.

People who commented on the conservative tree house outed his true identity.

Photo 5

You can read the entire exchange if you wish to see how it came about that hoffstyle71 admitted that his name is Michael Thacker. Why would anyone care about Hoffstyle71’s real name? Most people when disagreed with, and who want to take part in respectful debate, will try to influence others to understand their position, even if they disagree. They do not start by dedicating themselves to destroying the positions and opinions of others by “vetting” them. Such attitude demonstrates great prejudice because it means that Thacker already drew a conclusion  that anyone he disagrees with is a “liar” who needs to be destroyed via vetting.

How did we, his victims, know where he lived to report his activities to his internet service provider and law enforcement? Because when Thacker, like his co-conspirators, started their extortion campaign, they did so through the IP addresses assigned to their account by their internet service provider. They put their IP addresses in our laps when sending comments to our blogs, and Thacker went as far as to provide more “header” information to Frederick Leatherman by emailing him.

The point however, is that Michael Thacker started and promoted his doxing lie and it was promoted, and is still being circulated by his co-conspirators. Although he deleted his doxing blogs, I, law enforcement in several jurisdictions, his internet service provider, and others all have evidence of what and when he posted his dedication  and what eventually led to giving someone else my internet identity. (More on his blog post later.)

If Thacker wants this to end, he could do so now by instructing his co-conspirators to stop. Just stop.   He will never be able to have his numerous doxing and defamatory comments deleted from venues where he and his co-conspirators have no control.  There will always be evidence on the internet of his dedication, his activities, his ideologies, and his doxing and defamation, but it doesn’t need to go any further and it’s to his benefit that it does not. More on that also, later.

Vicki and Thacker have stated that they do not want Blackbutterfly7 to be deleted. However, their co-conspirator, David Piercy, said just the opposite and left evidence of his intent and attempts to do just that.   No, Vicki and Thacker would not want to see Blackbutterfly7 deleted now, because they lick their chops keeping track of how many subscribed followers my blog has, how many people click “like,” how many people post comments and how many comments are posted.

If Vicki sees any decline in the number, she mockingly thinks that it is by her mocking of those who post comments, and the threats issued to other bloggers to stop associating with me or face defamation or worst yet, a complaint to their place of employment or professional licensing board.

If she can mock them enough, denigrate them enough, and call them vile names, then they will not post comments on Blackbutterfly7; at least, that is what she thinks. That is what she wants.  That is what she works towards.

To justify posting lies about me on her blog, Vicki Pate accused me of wanting to see her terminated from her job. That’s not true. Another blog looked into information that she publicly released, and they addressed that she is involved with a charity that cares about children.

Vicki Pate Charity Page

I commented that they could obtain information about that organization generally through the secretary of state’s office for where the organization is headquartered and ended my comment with “Once you get that info, you can then decide on how to proceed to report the obvious demonstration of behavior opposite of the charity’s purpose.” If others wanted to report her, then they had to do their own homework.

Factually, Vicki is not an employee of that charitable organization. She is a volunteer. Notice the date for the dothprotesttoomuch post — November 7, 2012. In April 30, 2015, under her misspelled title blog, she submitted a comment to Blackbutterfly7 letting me know of her newly opened defamation blog, saying it was for “charity.” Ahhh. Vicki is a person who often speaks in code, and knows how to infer her message. In April 2015, she was letting me know that she is carrying a grudge for my posting in the comment section of a blog that confronted her in November 2012!

Vicki's charity comment redacted

Vicki and about two others are the only ones who insist on calling me Barbara. She made it known that she has tried doxing me for a very long time. The following is from 2013, just after I opened a Twitter account and blocked her because she was tweeting in effort to provoke and engage me. (See the second tweet below) Twitter subsequently suspended her account, along with about 4 other accounts that Vicki had on Twitter.

Vicki Pat twitter - name

A zillion names? How did that come about? Here’s David Piercy, who falsely states that my name is Renee JJ Ambrose

Piercy's false allegation of my name

In 2015, Vicki would once again use her many names allegations against another person, and it led to causing harm to numerous people.

Before getting into that, this will continue in part 3  to support that the extortionists’ agenda from the beginning was to have their target victims delete their blogs and specifically, to extort me into deleting Blackbutterfly7.

Up next; Part 3, In effort to accomplish what Thacker could not, David Piercy unzipped and exposed himself all the way, and Vicki Pate followed his lead.

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